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MANY WILL SOON GO HOME (REVELATION 16:18, EARTHQUAKE)- Not Your Typical Wedding Dream – Handmaid of the Most High



October 3, 2021 4:21 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

September 21, 2021
DREAM Received 8:30 PM

I had a prophetic dream, my third wedding dream, though not typical to many others share. As you read this, ask yourself, WHAT WILL YOU BE WEARING TO THE WEDDING…OR WILL YOU EVEN BE THERE?

As I have previous shared, I know my time here is going to end when the East Coast Tsunami occurs. I’ve posted a number of dreams and visions regarding the tsunamis, the regarding these specifically are proved in links below, as it relates to the end of life for many in the United States, Canada and Latin America, most of the Caribbean Islands, and part of S. America will take more than 50 million lives (to be honest when the Holy Spirit said “many millions will die”, asked for specifics by mentioning numbers and I stopped asking when He confirmed it was more than 50 million, it troubled me so greatly.

I should state that I have never been much interested in weddings due to my childhood occult experiences “wedding rituals to satan” I had the horror to be part of more than one. As an adult, I eloped. I’ve never cared to attend weddings and only attended those of siblings and three close friends held in church. It isn’t something I focus on nor do I watch movies or read about this subject. Truly, it is something I tend to avoid due to my early trauma.


In my dream, I was with a group of people preparing to be part of the wedding. It was a very strange situation, the bride was never present in this dream. The other brides maids and I got ready for the wedding in a room set aside for this purpose. As we prepared we were all wearing matching green gowns. The color was very bright and vivid, lush like the color of the stem of an iris. We accessorized and put the finishing touches on our make-up and hair and awaited to be called for the ceremony.

Word came that there was a change in plans and we were to change to different dresses altogether. After donning our new matching gowns which were a creme colored yellow another person delivered message at the dressing room door, just as we had finished dressing, another message was given to us that we were to change again, we would wear different clothing.

This time our outfits did not match. They were different styles (ball gowns, elegant gowns, tea dresses, business suits, skirts and blouses) and this time the color palette was black and white. There was no blending of the two (no grey), the outfits showed very sharp contrasts. Primarily each one had at least half or more of their attire being black. Some had much more white than others. Black was much more common.

My feelings shifted as the dream progressed. Initially I was joyful and exuberant. While we changed this second time, I was a bit disappointed and annoyed. When the last change came, the others moods seemed to correlate in a shift as well reflecting discomfort with this plan, as well as I did. I was confused and I became distrustful.

I was made to wear 1/2 white 1/2 black suit. I knew I wanted to wear all white (though not in an ostentatious way (I didn’t want to displace the bride or garner attention). I even tried to ask the person handling the assignments for a change from my assigned business suit I was given. However, she kept moving around the room’s periphery interacting with others and I never got her attention.

I knew that some women wearing all black were to be avoided. I was even cautious of most of the others, who mostly black along with some amount of white. I saw only one woman that had nearly all white but most seemed to wear a lot more black than white in their assigned outfit. I set out to speak with the older woman that wore nearly all white but before I reached her there seem to be a disconnect.

I don’t think the dream continued after this point, or I am not supposed to remember. Normally with prophetic dreams I wake up immediately thereafter with at least some understanding. I’ve prayed for discernment and here is what it meant.


Green dresses, were vibrant and signified rebirth. The promise of our new fellowship with Christ and provided by Him at the cross for those who repent, are baptized in Jesus Name (fyi, Ed Umling recently did an excellent teaching on this in September 2021- find it on you tube) and have His renewal.

Creme/Yellow signified life giving power we have in Christ at the point of belief and baptism. It is our witness, what we receive and reveal to others about the work of the Cross through the Holy Spirit.

Black/White was particularly significant. The other dresses were the same style and color for each participant. This was not the case for those being told to wear these outfits. Each was very different. Some wore suit clothes, others were wearing dress and there were even others who wore what looked like ball gowns and wedding gown. The amount of white varied from one outfit to another. The Holy Spirit stated this was a reflection of the amount of sin in people’s lives! Some had very little white in their outfit others had nearly all white (this was usual). Most ladies had half and half it seemed.

I was particularly repelled by my outfit as I knew when I received it, I knew that the black was not positive and that is why I wanted to change.

When I asked the Holy Spirit about this, He shared that it was positive that I dissatisfied because that meant I wasn’t content with the sin in my life (nothing specifically shared, so in general the intent is to seek what needs to be dealt with in your life!). In this dream, white was a reflection of a life buried in Christ. My desire for different apparel predominately white it signified my desire to change and improve (we should be never satisfied, we never reach perfection!).

He reminded me of the scripture in Hebrews about those in true relationship with Christ have the goal to be as sinless as possible, becoming more selfless, so Christ is glorified through them. This is what the Apostles and Christ taught about pressing toward the mark. In fact, the clothing essentially represented our life and fruit! We should never be satisfied with where we are in our spiritual relationship with Christ. We should regularly (at least daily) examine our garments (are they washed in the blood) are they a reflection of His love and glory?

Please recognize these women and myself were representing the Bride of Christ, it is not a message for women only!

Others just accepted what they were given and didn’t seem particularly interested in what they put on, this was particularly true of the women, who were wearing mostly black. They were content with their spiritual life or even not having any spiritual connection with the Father (I knew those who had mainly black were not in Christ, though the Holy Spirit revealed a few were so deceived they believed their were!!!!). While I was not envious of those arrayed in nearly all white (I understood these people were martyrs for Christ, missionaries, and true shepherds, who willing had given their life through death for others). I understood most had died confessing Christ and thus were punished for sharing the message.

