South Africa to Antarctica. (Part 1) – Lisa B


South Africa to Antarctica. (Part 1)

March 30, 2022 7:02 PM
Lisa B, Prayer Warrior

Before I share my daughter’s dream I would like to thank Christian Robert for taking the time to provide an interpretation to my post: The Umbrella Bridge.

Interpretation: https://444prophecynews.com/the-umbrella-bridge-interpretation-christian-robert/

Original Post: https://444prophecynews.com/the-umbrella-bridge-lisa-b/

Christian, there were so many layers you separated and explained, and I can only thank you for sharing this interpretation with me.
You are indeed worthy of your calling and I pray that you and your family will be covered under the Lord’s wings always. May we all meet one day in glory.
I was really moved by the interpretation of my family members as you were spot on with all of them. How gracious is our God that he warns and prepares us for these events to come.

When you explained the meaning of my daughters hair going grey, I felt really uplifted and blessed to have the Lord lend her to me for her short little life.
She has had many prophetic dreams and I cannot wait for her to see the Lord and to be in his safe care, this world is no place for children anymore.

Dream received: 30th January 2022. (By my 10 year old daughter.)

Context: I have been praying for confirmation and revelation in regards to Sister Kerry Ann Gidden’s prophecy regarding South Africa and Antarctica.
She has seen that the Lost tribes will be gathered together and be transported to a “holding place in South Africa”, before leaving on ships to go into the wilderness.
I think she also mentioned that the world map is incorrect and that there is land beyond Antarctica. See the link below:


Note: Her video was posted 30th January 2022. (The same day/night my daughter had her dream)
The next morning, my daughter said to me: ‘Mum did you know that there is extra land that’s not on the map.’
I do think I remember my mouth dropping at her statement.

Her dream:
She said she saw an extra bit of land on the world globe, it was curved and lying at the bottom of the globe, but it wasn’t attached.
It was hanging in a higher “layer”. She also said it was in a higher atmosphere.

I was completely shocked as this was the day after the video, I asked her if the land had desert or forests and she said:

‘It was ice!”

She later explained that it was mostly ice and there were some parts that had greenery and desert.
I have attached her drawing which shows ice, deserts and plains.

She went into immense detail about the rest of the dream.
– She was on a holiday in Africa and was surrounded by many animals. She remembers seeing a lion.
-It also involved cartoon and realistic animals following a trail of raspberries to a house in the centre of this “land”.
-She said it was safe in the house and the animals were lured there by a dog.
-There were wolves outside.
-Only once the land had lifted off the earth, then the wolves were gone and replaced by Kangaroos.

There is a lot of symbolism that I’m still praying over, please pray for your own interpretation.

Looking back at my journals, I’ve only had one vision of a map of ice. I also saw a code that I haven’t figured out yet.
It was something like WGWA or WGAW or WGTW?
When I checked the Arctic circle, Greenland and Antarctica, I could only find one location that resembled what I saw.

A long section of ice in Antarctica – labelled the Antarctic Peninsula. This is not a definite though, I could be trying to make what I saw fit the map.

As this is not my dream I ask you take it to the Lord for confirmation.
Nothing in the scriptures seemed to confirm anything, I did however find:

Job 38:22
Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail.

Please read Job 38 as reminder of the power of the Lord and of the mysteries that have yet to be revealed to us.

I have received more puzzle pieces in regards to South Africa and this dream.
I will post in Part 2.

Blessings always
Lisa B.



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