The Umbrella Bridge – Lisa B.


The Umbrella Bridge

March 21, 2022 10:33 PM
Lisa B, Prayer Warrior

Dream received – 6 January 2021.


I stood on one side of a river, there was a wide, flat, stone bridge going across the river, jam-packed with people standing still and looking at the river.

There was a second, empty, steep and narrow, curved bridge towering over the lower bridge, also made out of stone.

I had to cross the steep narrow bridge with my mum (who has Dementia and needs guidance.) and with my sister and brother in-law.
I began to ascend the spaced out, stone steps with my mum. We would walk about ten steps and then step up to the next step, eventually we came to
a step with a closed umbrella. There was a sign next to it that said:

‘This is in your way.’

We continued ascending and next came to one closed umbrella and one open umbrella with the same sign:

‘This is in your way.’

Now we were walking around open umbrellas, they were all black or grey in colour.

Then we were pushing them out our way to the side to get past. As we approached the top of the bridge I was dumbfounded.
Thousands and thousands of umbrellas jammed together. Most had the umbrella handles/poles removed and were stacked twenty to fifty on top of each other, all open and heavy to move aside.

I could feel my frustration and anger rising in the dream and I forgot about my family members, in trying to make a path forward on my own.
As I stood in rage at the absolute top of the bridge, fighting umbrellas, shoving them aside only to have them bounce back on top of me – I lifted as many of the umbrellas as I could, so that I could throw them off the bridge.
I would throw every umbrella off the bridge if I had too.
(It was only then that I saw the people below, who had no idea what was going on above them.) I realised I couldn’t throw them off as the people below would get hurt.

Defeated. I dropped them next to me and took my mum’s hand, together we continued to make our way down the other side of the bridge, it was surprisingly easier, with less obstacles.
We finally made it to the bottom of the bridge.
I looked back to check on sister and brother-in-law, who were no-where to be seen and still battling their way, or perhaps they had given up?

My mum then placed her hands on my shoulders and said it was time for her to return home.
As she hugged me close, I wondered if she meant going home back to Africa where she lives or did she mean going home to the Lord?
As she pulled away, it was no longer her, it was my 10 year old daughter, and my daughter’s hair had gone grey.

We looked at each other and we both knew that we were saying good-bye.
I held her in my arms for a long time, with us just watching each other and then I said:

‘It’s time to say good-bye now.’

Her expression and sweet smile acknowledged her understanding of what I meant.

End of Dream – I woke up crying.

The two bridges represent the wide and narrow paths, crossing the bridge could mean our life journey/spiritual journey, finally arriving to a place in a relationship with the Lord where we have been refined.
The wide bridge was filled with people, distracted by the world around them. They were standing still and not moving to the other side of the river, not growing in their faith.
The taller narrow bridge represents the much emptier narrow path that is steeper to climb and with many obstacles along the way.

The obstacles increased as we proceeded, this I believe is a learning lesson for me.
I was frustrated and angry in these obstacles, even though the sign below clearly told me there would be obstacles.
In trying to make a path on my own, without asking for help from the Lord or my family I became overwhelmed.
So overwhelmed I wanted to force a solution, with the possibility of hurting the people below (all oblivious to my situation.)

It was only when I realised that I almost hurt the people below, that I calmed down and held my mum’s hand. My attention moved in making a path for her and helping her, this is when the umbrellas lessoned.
I think my sister and brother-in-law didn’t make it across the bridge as they are still growing in their faith and not seeing the season we are in.
I believe the last part of the dream might have to do with timing or events.

Perhaps when the Lord takes my mum home, it’s when I have reached journeys end – in regard to this life. (Have I reached refinement, the time for an anointing/transformation or carnal death?)
My daughter going grey means the end of her life, and she will be taken with the little ones. (As the Lord has revealed to me many times.)

Maybe my mum with Dementia leaves at a similar time?

I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to hold my daughter and have a proper good-bye.

I didn’t release this until now, as though the Spirit has been pressing me to do so, I felt as though I needed the last puzzle piece.
On top of the bridge there were also three or four yellow umbrellas. I did not understand what this could mean.

I am still not sure, but wonder if it meant there is always good found, even when there is bad.
That God offers his light and protection even in the worst situations.
Perhaps someone else has more insight into this?

Remember Psalm 91 is God’s Umbrella of Protection.

May the Lord bless you all now in this late hour.
Armour up – Darkness and Deception approaches.

Prepare Ye the way of the Lord.
Lisa B.


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