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August 31, 2021 9:44 PM

31 July 2021

I have been very concerned about our nation and went to the Lord in prayer asking Him to please do something before it gets any worse. This is what He said.

How many supporters of President Trump do we have in America? There are many. Those who Honor My Word will hear My Voice. I AM will change the course of this nation. I have heard the prayers of My People and I will answer their prayers. I have been waiting for My People to pray earnestly about the corruption that has taken control of your nation. More of My People continue to seek Me and are pleading with Me to stop the wicked and to cast them out of America so that the control they have over our government would be stopped. This has been a tough fight for My People because the enemy has many of his evil ones in high positions of government. The big tech companies are stopping the voices of My People and the voices of many who want justice to prevail. My People want Me to stop those who are controlling what happens in America. It is time to stop the wicked, for they have gone too far. I AM also fed up with all the evil, lies, corruption, and stealing going on and the control they have over the mainstream media. There are many fallen ones (fallen angels) under the control of satan who are in control of your government, your nation, and the world. I will allow them to have time during the Great Tribulation, but that time isn’t quite here yet. Now, I will give back control of your government to President Trump and to good men and women who will work with him for My Glory. As My People pray, I mean earnest heart felt prayer seeking My Will to be done in your nation and to stop the evil that has control over every area of your society, your government and civil authorities; your prayers and pleas for Me to intervene and stop this evil, has come to My Throne, and now I WILL ACT. MY WILL will be done. I will turn your nation around and stop the evil being done in your government and nation and states. I will also stop many, yes very many evil groups of people from every area in your nation. For they are controlled by satan and many are completely possessed by evil spirits. This is why all of this has happened. Good men can’t stop them, only I can stop them and because My People have pressed in to ME for help, I will now help, as only I can. My people must continue praying hard, for the enemy will fight back, for they think they will win, because they believe the lies of the devil. Satan is the great deceiver and is pure evil. He knows his time is short, but won’t tell his evil followers. He only lies to them, for he is the father of lies. Now, come to Me, all of you who love and serve Me. Seek Me with all of your heart, for the time is short, and there is much left to be done. Many souls must first come into My Kingdom. My Chosen ones must pray and study My Word and praise and worship Me with all of their hearts for this to happen. For soon My anointing will come upon them. But they must not do anything on their own, but wait for My Instructions, and then follow My Instructions perfectly. But don’t worry, it will be easy for My People to follow My leading, because they are One with Me and I AM One with them. I will lead them to bring in the Great Harvest. They will only go to the ones that I lead them to. They must only go to the ones I have called. The devil will have many of the evil ones trying to stop you, but you will know who they are. For I will be with you and I will be in you. For many are called but few are chosen. Come to Me and I will share My Heart with you. I love you My Beloved Ones!

Your King, Yahushua

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