Dream, Obama, Rapture, Three Days of Darkness, War

4 Dreams: Obama; 3DOD; Resurection; War – Gregory from Poland

Gregory from Poland

April 14, 2019 at 6:09 PM

Hi. Brother’s and sister’s in Lord Jesus Christ. I have few dreams to share with some one whom might understand (my familly and friends… dont) So here I’ll go;

1. About Obama- I was in car with some’s persons and I know it thoes people are not good they keep me and bring me to some places(prob.to my end-death). Then next dream that I met Barack Obama and his wife in person. They try to convince me to something.. I disagree. (Before that I saw me self with. Bible Scriptures-running and teaching )so I thing this was all about that. Another dream was. That obama behave like child-look on Ur children have they bahave if they want somethin and can’t get it. So he will take over many people by feelings. He is like is father devil-lier and deceiver. Many of us dont know but we are like radio so if someone speaking also sending waves and we receive waves. -on Subconcious level. (As humans we Sending waves anyway. Understending without words ) But many are a sleep.

2. This about 3 days of darkness and transformation the bride- I’d fly -yes i mean it. Like was something normal for me. Not fast and high like in movies -superman or something. I thing we get some powers from the Lord. Later in that dream.. Was a house where some people hide. And I’ve done that with them hide too, I’d look through window and sky start becoming purple and dark.. cloud’s it mix like never seen in my life. One man, he been outside of house. And suddenly a very massive and huge thunder hit this man. Not much left from him. So I thing what is coming is beyond our worst fears. And I notice I didnt scare so much like thoes in tha house, feel’t fear but not like the others. I Understand it was from God’ ..wrath.

3. About resurection; See me and my dead dad on balcony in a great huge joy. He pass a 20years ago it was in march this year.

4. About war.; on sky there was soooo many aricraft/aeroplanes /jetfighters etc. That cover the sky, in my small town – btw. it was sanctify to Lord Jesus-dont remember when. But bomb come down and I think w whole town was protected like in bubble some force-filde. like in last avangers wakanda.-notice that I had this dream before movie was in cinema so now I had somes analogy. Anyway joy was unbelievible and many people awake from slummber that day.

Love You all brothers and sisters in Lord./ sorry my english.

Time: April 14, 2019 at 6:09 PM


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