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December 2, 2021 10:01 PM
Handmaid of the Most High
James 1:12 KJV
Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

End Time Dream – received December 1, 2021 8:00 PM~

I was chatting with a Christian woman from a shared Christian volunteer group (this was a fictional person representing the Church and for the purpose of the story I’ll call Sylvia). When a former coworker, I’m calling Jennifer, who is a real person, I lead to Christ a couple years after I got saved.

Once Jennifer approached us she immediately dominated our interaction saying she was hungry and demanded that we go with her to locate Fast Food. The first place we visited was in the process of closing permanently for business. Briefly, we shared our disappointment with the owner, who was bankrupt due to the restrictions from the plandemic.

Jennifer insisted we continue to search for food despite the long walk involved. Though we were at the edge of the major metro area where we all live, none of us had access to a vehicle in this dream. We ended walking more than 5 miles and through a huge farm field into what was quickly about to merge with forest. This area exist NW of my home. Here there are bears, panthers, alligators and other creatures, who are not at all fearful in protecting their habitat or searching for food among humans!.

A few hours pasted as we walked and talked, when suddenly I realized though we were still quite a distance from a food outlet, dusk was about to fall and we had no business being so far from people or street lights.

My huge concern during this walk was trying to share the lateness of the hour in history and the impending tsunami that would kill all of us in Florida (where the dream took place). Each time I attempted to share, Jennifer would interrupt and talk over me. Her focus was about very unimportant things including her new kitten, a new dress she had bought, etc, (this is typical behavior of the real Jennifer). When I brought their attention to pending dusk, they started running back from whence we came. Now I am physically handicapped and have great difficulty walking very short distances due to the many accidents I have experienced so I was in awe of how far I’d already traveled. Within a few minutes, I couldn’t see either of them since I could barely walk and they were running. They were out of sight and hearing range. I repeatedly shouted in the direction they were running, asking them to wait on me to catch up but neither did.

After walking a great distance I came to a tiny community about still a few miles away from my home and saw a very old church from mid 20th century (there are a few actually in this area, though it wasn’t one that actually exists). I slipped into the church and it had approximately 20 people all over 70 years of age, going through the motions of a choir rehearsal, now I was disheveled and out of breath and looked ill as I was in very severe pain but not one person acknowledged me nor offered a glass of water or to use the telephone. I stopped one woman to ask if she had seen Jennifer and Sylvia, but she walked right by me while I was speaking, ignoring me though I was standing right beside her.

I left the church and began walking toward home on a poorly lit dirt road, that had a lot of high speed pickup truck traffic passing me dangerously close. Although I was limping, none stopped to offer me a ride nor slowed down to pass me safely.

Eventually, I found Jennifer and Sylvia chatting (they had gotten something to eat but failed to get anything for me). They were totally oblivious to my challenges or physical state. When I asked if they heard me asking them to wait on me, they didn’t answer but looked at each other and began to chuckle.

Sylvia said goodbye and I again attempted to warn Jennifer that her time was short to get right with the Lord but again she changed the subject and wouldn’t listen to the warnings! Eventually, she made it clear she wanted to terminate that day’s interaction because she wanted to play with her cat.



Background…I have been very burdened with the weight of the things I know are coming (please refer to the many prophetic posts of the last 21 months especially

The Coming Destruction of the United States of America received May 2016
Many Will Soon Go Home 10-3-21

There are several people that are publishing that they too know December holds great evil. Since I posted in October 3, 2021 – and the Lord said watch La Palma, he has shown me three ministries that are sharing some of the same information the Holy Spirit has shown me (though His direction, I even saw someone show the grid pattern on a u tube video after I mentioned I’d seen one of La Palma in a vision!)! I am not going to mention the channel names since when I do, I tend to be blocked from further viewing by my stalkers.

The physical and spiritual attacks are relentless and I have become very overwhelmed those harassing me, with a lot of recent vandalism. For the last two weeks, I asked the Holy Spirit to give me a dream of confirmation. I was starting to get hopeful that there would be a delay since I didn’t get it right away. Tonight, I got my confirmation in this dream.


Each person represents a different aspects of Christian faith in today’s world. Read the Revelation to John chapters 2 and 3 and see the similarities. However, none are aware of the Matthew’s description of the end days as they parallel present day events and spiritual times we are living. The older people in the church were doing the same old same old. They are invested in religion but have little faith nor do they practice an active faith. They don’t have a heart for people (it was obvious I had a physical need to rest and the least they could do was offer me a drink of cold water) but they chose not to see those in need (which I represented). While we live with so many are out of work (because of the C virus mandates) and other forms of sabotage done to create economic destruction continues to be enacted by the elite, to completely shutdown the economy via the mandate effective in January 2022. Soon huge loss in stocks will bring about the full economic collapse, go back and read many separate prophecies I’ve been given to post detailing the tsunamis, earthquakes and the economy connections will result in the destruction of North America.

My “friend” Sylvia (who represents people, who go to Christian activities seeking friends for socializing while good works are secondary or a complete afterthought. She showed no consideration for my safety (or anyone aside from her own) when darkness approached (both spiritual and physical darkness are here already, it is only getting darker). One of the things I knew immediately in the dream was that she was a gossip. I had sensed that despite her superficial conversation she was looking for information about sin in others, not for the sake of praying and ministering but to spread ugly rumors, which would bring pain, destruction of reputation and showcases Sylvia’s astuteness! Though I was pleasant, I was very careful what I spoke. I knew she wasn’t going to be someone, who would be true.

