Three Days of Darkness, Vision

Vision: Alien Grays during 3 Days of Darkness – Lisa

Vision: Alien Grays during 3 Days of Darkness – Lisa


Transcript By Hope

The vision started with Lisa seeing things ‘flying in the sky”…spaceships, LOTS of spaceships. She knew this would happen during the three days of darkness so she wondered if that was what she was seeing, those three days. She had not been thinking about aliens or UFOs, this is not her cup of tea and she does not pay much attention to these things in the news, although like most Watchers she is aware they are demons and are/will deceive those left behind. And as mentioned before in visions, she has seen “aliens” walking around during the 3 DoD.

One of these spaceships lands on earth and Lisa sees an alien walk out. She is told this is an “alien gray”. This alien is between 5-6 feet tall and walks away from her BUT…every so often turns and stares at her. She has NO fear in this but is curious. Then something very strange happens. The alien steps into a human skin…like a suit. Like it zips it up or whatever, but the human flesh becomes a perfect human only it’s not…it’s an alien, known as a gray alien. Lisa asks questions of God….is this body dead or alive? It is alive because it is standing up. Is this from the ebola virus? A human offering himself to satan? Is this happening now? The human body has been manufactured and there are gray aliens IN this flesh now, walking around among us. They are already here she finds out…and some of them, many of them are very important political figures in the world (also entertainment industry)! They are soulless, they are in a manufactured human suit and there is no soul within that “person” because it isn’t a person, it’s a demon. These suits are created for this very purpose, and these demons have been around for a very long time. Some of them will also inhabit dead bodies from ebola or satanic as well as other people that have given their soul to satan. The Holy Spirit gave her these answers. This is separate from the actual event of the 3 DoD because this has been going on for decades.

Some of us know that this is true and we’ve heard or read rumors about who is a gray alien etc, in the political world. That is not what God is showing her though, I believe (and this is my opinion only) that He wants us to KNOW that these beings are among us NOW. We have been shown this in others dreams and visions and Words about “imposters”. God showed Lisa more about this…and that it is indeed a fact. While it is a very WEIRD fact, if you believe God is speaking to Lisa, then you understand that what He shows matter WHAT it is, it is a blessing that we know this in advance. He is giving us more knowledge, and more training in this matter. I (Hope) personally loved this! I do feel that my purpose during the harvest has to do with revealing these demons and the Fallen for what they are. So to hear this from Lisa was 100% confirmation for me that these things are out there in manufactured human flesh. Trust me, it is very strange to even TYPE this so if you have not been aware of this issue before, I know it is difficult to take in. Please pray for discernment and clear reasoning in everything you read.

Now, you might ask how can this be? Well, since Roswell the “aliens” have been abducting people and experimenting with DNA. There have been a multitude of animal mutilations and when you watch the documentaries, you find out that these mutilations have surgically cut skin with entire organs removed very precisely. I’ve watched many of these shows with discernment, knowing that some are just fluff. However, my interest is peeked when for example, they bring out a surgeon to look at a mutilated cow and that surgeon says yes, that is surgically cut skin. Those types of things are what I look for. If you watch these shows or videos, eventually you come to understand that whatever these aliens are, they are NOT the good guys. On this website, we believe they are demons and the Fallen and are the great delusion that God will allow…IS allowing now. I find myself becoming quite ANGRY at what these things have done to humans. Not just physically but mentally. When reading their channelings a few years ago, the deceit was so cleverly put out there. So where is the positive in this? I found one. I have always been bothered by this verse because I knew that Hell was created for satan and his angels. But now I read this verse in a new light.

Revelation 17:8 “The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.”

You see, as the Bride, our names HAVE been written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world. God created us for this purpose to be in this generation now to do His will through us during these end times. These “soulless” people who were created artificially….manufactured…by satan and his minions, are those “whose names were notwritten in the book of life from the foundation of the world.” They are not even human. They never had a chance at redemption because they will happily take the mark of the beast because it is the mark of their father the devil. I think there are more of these things out there than we realize. When I was reading the channelings in 2012, the Fallen always said they could walk right by us and we would never know. I believe this to be true now.

In upcoming days, I will post an “interview” with one of these things. They present themselves as if they are aliens from another planet etc. But I will take the interview apart similar to how I did with the NDE that was from a New Ager, and explain where the deceptions are. They will be obvious to you I am sure. But to those left behind? They will buy into it and we need to keep that in mind as we find out more and more from God, and how He is training us.

10/20/14 – Update on the Alien Grays vision…I spoke with Lisa last night and she gave me more insight into this. While these “people” are apparently walking around like everyone else, for the most part we cannot tell who is an imposter and who is not. Those with great spiritual insight ARE able to see that these people have no soul…generally when they look in their eyes they can tell. These “suits” were made for this purpose…for this time, and eventually they will be accepted as will the aliens that looks like aliens (aka demons). Lisa feels that satan is coming with the UFOs during the 3 DoD but will not be introduced to the people just yet. She also feels that the AC will spend several months “fixing” all the chaos on the earth from events BEFORE the Tribulation starts in a year from now. Should God give her more information on that, she will let us know.


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