Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Dream Of Northern Lights – Cassandra

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Dream Of Northern Lights

November 3, 2022 7:33 AM

Rec’d 11/3/22

I had a brief dream last night that I was driving with someone, and we started seeing some amazing northern lights, like nothing I have ever seen in real life. They were appearing as full circles, and then they were forming before our eyes, sort of like fireworks do. They just appeared to come out of nowhere, and then burst into beauty. I think it was during the day when this happened, which would be unheard of to see these lights in daylight, since they are usually only seen at night. I live in a northern latitude and have been blessed to see them on numerous occasions.

It did not occur to me in the dream that this was the warning for the 3 DOD and transformation of the Bride. I was more concerned with trying to get pictures of it, and asking my passenger to try to take some pics. In reality, we know through many other articles, when we see these lights, to go home immediately, cover all windows, lock the doors, get the food ready, etc. ready, and pray, because demons will be roaming about and many outside will be killed. Do not open your doors or even peek out a window.

Here are a few links from our brethren on 444 to other words on the three DOD.






Blessings, encouragement,and shalom,

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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