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I am to warn about the darkness – Sarah L


I am to warn about the darkness

March 16, 2021 9:36 AM
Sarah L

Good morning Brother,

I have been led to share the dream and word I was given from the Lord on Sunday night 3/7/21

I’ve attached the picture of what I was shown.

I was watching two men loading something into a large metal rivited sphere 7 or 8 feet high

At first I thought it was a submarine like the turtle used in the revolutionary war because in the dream it looked very old. The rivets were prominent. Not modern at all.

Then I heard a voice say “They are filling it up but don’t understand what they do”

I was not shown what they are feeding into to this thing or where but it is for a big result.

Monday morning I looked for pictures of what this thing was they were loading into. I found exactly what I saw in the dream but was shocked that it wasn’t a submarine at all. It was a nuclear bomb from the 1945 “Trinity” project.

I remembered what the Lord had me share about the nuke, explosions and darkness.

I am to warn about the darkness.

I asked the Father again what He meant by this dream. I heard in spirit 1284.

Strongs G1284 diarreso- To tear asunder, to break, rend

I prayed again and heard this in spirit.

Prepare. They know not what they do. This will cause a cascading of events. Listen closely at all times. Distractions will flood in only to leave you lost amongst the turbulent seas. You cannot withstand what is happening without My Holy Spirit guiding you. You will see many perish. My judgements appear harsh to those who do not have My heart.

Yet they have been warned and chose to make My vital warnings a pastime. An idol. Pure entertainment.They do not seek truth from Me. They fly upon every wind of false doctrine. Lacking discernment they will sink into the quicksand of deceit.

Woe to those who wander away from My truth for your adversary waits only to destroy you. Pray for discernment and I shall give it to you.

Fear not for you have not been given a spirit of fear. My love surrounds you.

2 Tim 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind-


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