Prayer Request

Prayer Request – Julie / mleonascimento0

Prayer Request

April 14, 2021 3:25 PM


You are on my short list of prayer warriors.

I live in the Minneapolis area, where there have been more riots with the Derek Chauvin trial. You may have heard, another black man was killed by an officer a few days ago. Things are getting bad here, and I have seen words that they are going to get worse after the Chauvin verdict.

I normally have pretty strong faith, but am getting a little scared. I am rebuking that, but am also asking for your prayers of protection for me, my daughter Abby, my brother Mark and his family, and our other family, friends and loved ones in this area. …Please pray for safety for all in this area of Minneapolis, and for more peace in what is coming. Also pray for the officer that accidentally killed the man the other day. She did not mean to kill him. I saw the video, she meant to tase him (which I don’t like either) but she has been arrested, and I am sure she feels awful.

I realize the race war is coming, ready or not. Please also pray that we would know if I need to move or flee, and if so to where. I pray my daughter and brother will also flee if we need to. As of right now, I don’t have anywhere to go.

Thank you so very much in advance,
Blessings to you all in Jesus’/Yahushua’s Mighty Name,

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