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North America – It is decreed (Saza?)

July 24, 2020 5:50 AM
Translated from Portuguese

Today was a tough night. God tried to talk to me, but I was tired, I didn’t understand anything.
I even wrote some parts that I leave with you. I ask you to take God in prayer, because I couldn’t even discern who spoke to me. I’ll put what I heard, I’ll give it to you because I think it’s important.
Above all, I have a message for North America, as I am from Portugal, for me it doesn’t even make sense, but maybe they will help me to interpret.

I heard:
Things will start to happen relatively quickly in the future. Right after that I heard 23 to 27, but I didn’t know if it was days or years. I’m sorry again.

I heard later
I will tell you something, God is a God of destruction, he is angry. You had 3 visions that you don’t remember. One about supermarkets, another about the submerged Statue of Liberty and another one (I don’t remember what I said). I don’t remember having these visions at all, really, there is nothing in my memory.

He told me that my children have to sleep so that I can light the fire, that was the expression.
I have two little ones and they take a long time to sleep, often I start to say the prayer, I’m already sleeping and they wake me up, go back into my room either because they want to ask questions, or they can’t sleep, or because they scratched their nose and they’re pouring blood, I don’t know.

Right after the advice to put the kids to sleep he said:
Individualized news for North America.
I will replace it! It is a lost cause! It’s decreed!
I heard it still has the name of Saza ??? I have no idea what it is. And I heard the Hebrew expression Yom Kippur twice! Yom Kippur! (I went to speak to a Hebrew colleague to find out what it meant) It means Day of Eternal Forgiveness.

I also heard: This is a gift from your eye to give to a low dead spirit.
You are a collective!

Again, sorry for such a messy and confusing message. I put what I heard.
Please help me to interpret it is for North America -USA I believe.
A hug from a sister in Christ.
May God be merciful to your children.
A blessing of salvation – Meet again with God. Redemption is at hand.
Let the scales fall from the eyes that are blind and see God the Father.


Original Portuguese below

América do Norte – Está decretada (Saza?)

24 de julho de 2020 5:50

Hoje foi uma noite complicada. Deus tentou falar comigo, mas eu estava cansada, não entendi nada.
Cheguei a escrever algumas partes que deixo convosco. Peço que levem a Deus em oração, pois nem consegui discernir quem falava comigo.
Vou colocar o que ouvi, entrego-vos porque acho importante.
Tenho sobretudo uma mensagem para a América do Norte, como sou de Portugal, para mim nem faz sentido, mas talvez me ajudem a interpretar.

As coisas vão começar a acontecer relativamente rápido no futuro.
Logo de seguida ouvi 23 a 27, mas não percebi se eram dias, ou anos. Me desculpem novamente.

Ouvi depois
Vou-te falar de uma coisa, Deus é um Deus de destruição, está irado.
Tiveste 3 visões que não te lembras. Uma sobre os supermercados, outra sobre a Estátua de liberdade submersa e outra (não me lembro o que disse). Não me lembro nada de ter tido estas visões, realmente, não existe nada na minha memória.
Disse-me, que os meus filhos têm de dormir para eu poder acender o fogo, a expressão foi esta.
Tenho dois pequenos e demoram até que durmam, muitas vezes começo a fazer a oração, já estou a dormir e eles acordam-me, voltam a entrar no meu quarto ou porque querem fazer perguntas, ou não conseguem dormir, ou porque coçaram o nariz e estão a deitar sangue, sei lá.

Logo de seguida ao conselho para colocar os miúdos a dormir disse:
Notícia individualizada para a América do Norte.
Vou substituí-la! É uma causa perdida! Está decretado!
Ouvi ainda tem o nome de Saza??? Não faço ideia do que seja. E ouvi duas vezes a expressão hebraica Yom Kippur! Yom Kippur! (Fui falar com um colega hebraico para saber o que significava) Significa Dia do Perdão Eterno.

Ouvi ainda: Este é um presente de seu olho para dar a um espírito morto baixo.
Você é um coletivo!

Mais uma vez desculpem por uma mensagem tão atrapalhada e confusa. Coloquei o que ouvi.
Por favor ajudem-me a interpretá-la é para a América do Norte -USA acredito.
Um abraço de uma irmã em Cristo.
Que Deus seja misericordioso com as suas crianças.
Uma benção de salvação – Reencontrem-se com Deus. A Redenção está próxima.
Que caiam as escamas dos olhos que estão cegos e vejam Deus Pai.


