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Radiation, Hive Mind, Destruction – Cherrie Archer


Radiation, Hive Mind, Destruction

June 23, 2021 9:11 AM
Cherrie Archer

5-22-21 Dream 6:55am

I have been having dreams, lots of dreams, every night and I know each one is a continuation of the previous dream even the night before. I had a dream that I can’t stop thinking about, it is now June 23, 2021 and I believe I am to share it.

It is dark, a heavy darkness, and there are 3 men focused on me. They have jackets on, and whether it is the dark that causes them to look dirty or that they are dirty from working in a mine, I do not know. They are all focused on me. They do not speak, they do not show any expression, all eyes are on me and they are coming forward at a steady pace.

I wake to the words, RADIATION and HIVE MIND.

5-24-21 Word 7:30am

I woke to the word DESTRUCTION

6-7-21 2:11am Dream

I am outside around the corner from my house. It is so dark, the darkness is heavy. I don’t know why I am outside. I see 3 women coming down a hill toward me. I know one is the mom and the others are her daughters. They don’t speak or have any expressions on their faces. Their focus is on me.

I don’t turn to do back home but watch as these 3 women continue toward me. As they approach at a steady pace, walking, a school bus comes around the corner. Although it is dark, I know it is 3pm in the afternoon.

I then turn and hurry home only to find the 3 women following me. I don’t try the door to my house, I knock on a bedroom window to get someone to let me in. There is no sound to the knock. I turn to find the mother of the 2 girls up close to my face very menacing. Yet, no sound comes from anyone, no expressions, no emotion, just blank stares.

I try to scratch the woman’s face, I can’t make a mark and I wake up.

Since having these dreams for weeks of chaos literally every night these are the two dreams and word that I can’t shake. I feel all go together. Three men, Three women, 3pm the school bus. The words, Radiation, Hive Mind, Destruction.

I looked up 3 and Revelation 9:11 came up. They were ruled by a king, the angel of the Abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek it is Apollyon

Please take all things to the Lord in prayer.


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