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It’s about the Blueprint – Mary Rose


It’s about the Blueprint

March 7, 2022 2:33 PM
Mary Rose

Dear Sir,

Abba Father God has asked me to share this po.

On December 31, 2021, two hours before midnight, I was praying to Abba Father God, thanking Him for never forsaking us and always being present in our lives for the past year. Though we lost two family members on my husband’s side, a cousin of mine, and a dear friend, due to CV, we put our whole trust and faith in Him, knowing what is best for all.

While I was asking and begging Abba for forgiveness and mercy for my family, relatives, and friends who have taken the poisoned arrow (note: the only ones who have not taken it are me and my husband, one younger brother, and one brother-in-law on my husband’s side) telling Him that I know they only took it for fear of losing their lives and their loved ones, Abba interrupted me and asked: ” Eh bakit ikaw hindi takot?” Translation: “What about you? You are not afraid.” I answered Him: “because I have an advantage over them po. I know how it is to die”.

[note: po is a Filipino word of respect addressing an elder, a person of authority, or a stranger]

When I was 23 years old, I had a near death experience. The last thing I remembered before I died, I was in the vehicle bringing me to the hospital. At the precise moment when I was about to die, fear gripped me. I asked Abba: “Is this it po? Am I dying po?” In that instant, I surrendered everything to Abba, put my whole trust and faith in Him, and said: “if it is Your will, then Kayo na po ang bahala sa akin.” Translation: if it is Your will, then I lift up everything to You. After I said those words, deep peace and calm washed over me. And my soul exited my body through the crown.

The following day, January 1, 2022, we had our family gathering as is our custom. After lunch, I took my older niece aside, whom I knew was more open to hearing things that come from Abba. [ I know many like me experience ridicule and mockery from our very own families and friends when we speak of Abba’s messages, and they don’t want to hear them] I told her about Abba’s message on the v. She answered me, saying, why would He be displeased with us when we did what we know what was best. I wasn’t expecting that from her and it saddened me. I told her we do not have to fear death when we put our whole trust and faith in Abba. Then my aunt interrupted us and we never got the chance again to talk privately.

Come January 6, my sister-in-law (my late older brother’s wife and niece’s mother) tested positive for CV. Early morning (around 1 am) of January 8, she needed to be rushed to the hospital. It was another peak period of CV cases in our country and hospital availability was hard to come by. By the grace and mercy of Abba, she was finally admitted to the ER and later transferred to the ICU, evening of the same day. It was a very stressful and trying ordeal while all that was happening.

During my quiet time with Abba the following week, I was praying for my sister-in-law, asking Abba for mercy that she may wake up and recover and be healed. Then I heard a voice say: “Abba is in control”. And I answered: “Yes po, I believe.” [ my sister-in-law has recovered and is doing well now]

After some time, I was recalling my conversation with my niece on new year’s day and took it up to Abba.

This is what He said:

“Those who have taken the V have been marked, and they are no longer Mine. My Remnants are holding the fort.

Remember how you exit the body when you die? These Vs, specially the ones that change you, have blocked your crown. When they die, their souls will not be able to exit their bodies. And so these ones are those who are dead, but are not [I felt in my spirit He was referring to zombies]. Their bodies will start to decay, while their souls are still trapped inside. They will wish for death, but death will not come. (Revelation 9:6, Job 3:21) They have committed an abomination to their bodies, leaving them desolate.” (Matthew 24: 15-22)

It was such a heavy and saddening revelation that I received from Abba. So please, please, let’s continue to pray and ask for mercy for those who have taken the V. This scenario was one of those things Abba asked me to prepare for. To be mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually ready when we witness our loved ones turn into these creatures.

In relation to this revelation, King Yeshua told me in 2011: “it’s about the blueprint”. There were things He told me in 2011 that are now becoming clearer to me. And one of them is this phrase. I wondered at that time what a human blueprint is, and I learned after researching that it pertains to our DNA, which carries the name of Abba [ Genesis 2:7] Thus, when Abba said they are no longer His, it’s because they have now been altered by the V.

Like many who share messages or revelations they receive, please take these things up to Abba Father God.

Thank you po and kind regards,

Mary Rose

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