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Dream / Deliverance – AJ

Dream / Deliverance

January 10, 2022 7:44 PM

Today is 11/01/2022

In a dream. It was a classroom setting. There was a man preaching (resemblance of a pastor I listen to) and touching everyone in the small congregation. I was seated at the back he reached me and touched (blessed) me as well. Then he prophecyed concerning me, and he said I had a “friendship demon” in me. So he went forth on the blackboard and illustrated two tree-like figures with many small brunches on their trunks that represented two demons of a male and female type, there also on the front desk were two flesh-like organs belonging to the demons. Then he explained that the two demons would engage in sexual intercourse with each other and in turn would have a foothold in my life. The teacher who also was a preacher continued explaining further that the two tree-like figures had to be delt with simultaneously but tactically and not just a matter of praying and calling out fire against them. Because I had held out my hand over them rebuked them but that wasn’t going to work because it wouldn’t break the sexual tie the two trees (demons) had. The teacher explained that we need to bind them and so we all discussed together pointing out on the blackboard several key points that we would bind so that they could no longer engage intimately with each other. Key points like mouth and private parts of the two demons. All together there were about 20 marked points. So we all agreed that the strategy would defeat the bondage the demons had over me, and the teacher/preacher begun biding one by one as if with short pieces of cloth, as we all counted down together like students in a classroom. When it was done and the two male and female demons were bound, I saw a man and a woman that were standing outside a fence as if they were lovers and had been fornicating. These were the actual demons that we had just bound. And i saw them pack their bags and they both left and went their separate ways. After I saw this it was confirmed to me I had finally been delivered and we all broke out in celebration and many other people in the street also came rejoicing and shouting at the top of our voices because of the big deliverance news. All praises to Jesus the Savior.



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