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May 1, 2024 7:54 AM
Sammy Omosh

The week starting 14th April 2024 to 27th April 2024, a period of two weeks, I had the following revelations;

  1. (a) I see the new world order police raiding people’s home; the people are fleeing their homes, fearing arrest and persecution hence leaving behind their possession. I find myself also running with only a change of shirt in my hands and end up in a refugee center (I didn’t see a single person I knew eg. Family) and I am refreshed with a hot meal.

(b) On 19 /2/2024 in an early dawn revelation, I see in my country people fleeing. From my discernment, it’s like a political crisis that comes suddenly, catching many unaware.

I have seen darkness descending on Nairobi and residents rushing to go indoors. It’s not the 3DDS.

There is restriction of movement in many areas. I remember I was walking with other people going somewhere then we encountered a group of people manning an area. I was not given access to pass, but I returned back running on foot. I saw access to the area was based on tribe. They called the kikuyu community first, followed by other tribes.

I seriously wondered why we had slid back to where we had come from as a nation. What causes the erosion of the gains we have achieved since the days of Mau Mau war of 1952- 1963 and the 2007 post-election violence ?Not counting the minor clashes of the 1990’s

(c) On 26/2/2024 I see either harambee avenue or Haile salassie Avenue sealed and probably other parts entirely. There is no traffic/pedestrian movement.

  1. In this particular revelation I see a severe famine in the land, the land is dry and cracked and a person is scavenging for food outside in a garbage trash. The scene changes and I find myself with a familiar prophet,Read the commentary remarks later in this article to know who he is and he tells me “it is the end times”.
  3. On 20 /4/2024, I wake up at 5:20am from a dream in which Perry Stone (founder of VOE) was teaching a group of people using a demonstration chart regarding the last days. He highlighted on the cosmic disturbances that was coming on the Earth resulting in big tsunamis, big earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other end time events. I had a knowing that something will originate from the sky( Expanse of the heavens)and historically visit the earth in a tremendous way Luke 21:11-12; 25-26
  4. On 23 /4/2024, I felt unusually tired from the day’s work, so I went for a short rest. Shortly after 8pm, because I normally sleep after 10pm.Immediatelly my head hit the pillow I heard in my spirit –THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM WILL BE IN LIMBO and I drifted into a very deep sleep(which is very odd at such a time for me)and I found myself standing outside among the crowd. It was a meeting and I saw the president of our nation was present. A man rose up to pray and I heard by voice’-

LAWLESSNESS.  I then whispered to a friend of mine, standing in front of me those words- THE PRESIDENT WILL BE GIVEN A DREAM BY GOD REGARDING LAWLESSNESS.

When the president will mark the 2nd year in office( this August 2024), this will herald a down word spiral effect in his administration, there will be many fires to extinguish for the remaining period in office, till he relinquishes power. In the next three months , he will be given a dream about this coming LAWLESSNESS even King Nebuchadnezzar had it rough in the 2nd year of his reign .He looked up to heaven , and that is when restoration came. Remember God is not a respecter of I find out its persons. You don’t have to be a seer, prophet or dreamer of dreams, for the lord to pass a message to you. King Nebuchadnezzar had dreams that troubled his spirit and his sleep left him. The dream that you will get soon will resonate like the word given to King Belshazzar in the pinnacle of his reign( Found in Daniel 5:25-28). King Nebuchadnezzar and Darius were humble enough to acknowledge their sins and ended up well .But King Belshazzar was slain that very same night. Remember too, at one time God sent a single warrior angel who killed 185,000people in that single assignment because of the wrath of God and the sins those people had committed. Will you seek God and repent?, He is a merciful God throughout generations. Don’t turn to spiritual advisors, they will not tell you the truth. Nebuchadnezzar knew this very well and that was a key milestone of his restoration.

Later that night I am caught up in another vision and we are sitting with a strange person at a place. Then honorable Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka(  The former VP) appears (walks in) and calls me by my second name. He then asks me if I have seen honorable Raila Amollo Odinga( former PM) .I answered him “I have not seen him anywhere around” He then sits with us and he looks tired.

In the distance I see people running and there is smoke visibly seen ascending up in the sky and weary , going by his usual appearance and demeanor. The vision ends I find out its 3:40am. In mid-February I send an email to honorable Raila Odinga, concerning what Jehovah was revealing in that particular month. If you don’t heed to the instruction given, you will see the Abdication and relinquishing playing out, but you will miss out on the “Recompense”.

