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April 11, 2024 11:14 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

Several people have reached out for an update since my post 3 months ago.

Thank you for your concern.

I continue to contend with four different back issues. The 2 cysts on either side of my spine on L5 spike in pain when L4 is engaged, it is hitting these cysts and even small movement prove very painful painful (even raising an arm can cause me great nerve pain throughout my back. These cysts suddenly came upon me April 4, 2023, Ash Wednesday, a “holy day during their holy week” which culminates in satanic ritual including human sacrifices by occultists; some occults cursed me specifically that day according to the Holy Spirit. The cysts seem to be bigger now and the pain more severe despite prayer and medications.

Other attacks are also constant, as they level physical and spiritual attacks upon multiple body systems. Many issues are only fixable with surgery and even then the prognosis for improvement is low with surgeons saying they do not want to proceed.

To all those who continue to pray for me, thank you! I have noticed even greater physical attack and spiritual attack. The cyber stalking has gotten much worse with communications blocked, access to anything financial being blocked as well. My house continues to be breached when I am not home and cursed objects are left behind. The theft of my personal goods continue and are at times quite costly and into at least several thousand dollars a year. Things increased after I posted about Azazel (one of the highest level demon) being the coordinator of my attacks. Some challenged this entire post, although the new Bible translations do not identify him by this name, older Hebrew texts do. He is mentioned in Leviticus 17:7, 2 Chronicles 11:15, Isaiah 34:14 as well in the book of Enoch – for details, Google search “Azaziel in the Bible”. While I encourage everyone reading prophecies to pray to see if they are from God and read the scriptures posted – meanwhile some follow prophets who can’t even be “bothered” with scripture. The Word says to challenge someone who is speaking truth may result in consequences from the Lord. Moses had family challenge his marriage to a black woman and they got leprosy as a result.

The Holy Spirit has repeatedly told me because of the information being shared and the accuracy of them, those responsible for these upcoming tragedies are quite angry with me and are desperate to shut me up permanently. I truly believe it is the prayers of the saints that have kept me alive.

On Good Friday, March 29, 2024 when I awoke, the Holy Spirit warned me that I was greatly being targeted by satanists in U.S. and Europe during their human sacrifice ritual. FYI, satan loves this day as he declares that it was the day he had defeated God. Jesus died on the cross in defeat to satan, so this is one of their most celebrated events (I have posted some information on this day in past years on The sacrifice is usually a homeless man, with dark hair and a beard around 30 years old.

Through out the day, things were malfunctioning and generally chaotic. I kept coming against it. While rearranging my garbage and recycle bins in an outside cubby. I failed to notice the closeness of a small wood cart behind me. I stepped on its edge with my heel and the cart rolled westward and I fell backward and hit the back of my head on the concrete slab on which my AC unit sits. My first attempt to stand resulted in falling again and hitting the same area on my head again. I turned over and tried to use my hands and knees to stand but the sandy soil would cause my feet to slip and I repeatedly hit the ground on my knees (which were already bad, the left needing replacement surgery). I had nothing nearby to use as support for my upper body except the cart. At each attempt to use the cart as support, the cart kept rolling away from under me. After 5 or 6 attempts, I realized that I was unable to get up. It was almost 3PM and the temperature in the bright sun was over 90 degrees, my surrounding area was desolate.

No one could see me from the street because of the cubby. I began calling for help and less than 5 minutes later the mail delivery person (which isn’t in this area at that late in the day) happened to hear me. She helped me up and walked me into the house and my bedroom. She urged me to call 911 and go to the hospital since I had a big lump the size of a half grapefruit on the area behind my ear. I know the Lord sent her. I had called out to my angels for help before realizing I couldn’t stand on my own, I had peace after I asked.

Later, the Holy Spirit said they (occultists) were trying to give me a severe head injury so I was would either bleed out or not be able to function any more. He reminded me of how a past fall happened April 21, 2019 occurred about 45 minutes after posting a significant word to this forum, I had sustained a fall which was intended to kill me by severe blunt force trauma to my head but instead I broke my arm (which resulted in intricate surgery).

Five days later, last Wednesday, when I awoke most of my injuries were 75% improved and I know the Holy Spirit intervened. Friday, two days later, I finally got to see a nurse practitioner, he had wondered why I didn’t go to the ER and that I didn’t have a concussion. I just knew I was going to be okay. He told me “I can’t believe your head injury wasn’t more serious. Sounds like you had your guardian angel was watching out for you”. I said, “I know I did” with great certainty.

Due to the various medical conditions I suffer, they are impacting other body systems. Two days and two medical professions are watching me closely and told me that I am under close watch for possible readmission to the hospital. Please pray that the doctors/nurse practitioners will coordinate my care and would evaluate my entire body not just the key area they treat.

I would be grateful for continued prayer, especially for protection. Please continue to pray for healing of the many issues impacting my body. Also, my home has been overtaken by 5 different insects, at least one I know was intentionally brought to create damage. Please pray that those stealing my mail, monitoring my telephone and emails (and deleted them so I have no proof of someone else’s errors) as well as keeping me from interacting with important people will come to a complete stop! Pray that I can continue to be strengthened to deliver the words the Holy Spirit has asked me to share. I know the elites have multiple people assigned to complicate my life and destroy my health.

A couple people, have chosen to send me a tithe each month in support of my ministry. If you are led to do so, please reach out to Jonathan Theiben, the webmaster for my home address. Thank you for your gifts no matter the size, it touches my heart! Thank you to all who donated to my medical expenses, I am still trying to get the bills sorted out and your help has made a huge difference.

Only the Lord knows how much the prayers of the saints has impacted my life. I know if people were not praying I would have succumbed already. Please pray for all the true prophets for those, who do the work of God are targeted by evil to not only discourage the servant but also to cause Christians that follow their words to question God. satan wants to shutdown those who provide guidance in these last moments.

May the Lord bless you for reading this in entirety, praying and giving. He knows your heart and mine. Keep standing as the days are about to become much darker.

Your servant, your Handmaid of the Most High

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