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January 8, 2022 6:26 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Received January 6 evening prophetic word and vision, continued January 7, 2022


If you are easily upset or have a sensitive stomach, please pray over your mind, body and spirit before you read the information below. I totally understand many may become distressed, realize this is intended for your benefit. It is to give you Godly direction, it is not to create fear. I hope that it will touch people with Godly sorrow so that they will be motivated to pray about this very serious matter.

January 6, 2022

During the evening hours, I heard bits and pieces of various key matters coming ahead or already happening. I don’t exactly know when he spoke the following information to me but here is what he said. I also had a flash vision to follow immediately after.

The Holy Spirit spoke:

“I have already told you to inform people that there is much cannibalism already occurring today, much of it under the radar. Now it will become the new normal.”

Remember that television (tell-a-lie vision) program in 2017 on Netflix called “The Santa Clara Diet”starring Drew Barrymore (from powerful occult family in California) who ate people? I don’t own a television so I never saw the show but the Holy Spirit told me this:

The evil ones are using mind control through broadcasting to condition my children to accept cannibalism as normal. It has been featured for many years in movies but the distribution was directed to those already inhabited with these demons of desire.

They are clearly coming for your children. Cartoons, movies, the phenomena of the movie “Silence of the Lambs” prompted many other thematic movies which are easily accessible by the little one’s among you. Many parents are absentee, allowing their children to watch whatever they find, so that they (parent) can be left alone to their own spoiled fleshly desires.

I tell you now. Many of you are unwitting cannibals already. Pepsi Co. along with several other food distributors have been exposed for their use of Senomyx flavorings (started 2001), which rely on aborted fetal tissue. When those among you protested asking for Government intervention it was denied.

Now, because you have continued to value “choice” over morality and righteousness, the time of eating flesh has expanded from your snacks and beverages to many of your favorite grocery food items to include your meats!

Yes that’s right. Many of you, who buy processed meat products have been eating this “additive” that has been kept hidden. Last year, the Congress voted to allow manufactures the opportunity to change ingredients without any communication to their consumers on the package labels. A small group protested writing letters and social media postings, it passed resoundingly and praised by some of the most offensive in your leadership.

You are eating people!

Then I received a vision. First I saw the number 70/30. The numbers got bigger and bigger in size as if they were moving forward at me. Then behind the numbers, I saw a butcher counter. I saw the shapes of people going through the process of preparing various parts of meat to be packaged and put out in the display case.

The Holy Spirit spoke, do not eat any processed meat! Only eat meat that you are able to identify as parts made from beef, pork, chicken, deer etc. Many manufacturers are already adding flesh to their food.

In many cases, the ratio it is 70% meat and 30% human flesh. This is their magic number. Most people’s taste buds have been desensitized by all the various additives, preservatives and other chemicals that they can not identify what I made versus what was created in a laboratory. This was intentional and now very few can even detect anything unusual because they are more familiar with corrupted food than real. The test results show that as long as most of the product contains meat, people can’t detect what else is in it.

For many years, I have warned through my prophets of the human flesh in many fast food meals. So many have mocked, saying it was a fantastical story.

Children, you live in fantastical times. The things that you will soon become aware of, will be so mind boggling to you that if you don’t run to me, you will be destroyed!

DO NOT EAT ANY MEAT THAT YOU CAN NOT IDENTIFY ITS SOURCE! NO MORE PREPARED MEALS. I AM telling you, be aware of all that you expose yourself, too.

Many of your other foods are tainted with things I never intended you to eat. Just look to see all the products that now incorporate Canola Oil. Illegal worldwide, it has been part of the American diet for years.

Those among you may be called to become vegetarian, do as I lead you. Rely on my faithfulness!

I love you, you are precious. I created many wonderful foods, but use wisdom in how you consume them.






Author/Prophet’s note –

Some of you know I broke free from the occult more than 30 years ago, after many attempts and still remain very much a target ever since. I witnessed frequent cannibalism growing up.

A survivor friend, who grew up living a few hours from Chicago (another part of the country from where I was raised). We talked about the frequency as well. She said one of the satanist’s in her coven was a butcher. After the human sacrifice ritual, whatever remained he would use to make sausage. She said the joke among the satanists was that after a ritual date, you could always go and purchase his sausages to continue the experience.

