JUDGMENT – D. Islander101

JUDGMENT – D. Islander101

In the middle of the week, during mid May, of 2018, as I slept, just prior to my alarm going off to awaken me for my early morning, 3:00 AM prayer time. I heard a loud clear voice, which I felt in my heart was the voice of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, say “JUDGEMENT”! This woke me up startled, just prior to my alarm going off. Then I prayed. As I prayed that morning morning, and for weeks afterwards, my prayers centered on discernment and understanding of what JUDGEMENT this might be referring to. My heart was heavy, filled with thoughts of judgement for this country, The United States of America. I cried pleading to God, to spare this nation and give us more time. After my early morning prayers, I fall back to sleep, to get more rest before, my children awaken me, and we start our days.

Then I began searching the web for similar stories, of others who may have experienced hearing the same type of voice, I heard that morning. Several were found, nearly identical to mine. I took this as an additional confirmation, what I experienced was real, and not just my imagination.

As the weeks went on near the end of June 2018, I woke to my prayer alarm, and the song by Kansas; Dust In The Wind, was playing. During my prayers, the thought of us just being dust in the wind kept coming to mind. The urgency to tell someone, other than my husband, and sound the alarm, was growing naggingly stronger.

While reading Ezekiel chapter 33 (KJV), and The Book of Esther (KJV) relating to sounding an alarm. Still I continued to put off sharing my experience with anyone. Finally, on August 11th, 2018, I tell the Pastor of my church that “JUDGEMENT IS COMING”, and relate in whole my experience to him. That very night in the city where I live, Las Vegas, Nevada, a extremely heavy dust storm tore through the valley, knocking out power, and toppling large trees, with the dust so thick it severely limited visibility. This was yet another confirmation and warning to me from God, that something even bigger is imminent!

This also taught me a lesson; Never compromise The Word of God. God, plays no games. When God says Go you Go now, no matter what the consequences! Repent! The “JUDGMENT” is coming.

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