Bella Orsi

September 21, 2018


1. Father in the Name of Jesus Christ, I thank You for giving me authority over the devil and evil spirits. I thank You that whatever I bind here on earth is bound in heaven and whatever I loose is loosed.

2. This day and forever, O LORD, I declare my authority over the devil, his agents and demons.

I confess that according Your WORD, LORD, I have authority over demons and evil spirits. They are subject to my commands and decrees henceforth, in Jesus name.

From now on wards, I hereby banish all evil messengers and monitoring spirits from hell assigned against my life and family in Jesus name.

3. Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I decree paralysis for every demonic messenger, every evil watcher, every fowler, every spiritual hunter and every agent of darkness assigned against my life, my family, and my destiny. I command them to become permanently incapacitated from this day forward, in Jesus name.

4. My father and my God, it is written that they shall gather together, but their gathering is not of YOU. Whoever gathers against me shall scatter and fall (Isaiah 54:17).

I therefore command this day, let a furious east wind from heaven confuse, scatter and paralyze every evil gathering against my life and my family in the name of Jesus Christ .

5. All you evil stubborn evil perpetrators targeting my life and family, die by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

6. O LORD my God, I decree this day, let every demonic court existing against my life and family, raising accusations and counter accusations against me and my destiny, be destroyed today by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

7. Every demonic lawyer and judge giving judgments against my life, family and destiny, in the spirit, wherever you are, I command you all to be crippled and bound back into the abyss, in the name of Jesus Christ.

8. I nullify every evil judgment and decision that has been made and is being carried out against my life and family. I command all those carrying out such judgments against me and my family to become frustrated this day, in Jesus name.

9. It is written that all power belongs to God, now and forever (1 Peter 5:11).

I therefore bring anyone, physical or spiritual, claiming authority and power over my life, family and destiny, I bring them to judgment with God’s WORD.

They have not dared me; they have dared God instead.

And as the devil was overthrown in heaven for daring God, I command them to be overthrown this day from controlling and working against my life and destiny, in Jesus name.

9. Every evil monitoring agent assigned against my star, receive blindness, in the name of Jesus.

10. Let the imagination of every satanic monitor fail and tumble into abyss, in the name of Jesus Christ.

11. O LORD, I command every witchcraft mirrors and crystal balls, monitoring my destiny to break and scatter, in the name of Jesus Christ.

12. O LORD, let Your Finger punch every unseen eye trailing me about, in the name of Jesus.

13. Every diviner on evil assignment against my life, receive madness and paralysis, in the name of Jesus Christ.

14. All monitoring agents across the oceans, on contract against my destiny, receive blindness and paralysis, in Jesus name.

15. You eye that monitors me and attempts to cut off my breakthroughs, receive total blindness and paralysis today, in the name of Jesus Christ

16. May every evil power assigned to investigate my future, fail by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ

READ: Psalm 2:1-5, Psalm 35: 1-8.


19. “O LORD, I will live to eat the fruit of my labor. This year will produce blessings for me, everywhere I go.

Any man or woman, witch or wizards, who have vowed that I will not see good in life, let fire from heaven visit them and destroy their curses in Jesus name.

20. I command all spiritual arrows intended or released against me, my life and family and marriage to go back to the sender in Jesus name.

21. Holy Ghost fire, visit and expose any evil man or woman working against my life and family this year in Jesus name.

22. Every grave dug against me and my family, O LORD, I close them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

23. May every curse, spell, charm, invoked against my life, may all the plans of the wicked agents of darkness perish by fire today, in Jesus name.

24. Whatever belongs to my life spiritually, physically and financially, that has been damaged by the curse and works of monitoring demons and wicked individuals, be restored back hundredfold, in Jesus name.

25. From this day O LORD, I decree a hundredfold restoration of all lost opportunities and blessings for my life, family and destiny, in Jesus name.

26. Whatever I have eaten in the dream, causing problems in my body and destiny, I command them to be uprooted in Jesus name.

27. “Wherever my blessings have been buried, I command them to be uprooted and relocate me henceforth, in Jesus name.”

28. O Lord, let me manifest the anointing of excellence; let my hand be lifted to possess my blessings this year in the name of Jesus.

29. From this day O LORD, I receive divine fire for supernatural speed in life; I command distinguishing breakthrough to fall upon me from today, in the name of Jesus Christ.

30. When I lie down to sleep, I shall sleep in peace. I shall only have dreams of the LORD and visions from heaven. I shall no longer be oppressed in anyway in my dreams, in Jesus name.

31. Father, let favor begin to manifest in my life henceforth. Let me be enveloped with Breakthrough ideas from this day forward, in Jesus name.


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  1. Sam

    Thank you for this. I came across it at the exact moment I needed it and was struggling with snares. Surely it is the work of God… Jesus be with you.

  2. Hélène

    Lévitique 26/18-21-23-27
    “Si, malgré cela , vous n’écoutez point, résistez, je châtierai, frapperai sept fois plus selon vos péchés.”

  3. gaynellmoore

    what a powerful prayer, relief as I was praying it by faith

  4. Ephraim chisumbe

    This prayer has come at a right time in my life. When I have done qhat I can do but nothing seems to come true. When I start good projects and I don’t know how they disappear. Lord thank and I will be going through this prayer on and on until the devil and his agents are brought under the feet of the all mighty

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