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  1. Tracee Smith

    Saza means punishment . Hebrew
    23-27 is where we are now maybe he has more for you to say this week ..take him in prayer .
    Is it USA or Canada as well ?only 1 other has ever mention Canada.
    North American Continent??

  2. K Mountain

    Saza is translated from Bangla to English meaning PUNISH.

  3. Sean Murray

    “Saza” means to punish… America still has the name (meaning GOD is still punishing Her!)

  4. Eyes Open

    Dear sister, “Saza” translates into English means “punishment”. Please pray for Christians in America to endure to the end. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

  5. Praying for you sister. I can confirm one item you mentioned (“This is a gift from your eye to give to a low dead spirit. You are a collective!”). The Lord spoke to me through Job today, and in the Spirit this week, about how the remnant, the faithful ones, are worn out. He sees that we are like dry bones. And we are a united group in Him, together and not alone. He fiercely loves us, His rescue is any moment now, brothers and sisters.

  6. The Pen

    Yom Kippur 2020 starts at Sundown September 27th there’s your 27th!

  7. The Pen

    Yom Kippur 2020 starts at Sundown September 27th there’s your 27th!

  8. Tracee Smith

    Punishment SAZA

  9. Frank

    Yom Kippur means day of atonement not what you said you everybody please pray to Jesus for True discernment a simple Google search will confirm this I have known this from years of studying Hebrew holidays right away that didn’t sit right with me when I heard that I double check just to be sure

  10. Frank

    I mean seriously did you even test the spirits on this one you know any spirit that come saying Jesus is the Christ and has come in the flesh is of God but any spirit that does not say Jesus is the Christ is of not of God? Sasa right away the Holy Spirit discerns he was talking about azazel which is what the Book of Enoch refers to as Satan pray for discernment on this. I have to admit there is some truth in this but just like any good lie satan always wraps the lie around ltruth so it’s hard to discern pray for True discernment everybody and if I’m wrong may Jesus forgive me I don’t want to be found guilty to be speaking out against a prophet. But when I heard this something inside me was screaming no from the get-go even though I know America’s about the fall like I said pray for discernment and I live in Northern California in between Sacramento San Francisco and Modesto Lake Tahoe I think you could figure out where I’m at
    But I’ll say it again Yom Kippur means day of atonement look it up

  11. Sean Murray

    Frank, I agree with you. This prophecy did not sit well in my spirit either even though there are a couple of truths to it. When we are weak and/or tired, like this person was, we become more vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy attacking our minds. Also, this person was full of doubt giving this prophecy. When The Lord speaks to His Children, they know it. Jesus says My sheep know My Voice and they follow Me. The Lord never imparts Words that bring doubt. Blessings to you brother! Amen!

  12. K Mountain

    I had something like this happen to me, just not as much. It was during a fast that I took after 9/11. During the night on the last night of the fast, I heard some words and it was not at all comfortable to go through. I can only recall 2 things I heard: “Tanzania has 30 minutes left.” and “There will be no food.” I did not take them to mean they were connected, and nobody was even mentioning famine or preppers at that time.
    Many years later (around 2010), the Lord made known to me that communism was coming to our land and there would be no food. So, I do believe it is of GOD. We just dont understand it as well as we would want to.

  13. Sean Murray

    True K Mountain, … “We prophesy in part” … but even in part (partially) it must be the truth. God bless you!

  14. Eyes Open

    Yes I agree with you K Mountain. And dear Frank EVERYONE that knows anything at all about Judaism knows that Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for them as the day of atonement. It is when the high priest entered holiest of Hokies wearing pomegranates and bells at bottom of his robe with a rope tied to him in case he entered with SIN in his heart. He would die instantly. They would have to pull him out by the rope. Until this day there is a solemn assembly and ten days of repentance leading up to the day of atonement because it sets the JUDGEMENTS of God for your life for the year …your future. Yom Kippur does indeed represent judgement either for good and blessings or for PUNISHMENT. SAZA. According to this sister’s revelation God has already decreed Punishment so best thing we can do is stop bickering between one another and PRAY FOR REPENTANCE FOR OUR NATION. WE HAVE GROSSLY SINNED AGAINST GOD. PRAY DANIEL 9 on behalf of all citizens of the USA. Pray for Gods MERCY. We need it. All of us.