I share this to demonstrate my experience is by no means an isolated event.

Some of you may remember a high ranking employee doing an interview about a major, worldwide fast food restaurant (some will associate a clown with their image). In 1990’s it began circulating on the internet. Many said it was a spoof. It was not. Before I saw this interview, I avoided eating there because their burgers they made me ill. Since then, I haven’t purchased anything (not even a milkshake) in several decades.

After that was revealed, the Holy Spirit reminded me of another place, which had a slogan, which would be identified as politically incorrect in today’s environment. For years, rumors spread debating if their meat was kangaroo or rat or even horse. The company only responded by saying it was primarily soy. I believe that was partly true but I believe wasn’t the only thing they were cooking as “meat”.

So, though on the occasion I would eat fast food, doing so was an increasingly rare event (a few times annually), I ate competitors of the above company. More recently, the Holy Spirit that the concerns I had of other fast foods had now become a problem and warned me to not eat hamburgers outside of home. So I ordered salads. A year ago, I ate a hamburger which came with free chicken nuggets. I ate one and knew something was very wrong. I ate part of a second (I was very hungry) and felt physically ill. I threw the remaining nuggets in the trash. I shared this with a friend and she commented that she had recently had eaten from a world wide chicken franchise, where she had always gotten her fried chicken and said to her son that something was not right with the chicken. It was then the Holy Spirit told me that both these experiences were a result of not eating the natural product! We were raised on eating real meat! That both businesses were selling synthetic meat!

What to do now? Always pray over your food when shopping. In the last decade, many of the companies that were focused on wholesome, natural and non-GMO products have been bought by these mega food empires to further taint the food supply and control the food industry.

Many herbal tea companies are now part of Pepsi Co. I had to do my research and about 75% of the products I had been consuming had been purchased by one of the top three, though their name was never changed, logo or the way they were marketed.

Read labels, some companies will use terms like natural flavors (did you know that beaver anal secretions taste like vanilla and is used in cakes, candies, ice cream, creamers, etc.). That it has been used for decades? When asked, a company said it was naturally produced to the 60 Minutes interviewer. Still, I prefer not to eat something with THAT particular “natural flavor”. Those using true vanilla will expressly state it has real vanilla or is made from vanilla beans, it will usually say where it was sourced (Madagascar produces a majority of the world’s vanilla). Many red foods, lollipops, cakes, ice cream, candy, peppermint sticks (specifically Red Dye #40) are made from intentionally lab raised roaches that when crushed produce a very pretty red goo. Though deemed safe to consume, my allergist informed me that many people are allergic to it.

Always, pray over your food (and beverage), say something like this…

Lord, I thank you for what I’m about to eat. Please remove all toxins, poisons, or unnatural things or substances that would harm my body or displease you. Add anything that got lost in its processing, that my body needs. I am grateful for your provision, amen.

As the famine proceeds and requires us to make food choices that we never imagined, we will truly mean such a prayer!

God Bless You.

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30

While researching – I found an article discussing a Swedish Economics Professor and researcher, Magnus Soderlund was featured on a panel at the Gastro Summit which was covered by all major news channels for suggesting that cannibalism will be a solution to climate change at a symposium in early September 2019. He suggested that over time people would need to be more open-minded toward being less selfish and protect the planet.

However, I noticed he did not volunteer himself to be eaten. Hmm, who are those less selfish people, he is talking about? If you support a cause shouldn’t your actions support it as well?

When asked by a reporter if he had tasted flesh, he said no but he would be willing to try it. (I heard in my spirit he was lying).




(Please note, scriptures are very critical to this topic, I have been severely attacked spiritually and my computer was frozen while working on a significant word, yesterday, after much prayer, it began to function but my mouse functions (including cutting and pasting) still remain deactivated, which almost always happens while writing prophetic communications from the Holy Spirit). Please look these up.

Genesis 9:4-9
Leviticus 26:14-39
Deuteronomy 28:45-59
Jeremiah 19:4-11
Lamentations 2:1-3, 16-20
Lamentations 4:8-10
2 Kings 6:25-30




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