Prisoners – Terry Crockett



May 16, 2022 3:02 PM
Terry Crockett

May 16, 2022

A year of turnarounds when the forsaken, turn leaving strange paths are called into the Light of God’s Devine Glory forsaking strange ways from the pit of hell. Children becoming men of God for the first time, and changes in souls (wandering souls) become anchored in a Rock of Strength. Called back into new directions with steps made firm ready to walk in and will not alter the direction of God’s Ways.

A Great “Return” as children once lost return in firm steps planted by God Himself. The “Great Letting Go” as millions of strays return to the Great Shepherd leading His flock. A year of Devine adventures as strays are brought back in the ARMS of His love, never again abandoning the Order of God’s Ways.

Some believe many are too far gone, too addicted to kings in the drug trade. But I say, watch My Hand as I appear in the midst of gangs and king lords breaking their hold and setting free the captive. Many in the underworld (drug lords) will renounce their ways and life style and will now minister healing and deliverance to those, they’ve held in bondage.

Drug lords renouncing every way of darkness forsaking and leaving behind the ways of Cain embracing their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ acknowledging a Great Savior walks in their midst. The Redeemer of all mankind, baptizing men’s souls in the blood of the Lamb, purifying all matter of darkness and flooding them with the River of God within.

A Great “swept” across nations as a multitude of the forsaken begin to be hear, “Jesus saved me” and will surrender their sold out souls to the King of Glory.

A Great Redeemer walks the Earth and has taken note of the prisoners, so deep, so lost, that only He can set free.

These days I tell begin shortly. There will be a final swept around the world, “The Last Call” before the return of their King.

There is a rumbling happening underground beneath the surface, something is about to come undone. A Holy release like a flood of the Lord when His Great Goodness enters the souls of men.

Who has been able to go into the depths of the Earth and unleash men held captive? Who is able to invade the places of deep darkness and enter in “untouched”? Who has seen paths of darkness and been assigned to invade? Can man invade the gates of hell and remain alive?

A Righteous King makes His present known among the kings of darkness. Underground tunnels where obscurity and prisoners dwell will behold a Great Light. Who releases the captives held in deep caverns forsaken by My Church. ( I just felt, there were such deep dark places in the Earth where men have gather to hold people against their will. Even sex traffickers hold their captive in such places men fear to tread and where families cannot find).

A King leaves His throne freeing and gives life to the dead of the Earth. Who reveals His Glory in the deep forsaken places beneath the Earth announcing ‘freedom’ to those bound, but a Mighty Savior unafraid to visit the places of the dead?

My time has come, My hour of restoration is upon us. My Strength available and My name will be honored among men.

Hallelujah, Amen

Let My Light be upon the living of God.
Amen, so be it!


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