God opposes the proud and gives favor to the humble – Cassandra B


God opposes the proud and gives favor to the humble

June 10, 2021 3:15 PM
Cassandra B

Date: May 2020

Word from the Lord Jesus Christ, received in May. I was prompted to share now. As God begans to manifest Himself in a pouring out of His Holy Spirit, He will extend His grace to the humble and bring judgement to the proud. May we all remain humble and be willing vessels for the LORD in this season!

A time is coming when I will punish the proud and exalt the humble. You who see with eyes that are carnal you who hear with doubtful ears, you who do not believe the promises I have in store for those who love me, you who scorn my servants, you who mock in your heart. I read your thoughts, you repent not. Hold every thought captive to obey the Almighty, yet your mind rebels against me, your flesh reigns in you, your wickedness rises up because you seek me not, instead of seeking my guidance, my understanding, you rely on your own mind. You are in a delusion, those who belittle the thoughts of the righteous that exalt my Holy Name. You scorn, you scoff, you agree in disagreement, it is better for you to find a place of silence and seek my face than to continue on in your rebellion. I take note I see the hearts of man, every seed of wickedness I shall purge out whether in punishment or kindness, for those who are not willing to repent I shall turn my face from you and allow the wicked one to take over, to torment, to seize your joy turn your morning into night then you will know that I the LORD God Almighty discern the hearts of man and punish the proud and give grace to the humble. Pride is an offense a demonic enforcement that reigns in the hearts of the stubborn and rebellious, the wayward backsliding grievous man who loves his ways of himself above the ways of the Almighty Messiah. Humble yourself, repent. Rely on my understanding not your own and I will give you relief from the troubles that are coming. If it not be so, I will make a mockery to the ones who scoff at me, and my wisdom that is foolish to you will be sought for and not found. The day has come when I will bestow my glory in the earth choose whom you will serve, if you so love the world expect to suffer in the world, if you so love the Lord thy God with all your heart, expect that I will never forsake you but prove faithful on the day of trials that shall come.

Yeshua, the Messiah, your God.

2 Corinthians 13:5, Romans 1:16-32

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