WORD – The Lord has additional words on this matter –

I AM the Lord thy God, the God of all flesh. The coming atrocities will shake the foundation of every being still upon the earth. It will be a test for some to strengthen them, for most among you (the body) are so weak, they (the body) barely function in the spirit because they (the body) are so part of the world, others will no longer have options, they (those lost and those who don’t truly have relationship with Christ) are out of time, they will be taken in the destruction.

Oh, how I have born witness to these events. I’ve sent so many prophets, most of whom, nearly all of them, who hear responses are those that mock them or they are ignored completely.

Some people have been so conditioned by mind control that they huddle in their cults, believing among themselves that they are the select, the chosen, only they will be found worthy to enter the kingdom, my heavenly kingdom but I tell you now, you are following false doctrines of man (or woman) instead of my Holy Spirit. All those extra texts you rely upon to gain guidance (because apparently my Holy Word, the One that became flesh, that dwelt among you bearing witness to my power, my kingdom, and then died for YOUR sin, isn’t enough. (This was both Christ and the Holy Scriptures).

No, you rely on your founders and leaders to decode my messages. You think that they are chosen just like you but you have been lied to by THEM! I AM hates their lies. I hate their pride and the abominations that they teach.

I hate how you do not question their teachings against the WORD. How can you be so deceived? You just want to be spoon-fed like little infants, not seeking the truth and the witness of my Holy Spirit. You don’t have my Holy Spirit, it is likened in the minds of many of you to be similar to the ghosts of your ancestors, as taught by witch doctors, psychics, voodoo practitioners and others all over the world.

He is not a Jinn or little god among the PANTHEON of many. He is not part of Greek mythology or Egyptology or even the Roman mythological gods. How I despise you categorizing me, Him as part of something you can manipulate and appease with your little offerings. I don’t need your money or your trinkets! I made them! They are nothing to me!

I AM wants your heart. I AM wants relationship, until you do, you can not see heaven. Otherwise, you don’t know me, you know of me. It is that simple. Those who do not follow the way, the path to Christ will be left with nothing.

You will rant and rave and demand “your rights”. It will not matter because the only true path is not through Joseph Smith’s teachings or the messages from Ellen G. White or some of the other cults that idolizes the founder or teachers!

I gave you the instruction manual. I was very specific about adding or removing parts of my WORD. Those who do such are abominations in my sight! Those who follow these messages are following the wide road, which leads to perdition and hell! I can’t be any more specific than this!

I AM a God of Truth. I have made it clear that liars can not enter the kingdom. If you excuse them or pardon them, it makes no difference for they were faithless to ME! Throw off your pride, your arrogance, your laziness, your shackles!

They teach things that bind your mind and spirit. You must choose the narrow road, that path is what leads to salvation. I will show you the way. You must choose to renounce these false doctrines, they came from the pit, the fallen one, satan is trying to entrap you and you don’t even realize it. You silently laugh (or openly), when people I send to you to tell you are believing error, or you spout off something, someone else told you to say. I AM asks YOU, will that be your answer at the Judgment? Will you answer for yourself or will you have Christ advocating on your behalf?

My daughter understands this all to well. She struggled and battled many years to be released from those shackles. It is possible. Despite the many attempts on her life, I always delivered her, even in the most instances through my miraculous ways. She suffered much loss as a result, her family of origin and her closest friends, some she was forced to witness their death and even the loss of her own children, her career and all that she owned. She was willing to die to be free in Christ. They did try their best to utterly destroy her, but they were no match for me!

Will you count the cost? My son said you must make that decision. Did you?

I call you that are in other cults I didn’t mention, Scientology, Wicca, Voodoo, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unification church, the traditions of your ancestors and patriarchs and others that say they follow Christ but know him not, this includes Catholicism, Christian Science, B’ahia. There are others, there will be even more that will rise as these last remaining weeks pass by.

This also goes for the Christian churches started by individuals and focus on their own glory and not on the work of My Cross. These purport their own “Steps to Success”. Oh, they are easy to see by the eyes of many, some don’t even know me can see these are frauds. When they get exposed, their follower’s just excuse their wicked and deplorable behaviors by saying ‘it is the lost, who are making these accusations’, or its the devil. You do not for a moment, give pause to consider, why they seldom give any notable amount of money to true ministries to aid the poor or even my sheep. They have money to buy a plane, a mansion, Mercedes, second home, boats, conference centers blah blah blah but you better believe they don’t even hand a homeless person a dollar, when one asks for help.

These wolves watch these unfortunate ones with contempt and repugnance. At times, they mock them and laugh at their stupidity when they are alone with their families. Little do they know, they have seen an angel in disguise. Others (the poor) are there because they made a mistake, got sick or had to leave bad situations. Many of them, know me better than that false shepherd and that is the reality of it.

For shame my little babies. The Bridegroom is coming. The Wedding is almost ready. Yet, some of you rejected your invitation because you decided you will follow a god of your choice, thinking it was good enough for your parents after all.

Don’t you understand? I have no grandchildren! You must be born into my family. It is a choice. Will you make it?


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19


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A final thought, I know that the world is about to shake! Watch LaPalma Volcano! It is a sign and indicator and will not be the only one volcano to cause the Revelation 16:18 event! This past Thursday, in 24 hours there were 140+ earthquakes at Yellowstone! This is unprecedented and it is being suppressed because the government operates under its own agenda. In Argentina this week, there was an Earthquake over 9.5 that has been suppressed by the worldwide media. Those in power, know what is coming and have a pretty good idea of when!

Furthermore, I went through profound attacks while writing this, tremendous sabotage on my computer, attacks in my personal life and great attacks upon my physical body. I thought this would be a few hours invested but that was not the case and I began to wonder if it would be completed!

Please share this! There are people who have no idea what lies ahead, this is true of Christians and non-Christians. So few read their Bibles, worse, their pastors fail to talk about the end days because it is scary.

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19



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