1(b) . I believe if you miss out to position yourself where you are required, then your cake may be given to somebody else.

This is because you will be embroiled in the campaigns for the AU job, so much that you will not have a presence within, or is it because you have finally clinched the ticket of the African Union chairmanship?. No wonder Kalonzo is missing you so much or simply put you are nowhere to be seen. There is an African idiom that says, “Tomorrow is a proverb.”

  1. The week beginning 21/4/2024, I have heard continuously in the spirit this statement- I AM NOT GOING TO RELENT meaning the judgments are not going to be delayed or stopped.
  2. On 27/4/2024, I wake up at 2:30am from the following dream. I am in a mega church in a certain city in my country (I don’t attend mega churches)

The service is proceeding and I am prompted by the spirit to leave immediately. I do so quietly but upon leaving the church premises, a relative of mine comes running after me and she says “ wait, I am going with you to the next church” I could hear a familiar voice of a preacher I have heard before. The Message is clear: – Get out of the mega churches now! Judgment is coming (We have been warned by other watchmen/ women before).


Years ago I read a book about an American couple who served as missionaries to the Philippines. The man was a helicopter pilot delivering needed supplies to the other missionary families spread across the far islands of that country.The duty of the woman was to answer to radio calls, while the husband is airborne. One day they planned a journey to celebrate their wedding anniversary to the island of Mindanao. They made prior arrangements regarding hotel booking and their vacation schedule.

One particular morning at 4am while they were fast asleep, they heard a knock on their door. The thought that came to their mind was” what could the hold staff be upto at such an ungodly hour?” The man jumped out of bed and went to open the door, on opening the door, guess who was standing on the door?, The Abu Yussuf man heavily armed ( A terror gang that has caused a lot of pain to the government). They were given less than a minute to change and were ordered at gun point to leave the hotel and jump on a waiting motorboat that had other gang members and hostages; officially they were kidnapped, never to be seen again in the vicinity. A search party embarked on finding them, but combined party of the police and army bore no fruit. The terror gang and hostages travelled for a long distance, further inland to a very remote island till the diesel (gas) they were using was depleted. They disembarked and proceeded on foot engaging in a long trek to unknown destination till dusk fell. They slept on the ground deep inside the jungle, with the overhead bright moon providing the light. The men switched their sentry roles in guarding the hostages at night who were comprised of both the Muslim and Christian faith. As the trek continued in the morning hours, they would approach the adjacent villages and everybody ran helter skelter shouting “Abu Yussuf!” They were well known and feared by the inhabitants, hence they would flee their settlements. The gang would then proceed to milk and slaughter the cows and chickens left behind ensuring every gang member and captives are well fed.

Bathing was done while they crossed the rivers (without soap), tooth brushing was done naturally. When Mother Nature came calling, there was a guard on stand by pointing the barrel of an AK 47 rifle at them. He would have a full glare at them, as they did their thing. This only eased as time went along, having established a good rapport. One day they walked for a straight 18hours nonstop, and when they had a stopover, they collapsed on that hard ground to catch the much needed nap. Their feet were so sore and swollen taking the toll of the long trek. The woman’s shoe wore out and the man gave up on his only pair of shoe to give to the wife, hence he walked barefoot for some time, before a replacement could be found.

One fine day, after a long trek they came to an abandoned hospital facility where they hoped to stay for a while, because of the facilities like washrooms, beds etc. Stolen food –beef from a slaughtered bull came in handy and the air around was saturated with a nice smell of fresh food being prepared. Dinner time was beckoning, when suddenly there were gun shots fired from the police army units that sabotaged the party that never was. The exchange of fire continued till they narrowly escaped the drag net and retreated back to the deep jungle. The long trek went in circles for a very long time. They would sometime communicate with the hostage families, that is how some negotiated for their ransom and were freed. The mixed faith hostage’s coped well with each other in their kidnapping ordeal.

Then one evening, the combined local forces and American marines ambushed the area they were camping on the foot of a hill. There was an exchange of fire and the pilot missionary was caught in the cross fire and succumbed to his injury.

The hostages were freed, after the terror gang was over ran and the wife of the missionary was airlifted by a helicopter to a medical facility in Manila under the cover of darkness. The duration of the ordeal was over 365 days. President George W. Bush Jr instructed that she be brought to the white house. After the brief meeting with her, the president instructed that a 3 bedroom house be constructed for her. Her local church brought a van for her family use.

