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Make Your Heart Ready

November 26, 2020 2:03 PM

Hi there! I received a word.
November 26, 2020. 3 pm.

Beloved, in your lifetime, you will suffer, you will understand suffering. But You will not, and you cannot, understand the depth & breadth of my own suffering. You will not understand a fraction of my suffering.
I withstand it.
I do not bow or bend under this weight.
I AM Almighty. I AM first. I AM last.

I will soon arise from my throne.
I am ready.
All is ready here for my bride.
You will hear a sound.
As a mighty wind.
A roar.
You will hear this sound and there will be no mistaking it.
Are you ready?
Make your heart ready.

You who weep now, shall reign with me.
You who deny me, shall suffer & bear the weight.
I wish that none would suffer eternally.
Eternity, is without end.

Say my name.
I say again, say my name. Call out to me.
Praise me, I dwell in your praise. Come worship. Make time for me! I wait, beloved!
Soon you shall say my name to my face, and you shall hear me say your name.
I will give you a new name.
Everything of old shall pass away, everything will be new.

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