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Prayer Request – Marian Lackey

I need prayer for my son n law, lonnie! He has been in two hospitals so far and they are moving him again! They keep telling my daughter there is not more they can do! He needs lots of prayer! Do you know how I can start a prayer chain?

His name is Lonnie!

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  1. Kathyk

    I rebuke the spirit of death over Lonnie in the name of Jesus. Be healed!!!

  2. Birdee

    We agree in prayer for Lonnie’s healing and for the Lord Jesus Christ to be magnified in his life now and all his future days, praying also for your daughter’s strength and peace of mind…Father God strengthen them now! Father command your Holy Angels with the providence from Your Throne to minister to all their needs right now in Jesus Name, nothing is impossible with You LORD! Keep us posted Marian….
    Love Peace and Blessings to you!

  3. JP

    Praying as well 🙏🏼

  4. Trinidadwarrior777

    I plead the Blood of Jesus over lonnie that will ease his suffering and if it is God’s will for complete healing. We thank you god for hearing and answering our intercession on this Man and his family’s behalf. Amen

  5. Nathalie

    I pray for Lonnie too. Thank you Abba to come and heal Lonnie : You are YaHuWaH Rapha and please give Peace to all his family in The Mighty Name of YahuShua Ha Mashiach. Amen.

  6. Nathalie

    I pray for Lonnie too. Thank you Abba to come and heal Lonnie : You are YaHuWaH Rapha and please give Peace to all his family in The Mighty Name of YahuShua Ha Mashiach.
    We proclaim Tehilim/Psalm 103.3b
    3 You heal all our diseases.
    From Psalm 30.3
    O Yahuah our Elohim, we crie out to you for help, and we are confident you shall restore Lonnie’s health in The Great Name of YahuShua Ha Mashiach.
    Amen HalleluYah !!!

    My family in faith and I shall pray for him and for your family during Shabbat as our Messiah is doing miracles during Shabbat !!!
    Many blessings from France,

  7. We prayed for Lonnie as well. Thank You, Father that he is healed in Jesus’ name.

  8. Prayer for Lonnie- You ask for “lots of prayer” for Lonnie, & that shows your great love for your family. So, I’d like to share what I’ve already experienced in healing. It is not about how much prayer you can stir up, but the anointing & faith on the one praying, along with the faith of the one asking. Jesus usually asked or knew whether the sick believed that He could do the healing they asked for. So I ask, does lonnie believe Jesus heals all of those who come to Him? (Matt 21:14, And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple; and he healed them. Other scriptures say, “And He healed all of those who came to Him.”)
    About 10 or so years ago I called a specially anointed apostle/prophetess out in Arkansas, about 2,500 miles away from my home in Cal. I asked for healing of my herniated back discs, for I was mostly bed-ridden & needed crutches to get to the bathroom. She called me back & prayed on the phone over me & I was immediately healed in about 30 seconds. She asked me to get up & run around the house, & immediately I could, leaping for joy! Then I called her on other occations, asking for more healing of all kinds, including deliverance from addictions of both drinking & smoking, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, & all kinds of disease. Each set of healings or deliverance came with awesome miraculous results. But not only did I believe this would happen & it was in Jesus’ complete will for me to receive it, but I believed she had the anointing needed, a very special touch from Jesus personlly. Later in 2010, Jesus sent me clear across country to her house in person to have her pray over me & receive His personal anointing too. Please don’t ask me to explain it, I just know that I have it…
    Since then, I moved to a small town in Alaska. Here I help care for the homeless living in the woods around town. One of my homeless friends called me one night to take him to the ER at the hospital. He was bleeding out the rectum & thought he might die. He said he had perforated intestines & couldn’t eat a lot of foods, mostly soft things. Later that night the ER released him saying there was nothing they could do. Doctors had already cut all of his intestines out that they could, leaving him with only a bare minimum few feet to live on. So he called me back again, asking for a ride & for prayer. After he showered, I gave him some clean warm clothes & sat him in a chair in my kitchen, & prayed over him. Then I took him back to his tent in the woods. In a few hours, he called me back totally excited. He said, “When I awoke, I was starved to death!” The Lord healed him in the middle of the night, & now he wanted something good to eat. Praise Jesus.
    If Lonnie has the belief, I have the anointing that comes directly from Jesus. But he must not only believe Jesus wants to heal him, he must desire it & be willing to ask for prayer, if he is able? I’ll give you my mailing address because I don’t want my phone number publicized. I have a calling to do this, but have not been released or sent out yet. I don’t have a public cell phone, but do have a cheap disposable cell phone for emergency use only. If you choose, you can write me at- Rick Watkins, PO Box 921, Soldotna, AK., 99669-0921. Send me your email address & his phone # so we can make arrangements to call Lonnie. Phil 4:19, “Trust that I will supply everything you need according to My riches in glory.” God bless you. rick

  9. Luiza Menezes

    Emergency prayer request. 1/ Tenant is not leaving my premises legal contract over in june 2020. The Carmelite priest Dad is chairman of the complex named Callist Cardosa entertaining illegality and harassing me. Sob Sob these carmelites may God take control. pls pray that the tenant leaves in a week. 2/ my ancestral land donated to Carmelite Goa, again they cheated me and not giving legal MOU and are ignoring me. CARMELItes priests seems to be under bondages. Please pray for miracles for both these properties.

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