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Abomination has infiltrated the church [part 2] – Chris, Germany

Abomination has infiltrated the church [part 2]

Dec 31, 2019 12:34 PM
Chris, Germany


Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your comments and help on this topic! I’m grateful about the deeper insight I could get through your backing. Thanks a lot to Handmaid of the Most High for your pushing. I gained a lot of increase of my understanding.

Here is what I got regarding the situation of the church and this dream.

First of all I want to express that I’m more addicted to problem solving than endless talking about those issues. That leads me to the conclusion that it makes no sense to moan about things we’re shown. It’s not productive to point to “churches/ believes other than ours”, to “brothers and sisters” (or even not) and to reflect “special behavior”. There’s a way for each of us. I learned about the beam in the eye –my eye! And I learned it well.

So what about the problems presented in this dream? I think we got precious information for further handling of our lives. Within the “church” or without. Like I said: everyone has his own way and his own packages to carry. Just make the best decisions.


The “old church” has boosted the altar with hidden spaces behind hatches. The upper part/ table is not usable anymore for its intended purpose: the daily sacrifice! We’re not able to reach the ONLY reason an altar is created for. Instead of performing the daily sacrifice the issue is growing up/ over our heads. We’re satisfied to open a lower hatch to take a wishy-washy broth to nourish – the rats!!!

We do not take that for ourselves, we’re handing that over to rats! The most embarrassing about that issue is that we want to make friends with those! And this is daily business…..

We’re so satisfied and busy with this that we’re in no-man’s-land. Unable to reach Gods altar. But glad to find a job we created ourselves – finally not partaking in anything. In the way we’re thinking we’re going to “the mess”, the hiding places of rats – that NEVER will turn to the altar! They’re just taking. There’s NO giving back. How should that be???

When we dropped whatever we can give we’re coming back in the boastful mind “we’ve done good”. To whom? To us? To the rat?

Just to find lots of other boastful idiots in the sanctuary. No priest, no humble people, just these guys that create their own jobs: “preaching”, “distributing the communion” etc. Also unable to reach the table. They’re not distributing the Word, leading the sheep to repent, warning, showing their own humbleness. They know nothing about the shed blood of our KING.

What are we doing in this sanctuary? If not putting our daily sacrifice on it? Are we there to see, to be seen? To generously take what the spaces(!) provide and give it to the rats. Why do we not feed our brothers and sisters with the goods of the altar? With the bread, the blood, the word, with everything that OUR SAVIOUR has provided for us.

The answer in that case is simple: it’s above the heads. It’s “over us”. We’re unable to reach it in the way we’re handling that show!

Why don’t we put a ladder there and reach that table? Kick all of the wishy-washy things aside. Take the last effort to climb up that ladder and – be nourished. Then and only than(!) we’re able to feed others. With the gifts we’re glad to receive from the LORD.

The reason why I found my priest here in hurry is now also simple to me – and I’m very grateful for this information: He has nothing to do with that chaos! He’s not willing to stay there any longer- Not even to have a small talk. He’s in his robe – the only one there! He’s just there because in that place I longed for a familiar face. And so after some time the LORD showed up on the scene in his servant to call me by my name!

He knows me! I’m not taking part in this church. And I’m just there for observing and reporting to his sons and daughters!

The priest and myself we’re handling that in a different way in “our” church. The way we serve, the way the priest provides the daily sacrifice in humbleness and spreads the WORD. What a difference!

A big issue I think is the mess on the gallery where the organ should be located. The Lord shows that the situation regarding chanting, melodies, choirs etc is terrible. If not inexistent it’s singing about “flowers, trees, clouds, green pastures etc” – no word of the sacrifice, of the Lord himself, of the blood he shed etc. The same (worst) scenario we find in the sanctuary.

Regarding the personal issues I found it very simple to reflect about the dream with my wife. It was way easier than I expected. She knew immediately. And at once we agreed that there is no taking of sugar covered items. (In the dream she took it but did not eat it)

We also assured us in always guiding the partner if he/ she is unware of the danger. No matter what. And we will do it immediately.

Problem solving:

The only way to get to the Lord is to reach the altar. Nothing below!

There is no way of laziness: Grab the ladder and the rest of your power and climb as high you can to reach the sacrifice/ the blood of JESUS CHRIST. Which means: daily humbleness, spending time and efforts, leaving the wishy-washy stock aside!

If you feel appointed to increase the praise by music: DO IT! Even if you’re not able to handle a music instrument you have your voice. Sing HIM, praise HIM. More and more. Increase your experience in singing and make HIM GLAD! HE’s waiting for songs of your love!

I think that is what the LORD means with “meeting him in the little chamber”. It’s about the offers, the problems you solve to reach this table. And it’s even not the way you’re feeding the rats, the way of creating your own right to exist etc.

You complain about the drag queen? Nothing to complain! He/she is there. Find it good or not – we opened the doors for that kind of evil! Long time ago. The devil has overtaken the church. And the LORD allowed it. Read the WORD. Nothing to complain about.

Nevertheless: My stomach is going in circles about that. Turning over and over again! But it’s MY FAULT. I allowed it also. We could have handled that in a different way. But WE didn’t do. I didn’t do. It’s my fault. What I can learn is: let this never happen again!

Never let infiltrate the devil into your little chamber or into the church to come where our LORD gathers his saints.

The way you daily judge your situation is the decision making issue: Am I satisfied with the situation I find in my church? Is the church on the right way? Am I on the right way (upstairs?).

Find the truth. The truth is in HIM. HE IS the truth. Seek HIS face. Seek HIM for guidance.

I will!

Chris, Germany


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