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13th it’s too late – Averine Pennington

13th it’s too late

August 13, 2020 10:11 AM
Averine Pennington

444 Note: This was sent in 7 parts.  Hopefully I’ll have time to convert to html soon until then please see PDFs below

Part 1: Dream (1-24-20) & Flash Vision (7-29-20)

Download PDF here 

Part 2:  “The Planting of the Lord – On Mission” 8-01-20

Download PDF here

Part 3: “Charge of the Light Brigade”

Download PDF here 

Part 4: Army to the Slaughterhouse! – Storming the Gates of Hell” (8-05-20)

Download PDF here 


Download PDF here 

Part 6: “Tread Upon the Serpent Seed – THE LONGEST DAY” (8-10-20)

Download PDF here 

Part 7: “Tempest Tossed” (8-12-20)

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  1. bert

    Oh, Averine. What can I even write to communicate to you how these Words strike cord after cord in my soul. We are but a few months apart in age, so our life experiences share much commonality. The being drawn away, “You, with Me!” The time of sequestering, of training. The passion. The pain. Even down to the exact same music references. I’m always gobsmacked when the LORD has disparate parts of the chosen doing the very same things. Thank you for the effort to publish this on the designated day (even if we don’t know the year). I will study, meditate, and seek the LORD with anticipation.

    I, too, think I’ve seen my dearly beloved brother and sister for the last time. There are no words for the sorrow… Heaving sobs..

    The Aaronic blessing seems appropriate here: The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace.’ (Numbers 6:24-26, NASB)

    Thank you, Averine.

  2. McKana

    Finally, You did it Dear Sister AVERINE PENNINGTON.
    As much you were very concerned, you delivered just on time-The 12.
    It is quit a lot of work you have done and your reward is in the hands of the Lord.
    Now, message delivered, we pray and leave the rest for the Lord.
    True, the Lord doesn’t leave His children in the dark, we are the children of light.
    The most important thing here is obedience and you did obeyed.
    No need to write much here.
    Now, assignment for us, to read. reread and understand what is given and walk in faith.
    It is time for you to breath deep and take a good rest as long us the Lord allows.
    The demons have already stated flying way.
    Thank you very, very much!
    God bless you.

  3. Carla

    Wow! I just finished reading all of this and I could not put it down . It was so exciting and I’m also excited for you ! It stirred up my spirit and i pray so much that I’m a part of the Lords army ! I envisioned the whole thing ❤️ 👩🏻‍✈️ Like yesss that’s me !! Lol ! I had a dream on 8.3.20 that I had a passed a test to get into the military.. my score was 4.9/10 😑😑 I wasn’t sure how I passed to get in with that score but I was happy. My husband also passed to get in. Working on myself daily !! I want to be a 10 for Jesus !! Thank you so much for sharing !! Have a blessed day

  4. R.D.S.

    Dear sister Averine… Praise the LORD for your life and obedience!

    Four days ago (August 8th), I had a dream. In this dream I saw that show “American Idol”… And soon after that, I saw real talented artists, people who are not “men made” artists, singers, etc…

    Still in the dream, the Lord Jesus told me: Just like the people who are going to try to show their talent on “American Idol”, but did not struggle, did not live the day-to-day training, of the hardships that it is to be an “artist”, they gain fame from the hands of “men” and their fame is short lived, it is a passing thing. It lasts a few months or years and then nobody even remembers them.

    So it will be with people who pretend to be MINE. They pretend to be “PLANTED”, but “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots”. (Matthew 15:13)
    And I woke up.

    I prayed about it and the Lord told me that He would speak soon to me about “BE PLANTED”, and told me to prepare. I asked: How should I prepare?

    He told me: Fast on August 12th…. I told Him: Could I fast before that?

    He said: No… Fast ON AUGUST 12th, not a day before, not a day after. But fast ON THAT DAY. So I did…

    When I finished my fast period, I felt that He would tell me something (but did not know that was about PLANTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) PRAISE THE LORD!!!! When I saw yur full 7 posts, I cried so much rejoicing and being thankful to the Lord!!! He just used your life to confirm some things that He is telling me about my end-time calling!!! THANK YOU SISTER!!

    Thank you JESUS / YESHUA!!