  15. Tim

    To Frank and Sean,

    I will not argue words with you, but humbly submit you look into the ORIGIN of the word “atonement” – it means “reconciliation”, and even “at one-ment” (with God). It is only over the passage of time that MEN have corrupted the meaning of this word into something different today. God is “timeless”, and “He does not change”, thus nor does His word. In the sense of “reconcilation with God”, is this not PRECISELY what we should all SEEK, and thus Alexfiga’s understanding of “day of eternal forgiveness” is an AWESOME understanding. I advise you to read Paul and learn about understanding the SPIRIT of His word, because the “natural man” does not understand it. It is for this same reason that Jesus taught in parables.

    If you doubt that this happens, look DEEPLY into the meanings of “apocalypse”, “sacred”, “sin”, “wrath” and “work” for just a few examples – the meanings of all of these words have been changed over time. I advise you to pray why Christ has a “two-edged sword between His teeth”? What is this sword?? Because “we reap what we sow”, for each of us this sword will be different. For some, it will certainly be a PHYSICAL, STEEL sword, for others, it will be something else – this “something else” is well-described in the Old Testament.

    Paul advised Timothy to “rightly DIVIDE the word of truth”? Pray for true discernment on this, and pay heed to this advice.

    I agree that Jesus’ sheep hear His voice. Are we not told to be meek and humble, as He was meek and humble on Earth??? I submit to you that Alexfiga was extremely humble in her presentation.

    Pray about why we are advised to humble ourselves before God, repent for our sins, and to “seek His face”.

    I pray for you both.

    A brother.

  16. Sean Murray

    I am sure she was sincere in her posting. I am not saying she is not a sheep of The Lord. I am saying that when we hear from The Lord, we know it (there is not doubts). He will confirm His Words if we ask Him to. She was tired, and unsure about different things that she posted. She stated that. I am not attacking the messenger, but using my gift of discernment and rightfully dividing the words given. The Lord bless you. Please don’t be offended. I sincerely apologize if I have offended you. Please forgive me. In Jesus Name, Amen

  17. Tim


    Thank you for your comment, but it is not for me to take offense, nor do I do so. I simply TRY to live by (but, obviously fail all the time) what I’ve learned, and to try help others. I do not teach (for there is ONLY one Teacher), but to those who will listen, I am willing to show them where I’ve been led.

    The Hebrew word for “sin” is Strong’s #2398, “chata”. If you look this up, you’ll see that “sin” is actually the THIRD meaning listed; before that we find “to miss the mark” and “to go wrong”. I have even seen the verb “to STRAY” – think about that!! Did Jesus not refer to His followers as “sheep”? What do sheep do? They go ASTRAY? Did He not say that He would leave the other 99 sheep to go after the 100th that had STRAYED?? Or, seen another way, are we not told to follow straight and narrow path; I.e., not to STRAY from it?

    With this in mind, this is why I said what I did. When we stray from His Path for us, this straying ripples across the sea of life, and affects everyone – remember that we ALL suffer for the sin of one (read Romans 5). But, now we are all hearing not about “ripples”, but tsunamis, tidal waves and hurricanes. Is this not an indication that COLLECTIVELY we have strayed SO FAR from His Path that it can ONLY BE CALLED “SIN”, and “GREAT SIN” I add of my own opinion.

    It is for these reasons that I encourage all to always strive to truly follow the path that Jesus showed us – helping our neighbor, forgiving our enemy, feeding the poor, and “tending His sheep”. God knows our hearts, He hears all our thoughts, and sees all our actions. Because as with sin or straying, KINDNESS, GOODNESS and LOVE also ripples across the sea – all according to the divine concept of “we reap what we sow”. Is this not what we all seek?? If this is what we want, we must also live this.

    I pray for you, Sean, and I pray for all.

  18. Tracee o que ouvi foi América do Norte, mas sei que se relacionou com a Estátua da Liberdade, isto é incluí NY.
    Obrigado por todos os comentários.
    Vou orar pela América e todas as crianças de Deus. Que Deus nos ajude a todos nestes tempos.

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