Do You Trust Me??? – Krissy Miller

Do You Trust Me???

August 6, 2020 5:35 PM
Krissy Miller

Today, August 6,2020, I believe God spoke the following to me for His children:

Do You Trust Me???

I can hear your heart.
I feel your pain.
Your thoughts race like a train.
You wonder if I will help you.
You desire for me to ease your pain.
You need to know my plans for you.
You need to know my deep love for you.
You need not to worry about anything.
Regardless of what comes,… I am here.
I will always help you in every way I can.
You should trust me for I know you.
My blueprints for your life are coming to fruition.
Wait and see what delights shall come your way.
Trust me,trust me,trust me!

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  1. Joshua 1:9

    Sometimes the short simple posts can speak to so many hearts when the perfect words from God are spoken. I believe this is one of those times. God bless you sister for releasing this


  3. Hannah Silver

    Thank you!!! 🥰

  4. Cindy Green

    Right on Joshua 1:9 These are tge ones I like because it speaks everything to me. Praise tge Lord You are so GOOD!

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