Sonya Leathers

September 6, 2018

Good morning everyone…
I had a dream in Audio something I’ve never done before in my 54 years of life ever.. This is Not a joke, but I believe was literally The Mighty Voice of God.. This has been weighing on me all week to speak on this and I’m being moved to do so because I feel in my spirit and deep within me The Holy Spirit Urgency of this ..& Time is running out Jesus Christ is coming very soon and Judgments are coming upon this land and this world 🌎 The beast system is about in place and The Antichrist is very close to revealing himself.. Things taking place in Israel 🇮🇱 are lining up with scripture..
Most people that know me know I don’t play when it comes to my Faith in God and My studies of Biblical Prophecy and End Time World Events according to The Bible (WORD of GOD)
Last Thursday night I fell asleep praying and woke around 3am or there about (Friday morning) from Words in my dream/sleep it was shocking to me to say the least.. normally I’d go back to sleep in a dream, but this made me sit in bed thinking about it so I got paper and a pen and wrote the words down to not forget as I went back to sleep.. I know All of you, well not ALL of you, but I’m sure many will think I’ve lost it, I’m on serious drugs, mentally unstable, unsound, crazy all together.. I Assure You I am Not.. I’m sure many will unfollow, unfriend and mock and scoff me.. Have At It.. I Care Not.. However I Love You All and because I love you I know God has moved me to speak on this Now and let you know Time is running out God wants no one to perish He wants all to come to Jesus for Salvation He’s calling for Repentance Now because Jesus Is At The Door.. The Day of Grace Is Almost Over..
Anyway this is what I heard in my dream..
It was with A Mighty Stern Voice, Very Serious and Firm..


I know this was God I seek His face I am not playing games and neither is God..
He Is Angry and Heartbroken over the madness in this Nation, This World 🌎..
He wants no one to perish, but all to come to Repentance Now because He WILL Destroy All of It just as He did in The Days of Noah and Lot..
Comment all you like, come at me however you feel need be I still love you, but it’s Not me you should be considered about it’s your soul and where you want to spend eternity.. Heaven and Hell ARE REAL People.. God Is Using Me To Win Souls I’m not trying to use scare tactics, but I’d be scared if I knew I’d be separated from The Kingdom of God and live in torment in Hell for eternity.. Gods Word Will come to life if you pick it up and read it ask God for Revelation so that His Word comes alive to give you understanding to His Truth.. God Will come alive within you If you believe on His Son Jesus, That He Died on The Cross for all mankind, Then please ask Him into your heart, get into His Word and Pray so that The Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will know the goodness and love of Our Savior Jesus Christ The King of Kings 👑
No man can enter into The Kingdom of God unless they call on Jesus and become born again in Christ Jesus with Faith, all Faith in knowing this.. Repent and come to Jesus as if your life depends on it because it does.. I tell you this because I love you God Loves You..
I hope you all have a blessed day and it is my sincere hope that you take me seriously on this..
God Bless You and Yours Always..


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