party is over! – Chris, Germany

party is over!

Jan 12, 2020 11:09 AM
Chris, Germany


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. The LORD gave me another dream which I have to share.

Last night with the beginning of Jan12th, 2020 I got a powerful view with no doubt about the content:

I was standing with few people in the garden of an upper class private home. No mansion but a very nice white house with different levels. The roller blinds were all down, on the terrace there was BBQ equipment. But it was simply placed there – no service, no food, no beverages. It seemed to me that people were inside the white house but not showing up outside.

We were about five people with one being my wife. Standing one the garden part with ca. 1.000 square meters (approximately 11.000 sq ft.) It was only a grassy lawn, no higher plants or trees. Appearing more than a golf court to me. It was going up a knoll.

The most time when we had a small talk there were strange sounds. Suddenly the three guys had to leave and my wife and me left alone. I recognized that the guys were called on duty and my wife and me were also dressed in uniform. I’m a paramedic and an active military reservist. My wife is a commissar in the police of our state (not federal), so we both know what it means to daily wear a uniform.

In this situation we were both wearing the complete police uniform with holsters and weaponry.

The sounds in the background were getting louder and more suspicious so I decided to go for a look. I left the garden at the house side of it, turned left and left again, always walking on a residential tarmac road close to the fence of this garden. The fence itself was very high (up to 5 meters) and of green plants. In between there was heavy iron mesh to prevent access.

When I walked the long side of the fence a garden door opened, my wife stood there with a question that I couldn’t actually answer. But she joined me on the walk to see what’s going on. She walked two or three steps behind me.

When we arrived on the backside of the fence there was a small patch (just three square meters). On the side where I stood there was a cone shaped hole. On its edge there was a really fat snail, nearly 25cm (10-12 inches) in diameter with a special appearance: she had no normal housing like a spiral design. It was more like a turtle cover, without design in terracotta color. It seemed to me like a cartoon turtle that is hiding with just both eyes looking.

That snail was sitting close to really poor salad plants with just few leaves. And it’s making a smacking sound. This was the origin of the strange sound we heard in the garden. When the snail recognized us she immediately felt back into the cone-shaped hole and landed on the back. So I could see her smeary base.

She again made it up the hole and it looked to me as she is aggressive or upset. Then with a lot of soil she couldn’t find a foothold. She dropped back again turning more aggressive. I stepped over to kick the rim of the hole, my wife said loud: she’s climbing back. The beast turned more aggressive after that and my wife was screaming: She’s coming once more!!! Again I was pounding the soil with my boots to bury her. And with the second or third kick she was never seen.

From other houses in this residential area came neighbors to find out what we’re doing, what that beast was and they were putting some questions, standing there quite astounded.

All of a sudden with this last kick the knoll I was standing from the other side opened up a hole like a window. Perhaps some 80cm in diameter. Through this window I could see wild water beneath the hill!

It was roaring loudly like a mountain stream with lot’s of spray. Again I kicked the ground one or two times and the window hole opened up lots of square meters. Now I could see clear the hill being completely emptied, the construction just holding from a thin turf. I didn’t have to kick once more. Within seconds the knoll completely collapsed leaving nothing back! There was a dull sound when the hill collapsed and thunked. This happened all within the green/ iron fence. The outside area was not affected.

I stepped forward to look into the pit. My wife wanted to hold me but I stepped forward between the salad patch and saw a giant gap. In this pit there was just brown muddy wet soil, with the torrent now more calmly streaming from left to right. Nothing was left – as far as I could see just that stream and wet muddy ground!

Then I stepped back going some meters between the neighbors and my wife who were standing there and saying nothing – completely grounded, not moving anymore….

After this there appeared times/ dates over the big pit:

15:06h for the beginning and 19:03h (European style) for the end! Right after that I awoke and immediately gained the understanding that the LORD wants me to share this dream with its interpretation. I kept staying in bed thinking about the dates given because I wasn’t sure about the minutes, maybe they’re plus/minus two.

When I grabbed my cell phone it was 02:29 a.m., so waking up could have been 02:22a.m.


The collapse of the hill is the devastation of the United States of America which is a green grassland holding together by its turf/ some grass roots. No higher plants. The white house is shut some time ago leaving the inhabitants behind blinds. No barbeque, no beverages – party is over!

In the backyard a fat snail (church) is smacking from poor salad leaves, devouring them due to their poor condition. The patch compared to its worldly counterpart – the grassy hill/ garden – is poor, too.

After all persons caring/ being on duty have left the garden my wife and me are walking on a solid ground to watch the scene from behind. The neighborhood still is in good condition. We are dressed in police uniforms to maintain social integrity. I’m neither wearing a Paramedic uniform nor a BDU/ camouflage so I’m not caring in this dream for physical conditions or the military wellbeing of my country.

The LORD showed me (this was given initially after awakening) that the developing is close to my action.

I’m pounding the soil several times: 2-3 times the snail pit and up to 2 times the soil between the salad.

That means with me pounding the soil it is a max of FIVE TIMES till the collapse of the USA will happen within its borders.

But with my last kick the situation is self developing. I don’t’ have to kick once more. The beginning of the devastation is for everybody to see. And it takes just few seconds till the show is over! Leaving NOTHING behind. Just the fresh spring water of the LORD!

The timing gets clear if you do not put the European times – because this dream is for the US!

So it reads: the beginning is at 03:06 p.m. (15:06h) and the end is at 07:03 p.m. (19:03h)

This could also be the beginning on March 6th and the end on July 03rd.

I really have no clue of numerology. But the LORD showed me clearly the figures. Please ONLY take it to the LORD in prayer to get your individual interpretation! We only know in part, so we only prophesy in part. For me I don’t even prophesy. I’m just handing over this dream to you with the interpretation the Spirit gave me.

For further counting (if the LORD gives permission):

This is my first published dream:

with its interpretation

This one is NOT from me:

Chris G and me (Chris Germany) are DIFFERENT persons, maybe in different parts of the world. The WORD of the FATHER that is provided by Chris G is very powerful. But with the information I gained this early morning it’s not counting in pounding the soil.

Finally let me give thanks to the LORD, his begotten SON and the SPIRIT for supporting us with all of these informations.

Please keep on praying continuously, never give up and please do not get devoured by the snail in the last stage! Always focus on JESUS CHRIST.

Private Information:

As soon as I awoke and got clearance about the range of this dream I had a bad headache, developed fever and was sweating like crazy within some 10-15 minutes. The evil one didn’t want me to get this message out!

I cried out to Jesus Christ to shine on my health to support all brothers and sisters in getting this message. The LORD spiritually cleared the scene! Fever reduced and the headache return to an acceptable level. Evil left my body which I could feel physically!

So I humbled and obeyed to the powerful LORD, the KING of Kings, the LORD of Hosts.

May he also shine on you to give you deeper insight in his WORD.

Chris, Germany


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