  5. Gary King

    Shalom. Last August I was given “The charge of the light brigade” and of course did a bit of research. The battle hymn of the republic also has been on my thoughts. The very small gathering in our home was given a major victory last sabbath. He prepared me for it by leading me to Judges 5. The song of Deborah. I stepped down and let the women have the victory. A major stronghold was destroyed by YHWH. I have also been thinking of sending sealed letters to my family and friends.
    He is preparing us. Training us for battle. I could go on and on but this is your post. The victory is YHWH’s and His Son’s. Halleluya. P.S. He has had me looking into the “war scroll’
    The universe shall acclaim Him.

  6. Cindy Green

    How can I find the video you talk about from Allan Hughes?
    Thank you Averine for your faithfullness!

  7. KarenO

    Averine, I have two things to share with you, which I think go hand in hand with what you’ve shared here. Due to things I’ve experienced in the past few weeks, I also am feeling that THIS was the day for you to share this!

    A few days ago, my dear husband was having trouble, and it was obvious. I said, “you will tell me if you are called, won’t you?”
    “I don’t know if He will call me,” he said.
    “You will know,” I said. “The Bible says He knows your name. I believe it, because in all my years of caregiving, the people let me know when they were leaving. They’d been called.”

    The next morning, I began looking for that verse. I found several, but this one made me stop and look carefully at what it was saying, saved it as a wallpaper on my phone, & shared it with him and a neighbor already:
    Isaiah 45:3 (ESV)

    I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.

    It’s true. Sometimes it takes darkness to reveal those things to us, whether we put them away for a rainy day, or simply lost them somewhere, and He leads us there. He loves us so much.

    Tonight, I noticed an image of a “darkened” sun on the local news, but was too busy to catch the headlines, apparently they’ve discovered a sun like ours.

    It is clear there is a battle of good and evil going on in this world of ours. I will join you in vigil, dear sister, and if this is our last chance to speak to one another via this platform, we will be together rejoicing, soon and very soon!

    Hugs, Averine. Thank you for being His good and faithful servant.

  8. Eyes Open

    Oh my dear sister, what a laborious work of love for Our Saviour you have wrought! Thank you for blessing us with this. And for obeying God. Like another brother I too felt led to fast today so I did. And I have been feeling a song in my heart called “Stomp the Devil!” None of you will know it because it is an original song God gave me years ago but I have never sang it publically. The words are amazing and describe an army of the Lord fighting the enemy in the last days to win the lost and bring In the final harvest of souls to His kingdom. Just Monday I presented to my pastor and asked if I could “draft” the help of young people in my church to create a small Gideon sized army to help me March and sing it. I even told him it was an army chant fighting song. I have been told by God that I was a Torch and Flame so I though I could name this army and give it a slogan of “Torches and Flames in the Night….we are Gods Army of Light!” After reading your posts I feel confirmation. Part of the Bridge of the song even talks about “Treading down trouble, Stomping on serpents, We’ve got the Victory!!!” Praise God! Blessings sister.

  9. Marc

    What time are we in, ????.
    Battle time.
    Harvest time.
    Helping others time.
    Amen Christ Jesus

  10. AJ

    Thank you Averine for these messages from God. They indeed are a confirmation. A lot you have said resonates with me and I am humbled and so blessed. This year has been an awakening and a revelation of who I truly I’m in Jesus.
    I’m also thankful for discovering the 444news site, the work they are doing is awesome.

  11. Anna

    I could write a book about how much this resonated with me. Reading this brought me answers and tears. God has been speaking to me of these very things. I must now confess that I have been a poor sheep that had to be driven along with His stick when I should have been leading the way. When you spoke of the light brigade and how the heavy brigade had already won the day and all that is required of the light soldiers was to pick off those retreating (maybe you didn’t put it that way, I don’t remember exactly the words.) I saw in my vision (long other story) that suddenly I was able to decapitate the dragon that was opposing me, that had blocked my way for years—that he was completely defenseless against me—he was nothing in the end. Perhaps he was nothing but my fear, but perhaps he was more, I don’t know. And it was the easiest thing to do. I replayed it over and over in my mind just out of sheer amazement. To storm the gates of hell, rising to the glory beyond, leading captives in His train. I am amazed at the goodness and power of God. You said your vision was like a puzzle, I suppose mine is too, I needed your words to give me the understanding to put it all together.
    Thank you!

