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Just Me & My Puzzle: Part One – Averine Pennington

Just Me & My Puzzle: Part One

March 10, 2022 12:13 AM
Averine Pennington



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I have spent the last couple of days trying to chew on something shared by Mary Rose in her post entitled It’s About the Blueprint.” That post dealt with several points that I myself had been trying to piece together for a long time. I started taking a closer look. Is it possible that my puzzle doesn’t look quite right because of misplaced pieces that cause the whole thing to be skewed? In a jigsaw puzzle, many pieces are shaped the same and can even be a ‘look-a-like.’ Does that make it a TRUE fit? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I had to admit I was wrong! Human perception and logic often leads to error. Our ways are not God’s ways. Armed with the new information from Abba Father shared with Mary Rose, I started re-examining some of my loose pieces. Perhaps now I could make the connections that I had never seen before.

In going back through my dream journal to gather up these loose pieces, I came across an unpublished dream from December 14, 2020. The Holy Spirit pricked my heart to share it now. Perhaps this dream was a precursor . . . a glimpse into a future task God would put in my path. I believe that future is NOW! Remember our God is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is not limited by time and space. He sees all in THE NOW . . . a concept that He has diligently endeavored to teach me.

The dream is as follows:

I was working in a small office in some sort of medical/laboratory facility. My boss was a female doctor or researcher. Whatever her particular expertise or ‘medical discipline’ was, her knowledge was highly coveted. The world was awaiting some sort breakthrough, and it was of utmost urgency. Her research was critical. She was very weary from working long hours. I was evidently her research assistant. The office I was working in was very small and filled with folding tables against every wall. There was barely room to work. It was an interior room with no window to give natural light and contained no furnishings except the tables and the one office chair I sat in. The tops of the tables were littered with jigsaw puzzles that had been dumped from their boxes. I was working methodically on several puzzles at one time, rolling the chair back and forth between them, almost as if the pieces of different puzzles had been mixed up together. My task was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most would give up in hopelessness. However, knowing the world was depending on what I might find, I was tenacious and continued to persevere. My boss, dressed in a lab coat, came into the room with a couple of men in dark suits. I think the doctor was romantically involved with one of the men. These men seemed overly interested in checking my progress. The doctor informed the man who was the ‘boyfriend’ that she needed some rest and was going to find a place to ‘crash’ for a little while. She left the room and the two men continued watching what I was doing, barely acknowledging her departure. I had the distinct feeling of unease being alone with these two men. Holy Spirit imparted that they were spies of the ‘evil one’ who had infiltrated the facility by gaining access through the relationship formed with my boss. Their intent was for sinister purposes . . . possibly to keep any solution that might be discovered from reaching the world OR using it for their master’s evil and nefarious purposes. I knew what I was working on had something to do with CV and the V.

End of dream.

[Note: I had this dream on Monday, December 14, 2020, the day following the roll out of the V. On August 12, 2020, I posted the 7-part dire warning from the Lord, “13th- It’s Too Late!” Then on December 12, 2020, I posted “The Longest Day Decoded” which clearly solidified in my mind that December 13, 2020 was indeed the date that the Lord had warned about! The implementation of the V was ‘The Beginning of the End.’ More on this later.]
So, here I sit NOW with a few loose puzzle pieces. I believe it is time for me to get to work . . . sorting and searching for what the Lord wants me to find. If the dream above is indeed prophetic, I believe there is a hidden TRUTH which is NOW meant to be revealed for these end-times. Perhaps this truth will benefit the children of God in their hour of greatest need. Whatever God wants me to discover, the enemy does not want this knowledge to see the light of day. I have no idea where the rabbit trails I follow will go, but I am trusting the Holy Spirit to lead me. Please be patient with me as we get started on this journey of discovery. The puzzle pieces I am going to work on presently are in no particular order and I’m sure I will come across more as I we go along.

Puzzle Piece #1: I had a dream about being a ‘shining one.’ I spent days looking up scriptures having anything to do with that topic. I have shared that dream on this site, as well as some of my research regarding ‘shine’, ‘light’, ‘stars’, etc. (see the Stars section of the trilogy posted 7-27-20, “Rainbows, Hearts, & Stars” and the post on 1-04-21, “Arise & Shine”)

Puzzle Piece #2: I have heard the words in my spirit . . . ‘World War Z’ and have also had prophetic dreams of zombies on more than one occasion.

