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Experience with the Holy Spirit – Hannah

Experience with the Holy Spirit

10 But they rebelled, and vexed his holy Spirit: therefore he was turned to be their enemy, and he fought against them. Isaiah 63:10

The month of January 2020 was a unusual month in my walking with the Lord. I had many experiences with the Holy Spirit. For a week I was praying and moaning. It was not in my flesh. I could not discern why I was so sad, and why my spirit inside me was moaning all the time.

One night (January 28, 2020) in that month, after I prayed lying on the floor, I went to bed. It is difficult for me to explain what I lived. The whole night I heard the moaning of the Spirit inside me. Usually I get up to pray at 4:00 am, and when I got up from my bed I kept hearing that moaning. The only lights in my bedroom where those that come from outside through the window’s blinds. The moaning grew intensely, but I noticed that in this moment it was not inside my being anymore. I heard it beside my bed.

Instantly, I saw a Being beside my bed. He began speaking to me while moaning. He spoked for hours. He sounded very, very sad, in anguish. Maybe He was speaking to my spirit because I don’t remember everything, just a few things concerning my two sons, about why they are having many spiritual struggles. He told me that my husband and I exposed them to many negative things, and that is the reason why they are having struggles in their spiritual life at this moment. Then He took me to a big church that I know. We went inside the temple. Everything was in ruins and shrouded in a fog. There was trash everywhere. The altar was a pile of trash and debris. (I perceived that this is symbolic). Then that Person told me: “Look at this ruin! Look how it has been destroyed!” He was weeping.

Then we went to a school that belong to the church. It was the same: debris and trash. Again, the Person told me the same words.

We returned to my bedroom. He disappeared, but not the moaning inside me. The following week I had a dream. I was walking through a big and inhospitable desert with my daughter. We were sad and tired. All the time a big truck was behind us. Suddenly I see a stream of dirty water. We tried to pass it, but it was impossible. Then the truck passed in front of us and stopped the current and we could pass it. We continued walking. Next, we see a crystalline blue pond. The water was so clear that I could see to the bottom. But while I am observing the bottom of the pond, I saw dog’s excrement. My daughter went inside the pond, she took it in her hand and when she scattered it there was a vaccine. It was blue. The same COVID’s vaccine jar seen in the media at this moment. (End of the dream).

I didn’t understand this dream until now.

In the love of Christ,


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