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Many Refuse To See – Sarah L


Many Refuse To See

March 9, 2021 8:55 AM

March 8, 2021: https://youtu.be/6ui_SZWKxss

Auto Generated Transcript

shalom brothers and sisters
i am being
led to um
share some things that the lord has
shown me um
i have three little ones so if you hear
them in the background
i apologize in advance
um i do not really want to make youtube
but in obedience i’m here
and let me just begin
by saying a little prayer father god
i ask that i decrease so that
you may increase and
you are worthy of all glory and honor
and praise
and i thank you for your mercy and your
love and your kindness father
in yeshua’s name i pray amen
um i am not sharing this to stir up
a spirit of fear or worry in anyone’s
and i bind the spirit of fear
in the mighty name of jesus and i
command it to flee
and i’ll go ahead and get started i was
in prayer last week before bed
i pray every night right before bed
and i became very sleepy
so i closed my eyes and the lord took me
to a big open field
it wasn’t a city there were no trees
hills or mountains
and just prairie grass in the distance i
saw a huge cloud
rise up from the ground as
it rose it turned into a giant mushroom
as soon as i saw that cloud
i had such a heavy burden on my heart
and i wanted to open my eyes
i honestly wanted it to be over
and i heard in my spirit it is not over
and i asked
lord a nuke
and i heard yes
then i saw lots of small
blast start happening all over the field
um they were silent
they happened in almost like a grid-like
pattern there were order
there was order to them
um i feel
that the smaller class might be a
might be emp blasts
that will knock out some of the power
um and then eventually they will
they will take out all of our electric
after i after i saw the small blast
for a while i heard and my spirit
um two i heard
your faith in chariot shall cease
they will rely on me
to prepare food
and water and food can
that can be eaten without cooking i also
it will be dark prepare to be locked
brothers and sisters i ask that you take
this to the lord in prayer
holy spirit knows exactly what your
family needs
but you must seek the lord and please
don’t rely on
someone to to give you a list
seek the lord and and holy spirit will
guide you to the preparations that your
family needs
um he’s just so merciful to warn us
and so much kindness
to to allow us time to prepare
i was not given a time or a date
um there was no indication of
of when but i do know
that this will occur
also after i
saw this
i was given um
i was given scripture malachi
chapter four i urge you
to read this and
and just take all of it to the lord in
and he will guide you and he will
um i love each and every one of you and
god bless

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