Puzzle Piece #3: I have researched scriptures on ‘crown’ and the possibility of the CV (corona) relating to the white horse in Rev. 6:2. He that sat on the horse went forth to conquer with a ‘bow & a crown’. If you look up ‘toxon (toxic)’ in the dictionary, one of the meanings is ‘bow.’ The ingredients in the V are toxic/poisonous. One of the ingredients is a substance that has been named Luciferase. This ingredient in the V is luminous! Have you ever wondered why it has such a name? Seems like a dead give-away that it is of the enemy. I believe this boldness stems from satan’s pride. He could not help but boast of his accomplishment in duplicating something similar, a look-a-like, to God’s creation. Something that SHINES! This makes a connection, placing PP#3 next to PP#1. Next, examine the definition of ‘corona.’ It relates to ‘crown.’ It can also reference ‘the upper portion of a bodily part such as a tooth or a skull.’

This clue from Mary Rose’s post is what really clicked with me. I too had a near death experience back in the early 90s. I had a heart condition that put me in the ER on many occasions, but this particular time, after many hours of trying, medical staff could not get me stabilized. I guess my heart just gave out and I felt my spirit begin to leave my body. With what I believe to have possibly been my last breath, I called out to God and by His mercy I was spared. I then underwent surgery to correct my heart condition. I give this testimony as thanks to God for allowing me to remain and raise my young children, but also to say I understand what Abba Father revealed to Mary Rose. This clue now connects PP#3 to PP#2 and to PP#1 (explained in previous paragraph).

Puzzle Piece #4: The Holy Spirit revealed in a previous message that the roll-out of the V was the ‘beginning of the end’ (see post, ‘The Longest Day Decoded’). This message gives evidence regarding the fact that DECEMBER 13, 2020 was a time marker on God’s calendar. It was the beginning of an era which the Holy Spirit told me would be ‘The Longest Day.’ I believe this day marked the beginning of the judgements of God referred to by some as ‘The Tribulation.’ Please know that God’s judgements are sent out of His mercy to lead those who are in sin to repentance, to help mankind recognize their need of a Savior. The judgments are NOT the same as the WRATH OF GOD (referred to as ‘The Great Tribulation.’ December 13, 2020 is the day the white horse and its rider left the stable. I believe this is the opening of the first seal. Nothing can now stop the LONGEST DAY from drawing to its prophesied conclusion. It has begun. All that has been written has been set in motion. There will be no more delays. All that has been prophesied, every jot and tittle of God’s holy Word, will now be fulfilled. This makes PP#4 connect to PP#3 which we have already established, connects to PP#1 and PP#2.

Puzzle Piece #5: I have previously posted messages relating to the V and its connection to the MOTB. Two of those posts that readily come to mind are “Repentance Required,” posted 1-14-21, & “Second Chances,” posted 8-03-21. Immediately after reading Mary Rose’s post, a scripture was placed in my spirit. “Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast that no man take thy crown.” I believe the Holy Spirit was confirming the word given to Mary Rose. Those who have taken the V, if they refuse to repent and ask for God’s mercy, will find their souls trapped in an earthly decaying body (zombies). They have allowed their crown to be taken by the schemes of the evil one. They have allowed their DNA, God’s blueprint, to be altered. They are now marked by a new master and no longer belong to God. They will wish for death, but it will not come. (Rev. 9:6). Their temple has been defiled. They have committed an abomination to their bodies, leaving them desolate. Can you see how PP#5 connects to all the others? There is no mistaking the picture that is starting to become visible to anyone with eyes to see. When we start connecting the facts that we have been given, according to scripture, all these loose puzzle pieces fit together.

Now that I have added these loose pieces together, I have started to place them into the bigger picture. Oh my! The more I consider what I am now seeing, the more questions I have that require an answer. Time to dig deeper. I realize now the immense task I was warned about in the dream. In southern vernacular, we call that ‘opening up a can of worms’ that you can’t put the lid back on. I decided to go back to Genesis, the very beginning, to see if there was any clue I may have missed regarding the creation of man and how God’s blueprint is in our very DNA. Let me say that what I have written so far regarding the 5 Puzzle Pieces and how they fit together, I regard as being ‘TRUTH REVEALED.’
Proceeding from this point forward, I’m just being my curious self and chasing down rabbit trails again, trying to examine more pieces I want to place in my puzzle. You are welcome to come along, but I warn you that some of my ideas may seem a bit far-fetched as I am apt to think ‘outside the box’ at times. This is just food for thought. I know we are all trying to see more of the big picture, and you may see things completely different. That’s as it should be. Don’t trust in man, trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth. We are to be good Bereans and study the scriptures to show ourselves approved, a workman that needs not to be ashamed. If you have stayed with me this far, you are also probably seeking to learn deeper truths from God’s Word. Sometimes they are not blatantly obvious. We have to search for them. I think it pleases the Lord when we attempt to dig deeper and find those hidden gems that may have eluded us in the past. I am going to give you all a break for now. But please join me again in a few days for Part Two as I hopefully uncover more pieces to the puzzle and connect them to the 5 pieces we have covered so far in this Part One.

Your for the Harvest,

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