Three Days of Darkness

Message 65: Before And After The 3 Days Of Darkness – Cliff Coffman, Mark Chen

Message 65: Before And After The 3 Days Of Darkness

– Cliff Coffman, Mark Chen 2015

Comment from Cliff: Well peeps, this is long, and I wrote it long because inquiring minds want to and need to know details. It might answer some questions. It might produce more questions; that’s natural. But if it makes you mad or crazy? Hey, save it for Jesus ok? He’s my literary agent and my bail bondsman too. So no matter what… He’s got me covered. So get ready ’cause this is a Lil’something I’ve been sitting’ on. Heads up peeps. Don’t forget you read it here.

1) Extreme & Odd Red Skies —> Get into your house. Gather your immediate family, pets, water, canned food and do it quickly. Prepare for 3-days of complete darkness outdoors. The power will be off. Do not venture out. Keep windows and doors shut and locked. Curtains drawn closed. Do not even attempt to look outside during the darkness. You will see the red skys beforehand. This will be a sign.

2) Massive Worldwide Earthquake —> Stay in your house or the “Goshen” (safe house) you were directed to by the Holy Spirit. If you are who you should be your house will be protected from destruction supernaturally or you will be moved elsewhere to a safe Goshen by the HS. Either way, stay indoors. Prepare for the 3-days of darkness. You will feel the earth move. This will be a sign.

3) Terrestrial/Cosmic Worldwide Event—> Same as above. Get into your house. If you are who you should be then you will be protected supernaturally in your house. Again, prepare for the 3-days of darkness happening soon after a huge cosmic event. You will see the event. This will be a sign.

4) 3-Day of Darkness: what to do during Pt.1 —> STAY INDOORS!!! If you are who you are supposed to be you will have LIGHT indoors. How you ask? God will supply it supernaturally. In some cases, food and water will be supplied as well on a case by case basis by God.

IMPORTANT! During the 3-days of darkness, YOU WILL HEAR STRANGE things outside your home. You might even hear the familiar voice of a family member calling you to come outside and help them. STOP! Do not venture outdoors. It’s a trick. Do not look out a window. It’s not who you think it is.

WHY YOU ASK? Because the Lord Jesus has instructed many messengers that we are NOT to venture outdoors or open the windows, curtains or blinds. Here’s why. At this time during the 3-dod, many powerful and extremely evil demons will have been released onto the earth. They are looking for anyone they might kill, possess and terrorize. That includes you.

These are freshly released, wild-eyed devils right out of the pits of hell. They are extremely malevolent and hungry for human blood. They have been given license to murder, possess, terrorize, rape, burn, pillage and torture anyone they find outdoors and unprotected by God. These demon spirits will manifest themselves in many shapes, forms and sizes. The will take the form of extraterrestrials, E.T.s, hideous and repulsive forms that are frightening to look upon. These demons will even take the form of humans both dead and alive. SO DONT BE FOOLED!

5) 3-Days of Darkness: what to do Pt. 2 —> Gather your family around you. Explain to them what you know. Read your Bible to them. Pray together for protection. Stay in prayer as much as possible. Wait for the all clear when the daylight returns. Then seek out other Christians.

IMPORTANT!: You may have a family member that is very close to the Lord Jesus disappear sometime during the 1st day of darkness. DO NOT FREAK OUT! It’s a good thing. You will be informed of this by an angel that will appear to the rest of the family INSIDE your house when it happens. DO NOT go outside looking for that person!!!

The Lord Jesus has taken that person, who is one of God’s elect, away to a safe place for special training and edification. Not to worry! That person will return after the 3-dod has ended. You will see that loved one again. Follow their instructions to the letter and everything will be fine. What’s next…what do we do now after the 3-dod???

6) THE HARVEST BEGINS! —> (NOT THE RAPTURE YET) This will be a very busy time for the Elect of the Bride of Christ to begin to bring in all those luke warm Christians that were clueless about Jesus’ plan. It will also be a time to win lost souls for Jesus. A special group of multiple 1000s of chosen Christians called the Elect, will begin roaming all over the earth supernaturally to start winning people to Christ. They will be sent out and work in groups of two.

These Elect will also be assisted by millions of Gods warrior angels that will be stationed on earth for this particular Harvest period. These angels will afford protection and logistics for those new people being saved and brought into the Kingdom. These new Christians that are being saved will be ushered to safe locations around the world to wait for the end of that particular Harvest period. This Harvest period will probably last 40 to 50 days. The exact number of days is up to Father God and has not specially been revealed to His Messengers.

