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Encouraging word and praise report

August 11, 2022 3:46 PM
Victoria Ang


Word given to me personally but also for some others.

Before giving the word I have a praise report. Two days ago one of my hens ( she is part of my family ) was found lying on her side gasping for air. Her comb( top part of head ) and wattles ( under chin area) was purple in color( showing lack of oxygen). She APPEARED as if she was going to die any moment.Her feet were stiff.

I had JUST come back from the barn tending to one of my horses colicing .( twisting of intestine that can cause death). Treating her with meds and care for several hours to stabilize her . And praying and Claiming Gods healing over her.

Anyway I started to pray over my hen. CLAIMING GODS HEALING. I gave her more oxygen.A pillow to keep her elevated.I put her in a isolated cage.And just continued in prayer.

After several hours she was actually standing up on her own.

Today she is eating and doing much better. PRAISE GOD. After checking on them I saw these BEAUTIFUL butterfly’s circling around me!! ❤️🥰💕😍

Here is the word I received:::

My daughter ,You have endured much for my name and name sake. Your training for my Kingdom has been intense.

But be of good cheer. The wait will be well worth the efforts put forth.

The prayers being said have much effect to bring the enemy down. And to bring my own up, and on the right path.

Your rewards will be great.Your heart is pure and sincere before me.You share in my burdens for the loss.

Your tears of sorrow and pain will soon turn to tears of complete joy.Much awaits you.Endure my precious child. Endure till the end. It is within sight. I love you with an everlasting love.

All are doing well today! PRAISE GOD!!!


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