Prayer Request

Prayer Request – Daniel Masika

Prayer Request

February 27, 2021 7:28 AM
Daniel Masika

Dear Beloved Brother Jonathan
How are You Doing Today!!! I want to Take This Time and Thank all the Team and Families , Friends With Partners on 444 Prophecy news Be Blessed and the Shower of Blessing Come on You and Your Families. All the Children and Our Team in the Orphanage with Our Family sent Our Love, Hugs and Love to You and we are Humbled with the Love, Support and Encouragement, Big Big Thank You, Each day we are Making a Progress step by Step

-It Took us Five Years Building The Orphanage and Primary School, which we Now have ,Im a Brick maker i made all Bricks which we used, But we Completed Both Primary school and Dormitories where Boys and Girls Sleep, Most of Our Children were Young and in Primary school ,Right Now their are Grown up and From This April Most of them Will be in Highschool But we Dont have enough Class Room Now for High School, Since we have enough Land to Build on High School We have started a foundation on Build a high school and we have 30,000 Bricks Now we Can Build Our High School, We need This Things to Complete the Highschool (1.) Stone (2.) Sand. (3.) Metal.(4) Cement. (5.) Concrete. (6) Wood (Timber) (7) Glass (8)Roofing sheets with (9) Nails we will do 8 Class Rooms Big Size, 4 Offices Rooms, One Kitchen room and Eight Rest rooms for Both Boys and Girls



We need to Raise $32,000 That will Complete the High school Urgently Before April as we Cant handle to Pay for Over 120 Children school Fee in Highschool in Public School for Each Child, In Public school average fee is $120 per Term which is 3 Months But we Can Cut the Cost by Having Our Own School in Place, We Humble Convert Your Prayers If Ruach hakodesh(Holy Spirit) Leads you to Help Please Click here to Donate

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Much Love

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