The special Elect members of the Bride will be impervious to any and all of satans attacks while they work the Harvest around the world. These ones can travel at light speed arriving anywhere instantly. Good people everywhere around the world will recognize these chosen ones by sight. They will glow with their new glorified bodies given to them personally by Jesus Himself. People that want to be saved or redeemed and want to know Jesus as their personal savior will run and flock to these Elect ones. The people that want it will be ministered to at that time and be lead to receive Jesus.

These Elect are untouchable by the enemies of God. They can go anywhere and do anything. They cannot be stopped by walls, fences, bullets or bombs. They can reach out to any person no matter where they might be kept or imprisoned. These Elect have a very specific job to do and a limited amount of time to do it. They are on a mission for GOD and nothing will stop them from accomplishing it to God’s full contentment.

6) At Harvest End; RAPTURE! —> Keep in mind, that during this particular Harvest time much is happening in the world. Chaos will be the order of the day. There will be mass destruction from many natural disasters that are taking place, worldwide earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruptions, wars, tsunamis, food shortages, fresh drinking water will be non existent. Looting, murders, demonic manifestations will be commonplace. Governments will have collapsed around the world. Nothing will be the same, no one will be safe outside of Gods hand of protection. But, there is something even more devastating that happens during the 3-days of darkness… and that is all young children under the physical and spiritual age of accountability will be taken from the earth By Gods angels.

This will cause worldwide mass pandemonium when parents cannot suddenly locate their babys and young children. Many parents will lose their minds. Many will attempt suicide. Many will curse God and die. But many will also thank God that their children do not have to go through the horror taking place on the earth at that time. Those parents will seek Gods help and forgiveness and come to know Him and join their children once again after the Harvest is over and they are raptured.

Then comes the RAPTURE. The time or day no one but God the Father knows. This is officially known as the “Second Rapture” since technically, a kind of mini-rapture took place when God removed His comparatively small group of chosen Elect during the 1st day of darkness for training. Remember them? If not, go back and reread from the beginning.

Now, I know a lot of this stuff is extra biblical and it freaks a lot of very good folks out. This includes me as well at times. But Christians need to remember that God is doing a new thing and we are in the very last days. We are definitely the last generation. Everything I mentioned above will happen SO EXTREMELY FAST you won’t even know what hit ya! Even now things are starting to snow ball on us. We can barely keep up with what is happening on huge scales around the world as it is. It’s all going down right now, right here, and in our faces and guess what… we have front row seats to this worldwide calamity about to go down. So…, scream and holler all you folks want but this is happening RIGHT NOW. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t stop that something from happening while you’re in oblivious denial.

When this all goes down I hope and pray you will recall my words and do the right thing. And believe me, this is going to happen so quick you will freak out. You will panic. You will get on your knees in front of God and beg Him for help …but that’s only if you survive the initial and constant destruction going on around the world at that time.

Best advice…don’t wait. Get right, right now, with Jesus Himself. Not hard to do. He’s listening. Do it and get it done with. Become free in Jesus so that no matter what happens you got this covered man! For once in your life, really be SMART. Do the right thing. Don’t follow the crowd like you usually do. This one time! This is your moment. Jesus is saying’… “Let’s do this…come home to me, I got you. Don’t wait kid.”

~ Cliff Coffman

Mark Chen

Mark Chen: Good summary of many important points, Cliff Coffman. Please allow me to write a few points of clarification, if you don’t mind. 1) From what the Lord has confirmed to me, the young ones under the age of accountability will be taken to safety in a Rapture-situation BEFORE the Great Darkness commences, not during the 3 Days of Darkness. They will not be here to suffer the fear of these terrible signs which initiate the Great Darkness. 2) As for the Elect who are gathered away first during the Great Darkness, we won’t be going up to heaven at that time, as our training will be on earth. Hence, it isn’t strictly an ascension-type Rapture. 3) We have to remember that God the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, will be VISITING EVERY LIVING SOUL ON EARTH during the time of the Great Darkness. They will remove the spiritual veil, and every person will have to make a choice then to either believe and receive Jesus Christ into their lives, or to persist in their sin and rebellion. This is the most important reason that God is bringing about the Great Darkness, to reveal Himself and His Son to this sleeping and sinful world, when all electronics, electrical items, vehicles and all forms of modern distractions will be quiet and stilled (PSALM 46:10).

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