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Do you trust me? – Krystal Beall

Do you trust me?

September 29, 2020
Krystal Beall

To all of you whom are weary and heavy, longing to behold me in this last hour to you I say rejoice. Again I say rejoice. The hour has come. As I cease my warnings upon America and bring all that is written and I have spoken to pass, rejoice. Fear not. I have prepared a place, that where I AM ye may be also.

Faithful. True. I AM. Do not doubt. Believe. I have gone before thee. Many of you are crying to me without cease that you are not being received and that the evil one has pursued you with out respite. Take heart as I have allowed all for my glory. I share my cup with all whom love me. The bitter and the sweet. I do all these things. I have a far greater purpose for all I allow to come near you, to touch you. Trust me. Beauty for ashes. RESURRECTED. I AM with you. Never will I leave or forsake you. The pain and Sorrow is my own. You shall partake in full my joy.

I have warned and warned America. Yea, all nation’s have I warned but America I AM as flint towards. Deaf. Blind. Beguiled. In destruction, Catastrophic loss will many be saved and lifted. I GRIEVE over the deception of this nation. I grieve in that I AM so unknown, unsought. Man has lost reverence for me. My final generation. Loss will bring many to their knees. I will reap. Reap I AM. Reap I have heard your prayers and cries to me my little flock. I have listened. I have answered.

You can not fathom the joy and glory I AM to REVEAL. I come to you as rain. My blessings I shower upon thee in measures not able to be contained. Lawlessness abounds. Darkness is thick and I, yes…I increase and thicken it. I DO ALL THESE THINGS. I shall reveal the deep and unknown Revelation of all. I shall do this. You shall see and understand all that ye did not.

A wedding banquet of glory. Restored garden. I shall have a Holy people into myself in my restored garden. My delights. My people. All things new. I was REJECTED in America. My most precious fruit taken. Forbidden unto man. Repent …Mercy was and is my cry. My heart bleeds. I AM pierced. Woe to you. You are a most wicked and evil, profane nation to me. I look upon thee no more. Silence. To my people….Look up. Rejoice and be glad. There is wonderful joy at hand. Look not to the left or the right. Look not behind thee. Ahead. All I have is yours. I AM the BE ALL of creation. Alpha. Omega. The first and the last. Beginning and the end. Are you ready my Faithful ones to see me as I truly am? I have vindicated and restored you in full.

Do you trust me? Do you trust me? Do you trust me? Do you love me? Do you love me? I have loved you with and everlasting love, Yea with kindness have I drawn thee. I come. Behold I come quickly. Revealing ALL. Look upon the one you pierced. Look upon the face of love, mercy, fire, discipline, wrath and justice. There is nothing impossible with me. Nothing to hard for me. I have not forsaken thee. I AM. White stone. New name. Heart of flesh. The house of the LORD. Goodness. Life. Eternity.


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