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Vaccine Passport – Anonymous


Vaccine Passport 

June 15, 2021 9:21 AM

In early 2019 I came up with this idea for my husband and I to go to Israel for our Anniversary.

March, 6, 2019, I had a dream I was in the Airport in Israel. (I keep a calendar journal and that’s the only reason I know the date.) I was not allowed to exit the airport and enter the country. They refused my passport. I was repeatedly told, “I did not have the right passport There was lots of begging and pleading telling them how bad we wanted to go. How long we had waited, how far we had traveled. We tried multiple times at multiple exit points. We took a break and went to a… like an outdoor waiting area. Which happened to be on the beach. The Mediterranean Sea was so blue so beautiful. After our break we decided to try again. So we went back in the airport and on the way to the passport station to check in I saw two men. They looked at me in a really strange way… The thought that went through my head was… Are they terrorists? Or Angels? And then in my spirit… it said, “Plague”.

I woke up and I thought that’s weird… I had this knowing and acceptance that I would not be going to Israel at that time. Which my sister-in-law had gone to Israel the previous year and was bitten by a cat and had to have a series of Rabies shots. So, I thought if there was a “Plague” god was simply sparing me… I really didn’t think of it past that.

I was disappointed. But joking around with God I asked If I could go again in my dreams. I thought it was just a personal dream. God just telling me I was not going to be able to go to Israel. Until a couple months ago when Israel was the first country to have a vaccine passport.

But the reason I am submitting this now…. Is the date. March 6th or , “3/6” 666

Made me say hmm… I have a lot of different thoughts on this subject and have had a dream of the Mark Of The Beast. Which was the phone… But aren’t the Vax Passports on the phone?

I do believe we are in the age of grace and we can repent. But take this to prayer and warn people not to get the vaccine. Jesus is coming soon.


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