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Fully Ripened!

Posted on March 17, 2019

My daughter, write My words to those with ears to hear and eyes to see and to hearts that firmly rely on My wisdom and forgo their own human reasoning. Only those that have given up their own fleshly reasonings are presentable as My first fruits, the first fruits of the harvest. Those with one hundred percent trust in My ways, My authority, and My timing. These have given up their own authority and have submitted fully to My authority alone. They give heed to Me alone and live with the assurance that My wisdom is beyond their own comprehension. I will present these, My first fruits of the harvests, as they have reached their fullness not by their own volition, but by the helping force of My mighty hand. The maturing and ripening process of these, My first fruits, was different for each, but in the common, they share My fullness. They comprehend that it is not by any of their own power or will, but My decision alone that they have reached this point in their manifestation. Humbled, they will shine in My glory alone, shedding the ways of this world to walk engulfed in My wisdom and glory. My first fruits walk one hundred percent in my authority, and despite the human reasoning still existent within them, they become slaves to My will alone and exist solely to achieve My goals for them. They will walk under the authority of the Most High, and there will be nothing that will inhibit their abilities to carry out My directives. These share in human brokenness. These share in human emptiness, for they have been brought low in order to be brought high. They have been pressed down in order to expand exponentially, not by any power of their own, but only the power that I’ve imparted within them. My first fruits are a representation of My redemption and sanctification that was plotted and planned and executed among them, occurring while they were not fully aware that this process was even taking place. This has been the surgical process of circumcision of heart. It was surgical precision executed by My perfect hand. These, My first fruits, forgo their earthly desires for heavenly ones and have waited patiently for this manifestation of My kingdom within them. These were chosen not based upon ability, characteristics, works, knowledge, or wisdom, but were chosen and placed in this time upon your earth at the foundation of creation for the execution of My wisdom and plan of reconciliation of My creation to Myself. Just as all parts of My body serve various purposes, these in My first fruits will each serve My purpose with different abilities, tasks, and undertakings, with the fulfillment of My ultimate plan being their ultimate destiny. It is with undeniable joy and assurance of victory that soon I will present these first fruits to My Father so that the process of harvesting may begin. Their circumcision of heart has been completed to perfection and the battle plan laid before them with My assurance of victory. Set your eyes upon My majesty, and watch My victorious plan unfold. I love you, My creation, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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