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May 13, 2023
Ranteba Piete

1. Study and apply the Word of God to your thoughts and actions (I Peter
3; II Tim. 2:15).

2. Discipline your mind and life according to God’s directions. You areresponsible for the use of your mind and the actions of your life (II Cor.10:5).

3. Remember no action takes place until the mind plans the action (I Cor.10:13).

4. When you fail get up and start over, remember the Bible says that we are knocked down but not knocked out (Rom. 6:16,12:21; II Cor. 4:8).

5. Use the Word of God against evil thoughts and demonic attack . Jesus did this at His temptation. When demons come back to attack or tempt you, take authority over them in the name of Jesus Christ. Immediately begin to tell them about Jesus’ death and resurrection which were done for you (Matt. 4:4,7 & 10).

6. Don’t fear demons; be consistent and fearless against them. Remember no demon gets into anyone who has not given ample ground for its entry (Phil. 1:28).

7. Clean out the home you live in. There should not be anything in your house that calls demons. Ask the Lord to guide you to things in your home that displease Him. Be sure and check out all your jewelry. Most of our Christian jewelry in actually from pagan origin (Deut. 7:26).

8. Fellowship with other Christians (Heb. 10:25).

9. Fight against fleshly appetites daily (Gal. 5:19-21,24).

10. Don’t return to old sinful friends or places or old thought life (ICor.5:7).

11. Maintain a attitude of gratitude and praise to God for all His blessings (Deut. 28:47-48).

12. Pray always in all manner of prayer (Matt. 13:33).

13. Maintain a loving attitude even to your human enemies (Matt.5:44-46). This is an extremely important part of deliverance. We can spend a long time casting out demons but maintaining your deliverance is your part andno one can do this part for you. You have to maintain your own deliverance; it is the hardest part of deliverance. You will have to change your mind, the way you think, and you and you alone will have to change the way you act. You will have to study and obey the Word of God. It’s not a matter of how much you read the Bible but how much you obey it’s precepts.


This is a sample prayer, you may be led by the Holy Spirit to add or change it to suit you own needs. Dear Heavenly and Gracious Father, I agree with this lesson. I agree with the Holy Word of God. I want deliverance for the right reasons, so that I might serve you and do the things you would have me to do. I renounce all selfishness so that I can do my own thing. I want to do and be all you have planned for me. I want to walk within your perfect will. Help me Lord Jesus to maintain my deliverance. As I seek your face, show me how to do this. As I agree with you, Lord, I will maintain my deliverance. I will submit myself to you and I will seek your face. I thank you, Lord Jesus, that you will help me maintain my deliverance, stay free and go on with you. Now, Lord Jesus, I forgive my ancestors and my descendents and anyone else that has hurt me or sinned against me. I ask that you forgive them and bless them with all spiritual blessings. Forgive me for my many sins, I forgive myself for sins against my body. I break every curse, every hex and every demonic tie that binds. I break every soul tie brought about by witchcraft or sexual impurity. Lord Jesus, restore my fragmented soul. Send your angles out to recover anything Satan has stollen form me. Lord Jesus, stir up the demons in my subconscious mind. Command them to identify and reveal themselves as unto Jesus so that they can be cast out. I ask all thesethings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Master and my Saviour. I take authority over Satan according to the whole Word Of God which I accept in simple childlike faith. It is in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


Names of possible demons – others should be added as directed by the Holy Spirit for deliverance. : Bad Habits of Thinking and Reacting

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