Warning, Nuclear, Prayer Request

Almost nuked. Pray like you mean it. – Steve Holmes

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Almost nuked. Pray like you mean it.

Steve Holmes
April 15, 2024 5:24 PM

Tell my people, “Thus says Yahweh: this is how close you came to destruction and why you need to continue to intercede in prayer in faith.”

I wasn’t going to post this beyond my own Facebook wall, but the Lord wants his watchmen and prophets to wake up, listen to him with discernment and to pray in faith. By “pray,” he means INTERCEDE. Stand in the gap! Stand in faith and authority over the kingdom of darkness! Do NOT allow those wicked spirits to drive the war mongers into starting a nuclear exchange or it will be catastrophic beyond measure in terms of souls and the world economy. Stand in the gap, brethren, just as I did- that is an example for you to follow.

By means of explanation, the E-6 Mercury fleet of 16 US Navy 707 aircraft are for ONE purpose: to communicate a “launch” command to the Ohio Class ballistic missile submarines that are deployed and hidden in the world’s oceans. Each submarine carries enormous destructive power that can kill millions, if not billions of people, on 20 minutes notice. Decisions were down to “Yes or no” for launching death and destruction, and today, the E-6’s are in the air again. Take it seriously! You can verify that on free, downloadable flight tracking software.

The following occurred Sunday, April 14, and I wrote out the conversation aside happened.

There are at least (4) E-6 aircraft in the air right now- and being over ocean, they can deploy antennas into the water to communicate with ballistic missile submarines. Not that it matters, but right now I would put the “Doomsday clock” at 4 seconds to midnight. I wrote “10 seconds,” but heard in my spirit, “7.” Then “6,” “4,” “3,” “2½,” “2,” “1,” “½,” “⅓,” “¼,” “⅛,” “¹/16″.

Lord! Stop this thing right now for your name’s sake!”

“Holding at 1/16 second. Do you really believe me to stop this right now?”

“Yes, Lord! The earth and all men are yours! We beseech you in Jesus’ name to release angels of peace and forgiveness right now! Cause cooler heads to reconsider and prevail against this wickedness!”

“Continuing to hold at 1/16 second. Your world is on the cusp of destruction and death that is unimaginable. Pray that my hand of justice and righteousness will prevail against the tempers and pride of the unjust.”

“Father, In Jesus’ name, and for your glory upon the earth, I declare peace and safety as only YOU can provide in this situation.”

“Satan, the Lord Jesus bind and rebuke you. Step back from this insane brinkmanship!”

“½ second.”

“Lord, you promised us victory and power in your name. You promised you would raise up a standard against the enemy when he comes in like a flood. Lord Jesus, your word says we are more than conquers in you. We believe you to stop this warring, genocidal spirit right now, in Jesus’ Name!”

“Satan, the blood of Jesus defeated you at Calvary. Silence your mouth right now in Jesus’ name. Stop influencing these angry world leaders!” You cannot exceed the will of God and I intend to stand in your way with the hosts of heaven! I command you to cease and desist right now!”

“Lord, call back the hounds of hell and the military commanders who are on the verge of nuclear weapons launches! In Jesus’s mighty name!”

“Weapons launches on hold. 15 seconds to midnight.” “18.” “20.” “22,” “25.” “30.” “Holding at 32…33…34…35…36.”

“Peace prevails for now. My son, you have done well to intercede. You have stopped the aggressor from launching an attack that cannot reverse course. Massive destruction on a world-wide scale would have resulted if the enemy would have gone unchecked. You know that. “Armageddon” like war was a hair’s breadth away just now, and if your prayers had not been heard, the destruction would have been unimaginable, for many nations would have joined into the fray, believing their survival depended upon such a war rather than upon my hand of mercy and my intervention for my creation. You live in exceedingly dreadful and yet exciting times. Pray for souls to come running to me amidst this tragic time of unprecedented hate and mistrust, greed and lust for power. Pray and believe me for a mighty, miraculous, world wide revival that affects the billions of souls throughout the whole earth. Pray for hearts to be open. Pray and believe me for healing for wounded, damaged souls who need my touch to be able to shed their fears, unbelief, mistrust and tensions that keep them from running to me with open hearts. Ask of me for exceedingly great abundance. Believe me for it to accomplish my will and I shall pour out upon you more than you can even think to request. Pray that the world’s hot headed leaders will be content and favor peace over destruction.”

“Your gracious and loving heavenly father who treasures you and all who live for me. Hope in me, Steve. I am your reward and your treasure, and you shall never be ashamed of me, for I am faithful and true, just as my word says.”

Father, I believe you for that. It is your will. Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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