August 24, 2021 9:53 PM
This word was given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ in response to aggressive zeal and righteous anger in the body of Christ.
“Tell them the Father of Lights sees all things and what is done in the dark is surely not hidden from me.”
I always come to my children in love and peace, for my soul has tasted affliction and I have walked amongst the ways of the grave. I will never bring more sorrow, more anger, nor zealous rage to my already suffering children.
My prophets can do no harm, but will be found blessing, healing and delivering (the lost) from the mouths of Hades and the one who came to devour. Regarding him, no flesh is safe, no mortal man can resist him. It is only by the power of my indwelling spirit which comes always in my name, can the wicked be overcome. I have overcome. I share with you what I have, (victory).
Many false witnesses to the Testimony of Salvation will be caught by the snare of the fowler.”
Brothers and sisters, be gentle. Be kind. Christ said we must love our enemies. Any of us could be deceived for any number of reasons, Christ’s grace has been given to us but we don’t all reflect that perfect man’s love who died for our transgressions.

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