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Terms & Conditions – Courtney Leigh


Terms & Conditions

August 13, 2021
Courtney Leigh

Dream I had on April 9, 2020.

I was in some kind of office building sitting in a chair. Authority figures were there telling me to download an app on my phone. They were “selling” it to me as the newest, greatest thing. So I went to download the app and terms and conditions popped up on the screen. A major red flag went off in me. My discernment (Holy Spirit) was telling me to read closely and pay attention. He was warning me not to go along with this. I became alarmed and raised my concerns to the authority figures, and they convinced me everything was perfectly fine. I listened to them instead of Holy Spirit and downloaded the app anyway.

Immediately after downloading it, I had the ability to fly around and go wherever I wanted to go and do whatever I wanted to do. I felt so free, much like that feeling you get when it’s the last day of school and it’s summer break. But then all in an instant I was given the understanding that because I had gone along with this and accepted their terms and conditions that I was now a slave to them and they could do whatever they wanted to me. I knew it was really really bad. A feeling of total doom came over me and I woke up.

For a while I thought that the app was just symbolic of some other technology like the mark of the beast. Eventually I came to realize the Lord was showing me very plainly the vaccine passport app that is coming. I think many Christians will do what I did in the dream and follow along saying, “it’s not the mark of the beast, so it’s fine.” But they will realize shortly that they made a very huge mistake. This is very very evil.

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