  12. SarahR

    Averine, I will have to take this to serious prayer. You, among other things, affirmed to me as to why I keep seeing 11 or 11:11. Even when I looked up as I was reading this, the time was 11:11. I will have to go back, God willing, to read the rest of your scripture references. I often ask the Lord to sit with me and help me understand, so I tend to take my time to read them and any context and sometimes, others that come to mind. And busy days mean on-and-off.

    I also want to mention that the sleeping part and the “can you just spend one hour?” That was literally on my mind and heart the past couple days. There is nothing I love more than to spend time with God. He is the delight of my heart. I have been facing some trouble with spiritual warfare – mostly anxiety – and I ask Him what to do, and He just tells me to stop fretting and ***rest***. To trust Him with the thing I get anxious about. For me, ceasing to strive and worry is a part of the battle.

    I always remember what Caleb said when the children of Israel were frightened of the Giants. The Lord also said that because they were too frightened, didn’t believe in God, and disobeyed Him, they would not enter His rest.

    I also want to mention that Jeff Byerly had another word you may not have seen, which is the outcome of a study he did on Habakkuk 3. It started off with 3:3. Those numbers I also see frequently. Hab 3:3 also cross references to Deuteronomy 33. It got my attention, especially as I had the phrase “the praise of His glory” from Ephesians 1 highlighted in my reading prior to seeing that word about Hab. 3.

  13. Sarah, I have also been struggling with anxiety and worry, and that makes me very tired these days. I am finding it difficult to enter that rest and let things go. The business of life and our work has really dragged me down, and is hard to process stuff lately.


    I feel Averine’s message confirms and compliments Pastor Dana Covington’s call to a solemn assembly for the whole month of August and Kevin Zadai’s call to spiritual warfare against the country’s enemies and not to hand over our freedoms to the enemy.
    Zadai was recently interviewed by Sid Roth following his five hour visitation with the Lord. He said that we are already in a war with China but we can stop the enemies plans if we unite with the “huge” number of Chinese Christians in prayer and spiritual warfare.
    He said we need to pray for Attorney General William Barr who has a large stack of indictments for the corrupt enemies of America in the FBI and other departments of the federal government who have been undermining the Trump administration and plotting a virtual coup of our government.
    We must do spiritual warfare, command Satan to take his hands of our FBI, CIA, State Department and military and pray for all the leaders in the three branches of our federal government that they would obey the constitution and the laws of our land. We must pray for our MSM that they would be honest and impartial. A democracy can not function without an honest news media.
    He said a huge move of God is ready to begin and what is happening now is not the end but is a test. MUST TELL SATAN, YOUR PLANS ARE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON MY WATCH, BACK OFF AND OBEY IN JESUS NAME!!

  15. Wesley Santos

    Hi sister Averine,Peace and Grace be with you.
    Your essays are really astonishing. So, I don´t know how to explain it properly, but since couple of week ago, I started feeling my entirely chest burning. I have never felt something so before.
    Mostly, I realized it after waking up from a deeply sleep, but sometimes in some period of the day. Every time It happened I talked to my wife: my chest is burning, it´s burning. It´s appeared as if something was melting on it.
    Anyway, there was no fear, just it was so strange and breathtaking literally. No asia, or anything else, just my chest burning.
    I confess I don’t feel comfortable to say it especially because I don’t want to sound like crazy, or supremacist, or like a person saying nonsense. Why anyone else is talking about some similiar experience? My chest is burning right now, but not like a few days ago.

    Please, understand the point here. I don’t have the answers about all it. I’m just saying what is happening to me. I always liked to be an anonymous in life. I have no reason to want attention from anyone beside God. The reason I’m writting it is for testifying an astonishing declarations which came from Averine.

    God bless.

    Sorry for any misprint. English is not my first language.

  16. Anonymous

    Ok, I was trying to reply to this last night, but an odd coincidence stopped me!***

    I was reading this leading up to around midnight on the 12th here, and it must have been just about around exactly midnight, as the 12th become the 13th, a massive storm blew up out of nowhere, howling, with in 30 min my power was out and has been for nearly 24 hours. the cut was so extreme I actually wondered if finally God had committed to something and actually knocked out the worlds power and gotten things started!

    But no, seems it was just local from the storm, and nothing has happened again, although you did say it wasn’t that kind of prophecy, but still!

    What was weird is I was outside shortly before midnight, and it had been a perfectly still clear night, as I spent some time marveling at the stars. No idea where that storm came from, was not predicted either.

