2020 Fear of the Lord – Chris G

2020 Fear of the Lord

Jan 1, 2020 10:35 AM
Chris G

Good morning 2020 end time saints, as I was seeking the lord recently about the new year he spoke to me concerning something new he was going to do in the earth. I received this on 26 Dec 2019 while in prayer and quickly wrote it down. I’m being obedient by sharing this everyone, since I’ve never done this before in my life.
The scriptures for the Fire Seraphim 6:6,7 and the Cherub represents the Glory of God 2 Samuel 22:11 Isaiah 11:2 Matt 10:28 The Fear of the Lord.

2020 shall be a year of A foundational new release
of my spirit and my spirit the Fear the Lord shall
arise among my people. For I have weighed the
church in the balances and they have been found
wanting in my Fear. So It shall be poured out ina
greater measure. My Shepherds will fall down
prostrate before me. Services will stop and begin to
cry out for me. Order will be restored! To long have
my church operated as usual. Then shall my spirit
arise, the Fear of the Lord. My bride shall run to me
in sanctification and hunger. The foolish virgins
runaway in denial and backsliding. I must send this
greater measure to prepare my people for the Fire
and my Glory. Yes, the fire and Glory is prepared to
return to my people, But first the fear must return.
Who among you will be about my Fathers business
Who among you will lay before me all night
weeping and wailing for the lost, and for the
church? Where are the intercessors, saith the lord
Do you not Fear me? Yet, willl send a greater
measure of fear among my people. This shall Be a
Catalyst for the Fire, and the fire shall catalyst for
the Glory, saith the Lord!


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  1. Susan Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness gracious…


    It has been a while since I have read a word on this sight where The Holy Spirit fell so strongly that tounges came out of my mouth.

    This is coming… yes yes yes!! This is a true word of The Lord.

    Fear of The Lord & True Brotherly Agape Love is being birthed. John 17 must happen before he Army is sent out.

    But!!! There is no true love without first having the Fear of The Lord… that MUST come first and order must be established that we live and fear God First and then love or neighbor second…

    This order is being re-established which will bring all into alignment in this season to prepare for the persecution and final harvest.

    Oh my goodness…


    Let it be birthed Lord Jesus, your people are truly ready now for this.

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