Protection Prayer – Bella Orsi

Protection Prayer

Oct 15, 2019 3:31 PM
Bella Orsi

HOLY FATHER, Shine YOUR FACE Upon me And Be Gracious to me, Lift me Up With YOUR COUNTENANCE And Give me Peace, Protect me From All Of Satan’s Wicked And Unclean Spirits, Free me From The Bondage And Death Of Satan’s Governing Principalities Of The Black Darkness Of The “Far North” HOLY FATHER Bind Up With YOUR Dragnet All Of Satan’s Demons And Devices Cast Them Off Into YOUR HOLY Lake Of Fire Where There Is Weeping And Gnashing Of Teeth Where They Will Never Manifest Themselves In me Or Anyone Else Ever Again, Free me From The Curses Of The Infirmities Of Satan’s Prophets, Sickness, Diseases, Starvation, Every Lying, Deceiving And Deceptive Spirit, Every GOD Robbing, Killing, Abortion, Murdering, Raping, Thieving, Destroying, Wandering And Devouring Spirits, Every Spirit Of Envy, Jealousy, Bitterness, Confusion, Contentions, Discord, Division, Separation, Divorce, Strife, Anger, Hatred, Malice, Rage, All Dark Radical Chaotic And Tormenting Spirits, All Spiritual And Physical Health Compromising Spirits, All Black Spirits Causing Family Division, FATHER LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST Save me Of All Controlling And Manipulating Spirits, Mutilation, Oppression, Depression, From The Spirits Of Food Sacrificed To Idols And Sexual Immorality, Homosexuality / Lesbianism, Making Covenant With False Gods, All Worldly Customs, All Pagan Goddesses Of Fertility, Pornography, All Prideful And Haughty Spirits, Patriotism, Standing Stones, False Smoke And Incense Offerings, All Unbiblical Forms Of Worship, Kundalini Witchcraft, All Physical And Spiritual Child Sacrifices To Molech, All Worships Of The Dead, All Carved Or Graven Images In The Likeness Of Anything That Is Above In Heaven Or In The Earth Beneath Or In The Water Under The Earth, “Sugar Coating Of The Gospel”, Every Form Of Idolatry, Every Spirit Of Self-Doubt, Sacred Poles, Every False God Worship Including Sports And Recreation, Racism, Bigotry, Labeling, All False Religions LORD JESUS CHRIST Save me From Hatred Toward my Brothers, Loss Of Love, Every Curse Of Stage Magicians Performing Enchantments, Necromancers, Atheist, Agnostics, False Bible Interpretations, People Pleasing Religious Demon Possessed Devils Falsely Displaying Themselves As Angels And All Other Assigned Defiling Filthy Spirits Of Death, The Prosperity Gospel, Self Worship, Theology, Loud Worldly Music, Mockery, Scoffers, False Witness, Satan Possessed Speakers Of Dark Sentences, Satan Possessed Speakers Of Light Sentences, Demons Of Lust, Baal Worship Of Satan’s Lares And Penates, Pantheism, Polytheism, Contagious Demon Possessed Witches With Wicked Imaginations, Wormwood, Poisonous Satanic Venom, Cunning Deceptive Flatteries, Vengeance, Black Magic, Dark Black Hatred, Satanism, Enemy Dream Spirits, All Warlocks, Freemasons, Evolution, Worldly Education, Sun And Moon And Star Worship, Fornication, Astrology, Terra Cards, False Calendar, Physical And Spiritual Adultery, False Televised News Reports, All Liars, Spirit Principalities Of Addictions, Cigarette Smoking, All Drug And Alcohol Addictions, Gambling, Hollywood Idolatry, Worldly Wants, Perversion, Voo-Doo, Black Magic, Witch Doctors, Teraphim, Household Idols / Gods, Shamanism, Spirit Of Jezebel And Balaam, Nicolaitans, All Darkness And All Presumptuous Sins In my heart That Is Before YOU, LORD JESUS Please Remove All Religious Demons In my Soul, All Spiritual Blindness / Dullness, No Fear Of GOD, Back Sliding, Hypocrisy, Lukewarmness, Unwillingness To Read The Bible, Pride, Psychics, Spirit Mediums, Sorcery, Dark Spoken Cursing Words, LORD JESUS CHRIST Protect me From Mythology, Folklore And All Halloween Spirits, All Man Made Pagan Holiday Traditions, Zombie Worship Spirits, Prayer Curses, False Witness, Spirit Of Prostitution, Flirtation, Adultery, Greed, All my Generational Curses, Give me Strength To Cut The Invisible Ball And Chain Of All Sins From my Forefathers That Have Secretly Entered Into me, Break Them All And Save me JESUS!! Save me JESUS Grant me Victory Over All Darkness And Of Every Blackness, Every Principality Of Darkness, All Head Dominion Demons And Satan Himself, Greedy Blood Thirsty Men Who Rob The Poor Of Their Land And Prosper, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Ruthless Money Hungry Demon Possessed Men, Pagan Satan Worship, All Dark Dominion Workers, All Lying Wicked And Unclean UnHoly Anti – CHRIST And Beast System Spirits, Every Wickedness And Evil Revealed In The Bible And In More Detail Through YOUR HOLY SPIRIT, Cut Off These Adopted People Of Black Darkness And All Filthy Spirit Principalities Of Satan And Satan The Devil Forever, Cut Them Off Forever!! In THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE LORD REBUKE All Demonic Strongholds To Flee Away From me; Get Out In JESUS NAME!! LORD JESUS Let All Curses, Iniquities And Transgressions From The Black Dark Filthy Babylon Spirit Realm Of Satan Fall Back On Their Own Heads; Pour Her A Double Portion From Her Own Cup And Keep me Safe In THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT To The Glory Of YOUR NAME Through THE HOLY ETERNAL SPIRITUAL BLOOD COVENANT AND AS AN EVERLASTING TESTIMONY TO HIM WHO SITS ON THE THRONE JESUS CHRIST THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY

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