    What I wanted to say though, is your thing with the 12th caught my attention.

    Leading up to the end of last year (2019), I had a series of dreams, 3 of which were odd for me, as I have never had ones like that before, in which I heard a voice/saw a message.

    The first was a view of I think 3 large garage doors, orange with a message on. I cannot remember the top and bottom ones, but the middle say “End Of Days”, which is pretty clear!

    The second dream I saw a large double-lane highway (express way) with multiple lanes on each side with traffic. A large rock fell onto the road (I felt it was more like a rock that fell off the top of a mountain than an asteroid) and then as I woke I heard the words “In China” (again, clear now what it refereed to).

    Then early Dec as I woke one morning, I heard the numbers “8 1 2” repeated 3 times. It was clearly “eight one two” not “eight twelve”, I have not yet figured out what that meant, I wondered about a date, but it did not seem like one (as it was one not twelve, it was an odd way to express a date).

    But now I wonder from your post, especially when you mentioned asking for 3 confirmations, and I heard the number 3 times.

    Of course, I don’t see why, as this was for you, not sure it really has meaning for me, maybe it was to bring my attention to this, but I don’t see it. Maybe this date is significant, not because something will happen immediately, but because things will now (hopefully) accelerate.

    Its odd because just the night before (the 11th) something odd happened here, and both Sat and earlier that eve of the 12th we had seen weird lights in the sky, “normal”, in the sense of it looked like a satellite, but its location and direction of movement was not right (nor the number) (and no it was not Starlink, I am in southern hemisphere), wow and I saw the shooting star on the eve of the 12th too. So much happening.

    Don’t know, interesting none the less.

    ** Note I am not saying its Satan trying to stop me or anything like that, obs if Satan wanted to stop somebody doing something he would simply manifest and explode your heart or your house or something, not silly stuff that just delays, just saying it was interestingly coincidental!

  17. Averine Pennington

    Oh Wow! So many comments! Thank you all for your encouraging words and for sharing your personal thoughts and confirmations; Some brought me to tears, especially those who were called to fast on the 12th. You may not have known, but I’m sure it was for me and this message that God wanted to go out. A big sigh of relief when I saw it had finally posted.

    Cindy, you asked about the video by Allen Hughes. There are a lot of Allen Hughes on YouTube and he’s way at the bottom, I did try typing his name in the search box followed by ‘144,000 and Rapture’ and he came right up to the top. I think the pic is of him in his back yard wearing a black T-shirt, fence in background. Seems like he wore glasses and his hands were in the air. (not sure). His video was hard for me to find a 2nd time also. That’s even more reason it had to be a divine encounter. I had never heard of him before and the video just appeared out of nowhere!

    I am going to miss all of you here at 444prophecynews. As long as God allows I will still be reading any posts and if led will make comments, but this post was my last. Thanks again for always supporting my writing ministry. I pray these messages will somehow help to prepare God’s Army for His purposes. I know I will see many of you on the battlefield. Victory in Jesus! To God be the glory!


  18. Judy Reynolds

    THANK YOU Sister, My last few weeks have confirmed the hour in which we live and war, so much, and this was truly needed to confirm a few things for me.
    When I was a little girl, I sang “IM in the LORDS army”.
    I may never march in the infantry, ride in the calvary, shoot the artillery, I may never zoom ore the enemy but Im in the LORDS army! amen and amen.
    May we be faithful til the end as He gives us strength. and remember to HOLD FAST.
    Gods rich blessings to you sister,
    Judy Reynolds

  19. Nan

    Charge of the Light Brigade w Epic Music

  20. Daniel Noah

    Averine : Check out Teri Watchwoman on You Tube. The Lord told her that there are two groups of 144,000…a rapture ‘segment’ from the hundreds of millions raptured.

    This is the genesis of : Isaiah 60:1-2 “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee.” Some of those reading this, are that segment.

    Matthew 27:52-53 “And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which had died arose.” “And came out of of the graves after His resurrection, and went into the holy city and appeared unto many.”

    Jesus told one of the thieves on the cross…”And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise.” Jesus went to Paradise, after His last breath.

    Jesus spent 3 days and nights… ” And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto to them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself.” Yes, that is from the Emmaus road dialogue, but also applies to what Jesus did in Paradise. But Jesus also gave a tutorial unto all those who would be resurrected and appear to many in the holy city.