Let me tell you most of you will be ALONE in the coming days. People that you love and trust will betray you just as the Lord, the Messiah warned in Matthew! She heard my pleas (those who will need food and shelter) but she ignored it because she was not a true friend, her flesh was her only priority.

Likewise, Jennifer also had no interest in the prophetic warnings. She never demonstrated evidence that she died to her flesh when she came to Christ (which has always concerned me). Though I spent many hours praying for her and listening to her and trying to share truth from scripture and my struggles, her response was often prideful and asserted she was “good” (especially when it was a sin I hadn’t had victory, she would flaunt her superior knowledge (she perceived her age (12 years older) made her more wise but in fact, she was a gossip and behaved like a teenager despite being nearly 40 years old (this was often commented upon by others).

In reality, I convinced our boss not to fire her due to her terrible work ethic (disappearing for hours at a time, always knowing the gossip within the company, failing to complete tasks on time when she was given ample notice) because I was concerned that she would walk away from Christ. Looking back, I’m not sure I did her a favor. (How many parents come to this conclusion, after years of paying their children’s debts or hiring lawyers to defend them for lawbreaking only for the child to never “grow up”? After I left that job, she was eventually fired by a new boss and ended up going to working for a huge Internationally known ministry, where she was frequently in trouble for the very same behaviors! When she told me this, I was a bit surprised that she was not convicted to change and was actually angry at these “Christians” for holding her accountable! This is not conduct becoming a Christian.

Additionally, she continued to keep company with others, who operated without self-control, her friends prior to her “getting saved”. Some even in trouble with the law and she defended their behaviors! This is clearly warned against. She joined a church that had just started near her home and the pastors, who were several years younger than her, placed her and her husband into deacon roles, though they hadn’t been saved even 18 months! They were “counseling” other couples, though their own life was filled with shouting, violence between them and unruly children.

Her outward character never appeared to changed, her flesh was still her priority and nothing and no one, not even the Holy Spirit could get her attention. I have always feared that she would come to the Lord at her death and hear “depart from me, I never knew you”. She says the “right” things but her actions reveal her heart motive. There are very specific criteria of the character of leaders which she and her husband failed however, because those over them were also weak, their leaders made decisions that were not Holy Spirit led.

We see this in many Christian churches not just in the U.S. but world wide. No wonder the Church isn’t fulfilling it purpose to make disciples of the lost! The leader’s are not saved! How can they lead?

It is unfortunate but I meet people that are Sylvia’s and Jennifer’s all the time. I met a missionary this week and he told me right off while we stood in line, that he was one. I didn’t speak to him for 5 minutes and the things he shared had me praying for him to see the bigger picture. He spent more than 20 minutes telling me about all his works he’d done in other lands but I didn’t hear about Jesus. I didn’t hear about miracles, he had seen or how Christ was glorified. I heard about his efforts (at least he tried to do good). He told me that he had 2 fortunes from businesses that he started and he gave the money away (this is truly commendable).

However, the Holy Spirit said he wasn’t interested in what I had to say, as demonstrated by his interruptions and talking over me, just like these women did in the dream. Additionally, he kept referring to some books he wanted me to read (no mention of the Bible). As soon as he said this (he didn’t mention the title of the books nor the author), I knew the cult he was a part of! As I expressed for at least the 5th time that I was in severe pain and needed to leave (the other times, he told me he was in pain, ignoring my need (he told me, his was worse!)…as we parted, he handed me a business card with the name of the books, written by his favorite prophet. If I had been lost, I would have continued to be lost!

It breaks my heart that so few want to know about Jesus, his love, his mercy, his warnings to be ready to meet him because of tsunami’s, earthquakes, famine, war and other disasters that are just days away! November 30 and December 1 there were over 700 earthquakes! This is unprecedented in history. The activity at La Palma has not been witnessed in over 1000 years!

The Holy Spirit has given me peace that I have done what I can, there is no one, who can force another to bow their knee to the Lord, particularly when they are so self-absorbed. Some have a form of godliness but deny the power therein. For many of these, they fail to recognize they don’t have the Holy Spirit because they’ve never truly experienced it. Some are so blinded by their worldly desires, not dying to their flesh, they have no understanding of a personal relationship with Christ, the one they claim is their SAVIOR! This is heartbreaking. Their pride and arrogance and self-righteous attitudes keep them from humbling themselves before the Lord and they are lost.

Friends, we will see great and mighty evil in the coming days. God loves you. He wants you to be free. He wants your whole heart, not a few pieces you are willing to spare or that makes you look good. He wants a broken, surrendered heart.

Don’t stay stuck in your old patterns or schedules, God isn’t something you “fit into your week”. He must be your all in all.

Those who do know Him in this manner, realize that each person has free will. If they choose to ignore your pleas for change or the words of wisdom you place before them, it is NOT your fault.

I pray I see you on the other side, brethren, to God be all the glory! Jesus Christ, the Messiah, loves you!

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18, 19 Psalm 37:30


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