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Persecution Is Coming – Mary Chambers

Persecution Is Coming

January 20, 2021 5:13 AM
Mary Chambers


Persecution is coming to the body of Christ now is the time to prepare seek God while he may be found now is the time to get rooted and grounded in Christ like never before so you can’t be blown away with every new doctrine that comes your way you will hear my still small voice and know that it is me speaking to you , now is not the time for doubt and fear be strong in the Lord and the power of his might , comfort one another with my word because every that can be shaken will be shaken , get into my word and read it , fast and pray , the strong delusion is here and many are falling for it my word says if possible the very elect would fall for what’s coming !

I have given you warnings of what’s coming yet you have not heeded them , some have fallen for things that are not of me and my word this is why my word says study to show yourself approved , hit your knees and seek me find me not the one that most churches say that I am but find the me that my word says I am , yes I am love but I am also a God of righteousness and holiness most forget that I am a jealous God you shall have no other gods before me and many of you have many Idols in your life get rid of them now and serve me with your whole heart not just your lips yes I know your heart and I see your deeds I know your works do not be lukewarm or conformed to this world if my word says it’s a sin don’t doubt my word know what I have said in my word is true if there is anything in your life that is holding you back now is the time to leave it behind or you will be left behind I am coming soon in great power and glory time is short don’t be deceived get your spiritual house in order I am calling you to walk closer with me know that when the persecution comes I will be with you do not fear but be ready 

given to Mary chambers 5am 1-20-2021

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