September 16, 2020 2:23 PM

Yahshuah ha-Mashiach gave me this word today for His remnant and for all with spiritual ears to hear:

“Baraq O’Bamah (Hebrew). Satan has been evicted from heaven (Revelation chapter 12 and Daniel chapter 12) as of this September (2020). This means that the kingship of the earth has now been taken away from him. As a result, Satan can no longer build anything on earth and is now on a rampage of destruction (Revelation 12:12). Because the kingship has been removed from Satan, there is NO MORE BUILDING UP of man-made (Satanic-inspired) kingdoms on earth. No more cities or businesses to be built. No more competing with one’s fellow man and calling it a ‘good’ thing. No more birthdays and putting little crowns on children’s heads. No more pagan celebrations for the masses. No more coaching one’s favored people how to run faster or jump higher or sprint longer or cut corners tighter than the rest. No more abandoning of former friends and relatives, caring not whether they live or die because they no longer fit the formula in the building of one’s kingdom, real or imaginary. Simply put: No more being lured by Satan the Carny as his flesh-serving win-lose novelties are ALL going to be destroyed starting this month and increasing over the next seven years by disease, increasing demonic activity in men, deadly vaccines, FEMA camps where all who enter do not exit, wars, asteroids, meteorites, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, missiles, release of demonic entities in hell onto the earth, aliens (fallen angels) to the rescue and more in keeping with the coming Destroyer system.

Since Satan’s kingship of the earth has been revoked, he is bent on destruction because he can no longer build up to captivate men and steal their souls. No more distractions to goad men into serving themselves instead of their heavenly Father: no more silver, gold, commodities, jobs, titles, medals, ribbons, crowns. Instead, men will be throwing their silver and gold into the streets (Ezekiel 7:19). Instead, he will mark and thresh those who are loyal to their flesh. I will mark and thresh those who are loyal to My Father and do not shrink from death to their flesh. This is the time of marking and threshing (‘Fauci’, in Italian, means ‘sickle’).

Here is wise counsel while you yet have time and opportunity to serve your heavenly Father and fellow-man (Adam lost kingship of Earth but not the priesthood):

1. Stop watching ALL television.
2. Pray and read the Bible to learn what pleases your heavenly Father.
3. Apologize to anyone you have offended through self-serving competition.
4. Do not allow children in your company to compete with or be unkind to one another.
5. Thank your heavenly Father for all things with original heartfelt words.
6. Stop fearing the one who yet has power to kill your flesh but not your soul.

Now begins the time the remnant Bride has waited for – THE unprecedented time when the gospel of the kingdom of God can and will be preached without opposition from the Carny of the Earth – no more jobs, titles, gold, silver, stock, money and man-pleasing enterprises…going, going, GONE! As king of the earth, Satan once had access to the throne of God. THAT has now been taken away and he is pressed to Earth like roaring lightning, Baraq O’Bamah.

This eviction does not mean that the kingship of Earth has been handed over to the saints yet. An alternative Beast system (man is the Beast) is soon to take full effect for a season. I will not take over as King of the earth with My saints until EVERYTHING built here by Satan and the Fallen Ones has been COMPLETELY DESTROYED. The saints who will rule with Me are they who have placed loyalty to their heavenly Father above all else. These include the two witnesses (spiritual House of Judah and House of Israel represented by 72,000 male/female pairs) who always seek what pleases our Father and are waiting upon His authority, through Me, to be sent into the wilderness for a time, times and a half time, far from the many reaches of the serpent until they have finished preaching the Word of My Testimony to the ends of the earth. When they have finished, they will be martyred and then the end of Satan’s rule over flesh by man’s cooperation will come – I will stay him at the Mount of Olives.”

High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek,
Yahshuah ha-Mashiach

Transcribed by AMPotter
Scribe of Most High Yah

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