    Jesus will give a tutorial again. The 144,000 segment of those hundreds of millions raptured, will likewise, receive a tutorial in heaven, before we appear before the world. Our preaching, healing all manor of diseases in Jesus’ name. Calling down food and water, if there is none…to replicating Jesus’ feeding of 5,000…
    We will pray for limbs/teeth to grow, raise the dead in Jesus’ name…we shall do all this for 40 days in glorified, eternal bodies which will be impervious to machinations/physics of the earth’s science. The physics of heaven trump earth’s science.
    And yes, we will be 25-30 yrs. old again. Which will add to the enemies confusion… as our finger prints(DNA of some already on file) will match, though with new sparkling teeth, those dental records will not match. MSM will say we are evil alien clones…
    After our 40 day warning about the mark of the beast and the demonic DNA vaccine, the Antichrist institutes it’s necessity. We go back up, and then 12,000 from 12 tribes picks right up where we left off. In a book ‘Heaven is For Real’ A main character, though only gone for 3 minutes-earth time, spent weeks in heaven going to school.

    As the 3 Days of Darkness descends, we ascend…for that darkness can not descend, until the dispensation of grace ends at the rapture…the restrainer(2 Thess.2: 1-9) vacates to allow the dispensation of law to be reinstated by God The Father who inserts Daniel’s 70th week. Though, the 5 wise virgins and new converts will still have the Holy Spirit inside them during the Tribulation. If the dispensation of grace were still in effect, the two witness (who absolutely do not turn the other cheek)could not operate those 1st 3.5 yrs. of the Tribulation.

    Daniel IHS

  21. peter dekker

    So what happened on the 13th?
    peace deal israel – UE

  22. Pr. Aaron

    Beloved sister.

    Cell Sleeper is a reality, although many who are part of it do not know.
    I know that I am a member of Cell Sleeper. I already had information about this before your message.
    My story explains this.
    My mother tried my abortion until the 5th month of pregnancy, but the Lord supported me in her womb. I was dragged by a flood in a stream at the age of 5, I almost died, but I was saved. At the age of ten, seeing a young woman drowning in a lake, I dived to save her, but while I kept her head out of the water, she grabbed me and kept me below the waterline and I just didn’t die because the Lord didn’t allowed.
    I had a car accident and my vehicle, when flipping over, severed the head of a snake that was on the side of the road. I left unscathed, with only minor abrasions.
    I don’t know how many times the Lord has saved me from other dangers, but other situations have certainly happened.
    I suffered bullying for many years with a deformed speech, and the Lord healed me as a teenager. If I were not healed of the difficulty of pronouncing certain words, I could never preach the Word of God or reach better positions at work.
    In 1993, at a conference, a pastor pointed at me and said:
    “Behold, I chose you to be a prophet, to be a column in my house”. When he heard it, he trembled like a stick swaying in the wind without understanding why.
    I studied theology and tried several times to be a full-time pastor, but God didn’t allow it. I didn’t understand why. I preached in churches, but I didn’t pastor full time for long.
    Over the years, I realized that my ongoing effort to get to know the Word of the Lord about the end time had a purpose: To be a member of Cell Sleeper.
    I know that spiritual warfare is necessary for everyone who is part of this Cell because I have always been led to war against the hosts of evil, being filled with the power of God and raising my voice against darkness.
    Over the years, the Lord has taught me and revealed many things about the Endtime and today I know that the process is close to starting.
    I learned that God allows, or conducts, everything as a natural process, with a beginning, middle and end. And so it will be in the fulfillment of that final time. The Order of things is already in His Word.
    I have been studying, searching, and humbly placing myself at the Lord’s disposal for some years.
    On his Epistle, I have only one remark to make. Intelligent and sensitive people often allow their “poetic vein” to be confused with the “prophetic vein” and sometimes we allow ourselves to be guided by what we feel and not by what the Lord wants to say, thinking that it is “The Lord who is speaking” .
    For example: I woke up listening to “Someone is prayind for you” and I think that God is “sending” me to pray for someone. Evidently knowing the problems of the people around me, I imagine it is for this or that person, but in fact, I have a Pen drive with 3,000 hymns playing day and night in my home for over 7 years.
    I know you will understand.
    However, the message about CELL SLEEPER is really true.
    May the love of Christ always keep your heart in Him.

    Pr. Aaron.

  23. Barbara

    Here’s the link to the Allen Hughes video:

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