Many at times, I hear non-believers utter words like “I have suffered so much” but in a sense they pass through light afflictions. In the story I have highlighted they didn’t have bathing soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, beddings, TV, internet, air conditioner, a house heater, beautiful furniture and the other comforts of this life for over a year.

Does not this story tell us of the perseverance the saints will have to endure in the great trib period?.



1).Consequences of missing the rapture

The coming great trib will be three and a half years. If you miss the rapture what will be your game plan? How will you eat (buying, selling) without the MARK? What if your neighbor is a police informer and knows your itinerary so well?. You leave your house every morning at 5am to go hiding from the police. Being smart the police after a tip off from your neighbor, knocks  at your door at 4am one morning. The first question he askes is “show me your mark please? “What will you do?.

2).Iran- Israel war

You have seen the WAR GAMES being played out in the Middle East. Back in September 2005, a man was shown a war involving Iran and Israel. He said he saw two nuclear missiles striking the Nantaz nuclear reactor and a huge flame reaching almost the sky engulfing the entire horizon. He went on to say then, that the war has a bearing with the catching away of the bride.(proximity to the coming of the messiah)

Read the below headlines:

  • Israel uses a rampage missile to strike a military base in Isfahan, Iran. Mckana has warned consistently about war scenario on this site and many other watchmen/women.
  • Iran issues warning to Israel- our hands are on the trigger. It says it knows where Israel nuclear sites are.
  • Iran warns Israel of its nuclear capability.
  • Iran warns Israel against attacking its nuclear sites.
  • In the first act of aggression, Iran fired over 350 missiles into Israel which were safely intercepted. Israel vowed to revenge .
  • Iran threatens to produce nuclear bombs. We all know where things are heading. (Ezekiel 38).
  • Israeli F-35s are heading to Iran.

3).This website

This website 444 prophecy news is on its seventh year running. Seven is God’s symbolic number of warning. Remember 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine; the 7 angels in the book of revelation; the 7 trumpets, the 7 churches, and the 7 seals.


4.) Relocation

The 144,000 will soon relocate to the wilderness for special instruction. This will cause same separation in families, as others go and others remain.

5).The coming financial crisis

Most of the financial crash in history have begun in the last quarter of that particular year of the crash. Eg 1929 and 2008. Yet the financial shocks in the markets have been witnessed way back in the summer months. If this cycle is repeated this time round, it will result in a total collapse that will not be fixed, but usher in the man of sin with his Mark agenda.

Robert kiyaski and other well-known financial experts/gurus are predicting a monetary collapse this year.

6). Fulfillment of Daniel and revelation.

The books of Daniel and revelation are about to be fulfilled in our time. They will be playing out and no longer regarded as future books.

7).The heavens are shut.

There is a prophet in my country( The one I mention in revelation number 2) who was told by the most high God, that after the long rainy season ( Which normally ends in late June by extension early July) it will not rain for three and a half years( the heavens will be shut). If this phenomena is worldwide, could it be a signal of the beginning of the end? and if it is my country, is it because we are under judgment?, Then we shall see how it goes.

8).Worldwide famine

In 2021 and 2022 in the vision of the night, I saw the Maasai herders and Pokot herders respectively reaching our rural home in the lake basin region. What is their errand?, in search of pasture and water. The cattle were in their hundreds, one cow had a bell tied around its neck, giving that rattling sound of a ringing bell. This is what woke me up in that dream. I peeped through the window and saw the led herder (accompanied by others). He proceeded to knock on the front door. I woke up a family member in that dream, as I looked at the wall clock reading 4am. I yelled loudly “The maasai and their cattle have arrived here!” The two communities manner of dressing is very telling and even a small child can pinpoint accurately who they are. That was a long journey indeed going by Google map estimates. This signifies the ravages of drought, famine coming in the days ahead.

9).Dull December?

I still remember vividly in my past revelations, where we will have very little food to eat by Christmas and a dull December.  Could this year be that season?.


10).No more Delays

When events begin to happen (a few messengers have said –There will be no more days now! Many new readers will start searching for relevant information and how they may prepare for this future time that is at hand. They will be awoken by God himself as events begin to happen. They will know they have been deceived by the messages they hear from their pulpits and on YouTube about prosperity and money coming and acquiring worldly possession like new big homes. There will be mass Exodus from these kinds of churches and many will seek for truth when their spiritual eyes open. However the exception is when God promises you something at your individual level, definitely He will fulfill his word at the right time. All this in a revelation I was given on Christmas morning of the year 2020.

Glory to God for the revelations He has given pertaining to the future days coming on my country and the earth. Blessed be His Holy Name.

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