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Supreme Justices To Fall – Trupti Desai

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Supreme Justices To Fall

February 13, 2021 1:28 AM
Trupti Desai

This prophecy was given on Feb 1st at 12:16am.

Behold Prophecy 

Supreme Justices to fall. Watch for an event that will cause the left to shudder. A sudden earthquake in DC. There will be flames and confusion for the world to see. How dare they turn their backs to me. The mighty Adonai has spoken words of wrath to come forth like never before.  

Behold the Knight in Shining Armor. A victory for the world to see. The chosen King. The True King to take the mighty seat of power for a time such as this.

The man with the Golden Hair. The man chosen and anointed and appointed by God. How dare they touch my anointed. Do they not know that this is a dangerous thing?

Do they not know that they are playing with fire? Do they not know how will it end? Reckless, Feckless and underserving vermin. They are hiding in iniquity soon to be exposed into the Glorious Justice of Light. How dare they run their mouths in deception. Run their mouths in derision and division says the mighty Lord of the Universe. Behold comes the righteous one to save the day! Victory is nigh. Have no FEAR!

Your Father who art in Heaven


Trupti Desai

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