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Fight to Get The Victory

August 25, 2021 2:11 PM
Teri Henessey

Aug 25/21 12:00 PM

My daughter write,

My children, I AM calling you higher and this calling requires some discipline. It requires My children to fight to get the victory. The Heavens suffer violence, and the violent take it by force. Your desire for your calling, your position, your post, you must long to fight for. You have to want it above all else in your life. I love you all and died for you. What will you give to have and be a part of My plans for the peace of the world to come. You all have a role to play. How hard you fight, how willing you are to sacrifice everything, how strong your resolve, will determine your place, your position and your role in this endtime battle. Do you want Me as much, as greatly as I want you? If so, please show Me through your efforts, show Me how badly you want My will for you. My will in your life is where I know your heart will be truly fulfilled for I know each of you better than you could ever know yourselves. My children, I long to bring you up higher but I must see the desire, it must be real, it must be desperate. I will not, nor ever disappoint those who truly long to find their place in Me. Those who want it, I will place you, and where I do, you will be filled, unlike this world could ever do for you. I love all My children. I long for each of you to discover within yourselves exactly who you are to Me. I will break open and pull out all that is deep within you and it will shine, it will burn and yearn for Me. I AM your strength. I AM in each of you. How badly, how violently, how desperately do you want to discover Me. I AM here, I AM ready, I AM waiting. Come to Me. Show yourselves worthy, in the most profound way and you will be filled beyond anything you could ever dream of. This world has nothing to offer you. Let it go and see what I can and will give you. I promise you, when you come to discover this, you will never look back.


Your Father who is in Heaven
Your Father who is in You

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