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John Shorey Newsletter 1-28-2020

China Deadly Virus coming to America

John Shorey

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  1. Trump is a deceiver. This is The Word, spoken by The Father. I received this word two years ago and have since shared it with anyone who will listen – most reject The Truth and have believed a lie.
    A few weeks ago, The Lord showed me in a dream (I have received the blessing of prophetic dreams from The Holy Spirit), that the world will be fooled by Trump and will accept the covering that he offers them – a worldly covering to take away poverty and discomfort and leave sin untouched – because Trump will make each person feel safe, comfortable, and content. Each will look to Trump and see a man who is relaxed and sociable, having secured his second term in the white house – and now preparing to establish his world empire.
    THE DREAM: I was seated on a large, comfortable chair at the white house – a meeting room of some kind and gathered around were lots of other people, all relaxed and content, and drinking wine from tall expensive looking glasses. Trump was seated close to the fire and was relaxing and making everyone feel at home.
    I was NAKED. I looked and saw my nakedness and felt ashamed – everyone else was dressed in white, even Trump.
    I stood up to leave and covered myself with my hands, walking behind the seats where most of the people were seated to make my way to the door and leave. Trump looked across and saw that I was naked and ashamed; “Take this,” he said, handing me a cloth. “It’s mine, you can have it.”
    I looked at the cloth Trump was trying to give me to cover my nakedness. It looked blue and was nice and clean at first glance – but then, as I looked closer, I could see that it had BLACK specks/checks all over it – it was not what it first appeared.
    “I don’t want it”, I said. “That’s not mine”.
    I left, naked.
    The Lord is my covering for sin and shame. Only The Lord.
    Trump is offering a covering that is of this world – many have chosen to take it.
    Choose wisely.
    Your eternal salvation is at stake.

  2. Catherine

    Ride 4 the King, you are right. I had also two dreams about Trump. Isn’t funny? Trump wants to divide Israel and I didn’t see until now any reaction of the christians!

  3. Linda Courtney

    The world, not just the USA, is engulfed in DECEPTION just as the Bible said would happen in the last days. “Because they received NOT the LOVE of the TRUTH, God will send a STRONG delusion that they would believe a LIE!!!! So who is telling us THE truth. Even many of our religious leaders are lairs, not to mention our POLY- TIC-IANS. The Corina Virus is simply the outworking of SIN that is now engulfing the nations. Revelations 6 will be FUFILLED****

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