Marty Breeden

On Friday April 12, 2019…At 7:49pm
I very clearly heard the Lord say:


Personally, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting to hear!!!!

MANY like myself that have been awaiting “Marching Orders” are about to receive the EXACT orders and directions and leading that our heart has longed for!

God is going to use your past, your failures, your VICTORIES, and your defeats to IMPACT the generation that HE has called you to and raised you up to minister to!!!

God is about to call the backslider home, and He will use them!

God is about to take those who have failed the MOST….and bring them BACK to a place of brokenness and repentance and they WILL do EXPLOITS in His Name!!

Because , Just as Jesus said in Luke 7 :47:
“So I’m telling you that her sins, as many as they are, have been forgiven, and that’s why she has shown such great love!
But the one to whom little is forgiven loves little.”

In these last hours, it will NOT BE the “Big Names” that touches their generation…
BUT….It WILL BE those who the “church” would view as the “least among us” that God will use the MOST POWERFULLY!!!

This precious move of God is at the door and MANY…..MANY will humbly bow their knee!

We ARE at the threshold of this MIGHTY MOVE!!!!

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  1. Yolanda

    We all have been waiting and waiting patiently (most of the time hahaha)


  2. Many years ago I had a dream: A young bibleteacher came in my room and said: before Jesus came the first time John the Baptist prepared the way. Before Jesus comes back again an Army of prophets will prepare the way. I saw myself with the “sword” running and fighting. The Elijahs are coming!
    Last summer the 10.of July 2018 the Lord spoke with a loud voice: I didn’t forget you, wait for Me. I will use you…..You stayed faithful ….I fell on my face but when I fell it was like a giant fell. The earth under me was shaken and waves of glory went from me to the people around. A crowd of people came to me and my husband to “feed” them.
    I don’t have a Name and most of the christians and churches don’t want to know me because I speak clear but the day is coming when everything will change. I preach in the streets, warn people and I was in 79 countries to warn. My life is already a miracle.

    • Thomas NoDoubt

      Catherine, praise God for you and your faithfulness to Him. He is going to use you and your husband to do great exploits! I Too, have been waiting for this time which I’ve felt is upon us now!!

      Let me share how Father did that for me briefly. Several years ago I experienced a NDE resulting from a brain hemorrhage during a truck rollover. Those 7 minutes of physical death and being outside my body completely changed how I saw the world outside of myself. Over the course of 12 years, to the exact day of that wreck, I ‘saw’ and ‘knew’ things that had been impossible for me to understand before that death ‘experience’….and what I saw of the world { the ‘beast’ system} was so evil and so corrupt that I wanted no part of it! To Wit, COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE. was playing over and over in my mind continually and that drove me out of society to the end that I understood what Nebuchadnezzar must have gone through after going insane and becoming ‘like the beasts of the field’. Contrary though to the king’s experience I was shown a new system of ‘doing business ‘ on earth. Briefly jumping ahead, that (system) is similar to the garden of Eden in design and called the Hour Glass Farm system – For such a time as this-
      Now, and more to the point of how my experience during that time caused what you spoke to resonate within me so loudly, is this: I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, ‘make way for the coming of our King’. I ride a bicycle and do not own a car nor any of those ‘perks’ of a society of the beast system. And I view my experiences as the cause of my insight into seeing what it truly must have been like for the early apostles separated out from the world. We have a saying that describes how I accomplished that with these words, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention ‘. I believe that had I not needed to re-learn a new way of living in earth, I never would have truly understood Jesus’ words of being ‘in’ the world but not being ‘of’ that same world!

  3. Lawrence

    Let’s see first if this project bears fruit.

  4. 777

    Sorry Prophecy not project 😂

  5. Paul Morgan

    Marty – I Always Look Forward To Your Word From The LORD!


    I Believe In These Days There Are Many That “CLAIM” To Hear From GOD But There Words Do NOT Agree With Scripture!

    And, Brother I Believe Your Words ARE RIGHT ON!


  6. Linus Rodrigues

    We are waiting for the Lord

  7. Mose


  8. Ray Botten

    To the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me! Jesus
    Let us Love one another as Christ Jesus does!!!
    Brother Ray Botten
    Owen Sound Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

  9. Doug MacCallum

    AMEN!! This coming EVENT has and is consuming me. My study times are guide by His Spirit and Jesus keeps me on this topic. This has been SOP for years. Yesterday I had an hour + phone conversation with an old roommate of mine when in Bible College. Most of our sharing was just about this!
    May I also direct you to the web site Call of the Bride. She posted this morning IGNITE FOR FLIGHT by C. Beadsworth. Another beautiful picture from Jesus of what He is about to do! Again, so much of this was part of the discussion I had yesterday. The Bride is preparing Herself in the LORD and HE is about to TRANSFORM HIS TRUE CHURCH!! This EVENT will “ROCK” this World and deliver a devastating blow to Satan’s headship. This will be The Manifestation of His LOGOS in and through His People that was planned before the foundations of the World. I believe this will be The Final Witness and Testimony of YHVH’s TRUE PLAN through HIS Son , The Head, and through The Bride, His Body, BEING ONE WITH HIM, on the Earth, before we are snatched away to be forever joined with Him and to Rule and Reign with Him!! As Yolanda said, we are to wait for His specific orders for each of us. The Bride will only do what She hears and sees from The Throne! PRAISE HIM!!

  10. Don Wahl


  11. Oh yes praise his name his holy of holiness the day is coming for sure Let the one true King come and rule can’t wait Amen

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