Dinosaurs Are Coming Back In The TRIBULATION – Gwendolen Song

Dinosaurs Are Coming Back In The TRIBULATION

October 16, 2020
Gwendolen Song

Auto Generated Transcript

i’m putting out another prophetic
message this evening friends at the
request of the lord
the lord jesus christ he’s asked me to
put out this message concerning those
who are having strange dreams of being
or hunted down by dinosaurs someone may
think that this is a
a silly thing to speak about in a video
let alone
that the holy spirit is wanting to have
a conversation with the children of god
concerning this matter it’s not a
coincidence that
many people are having dreams and
concerning dinosaurs it is not simply
you have watched a dinosaur movie or you
have a strange fascination with
it truly is the spirit of the living god
trying to send out a warning that in the
the new world order is going to unleash
an end time weapon a weapon to be used
during the tribulation period
to help gather up and eliminate all of
persons who have not taken the mark of
the beast
remember that satan has a short time
his agenda is very clear he comes to
steal and destroy every shred of hope
that is left on this planet
and he wants to crush the spirit of all
remaining people seven years will go by
very fast and it is like a millisecond
to the lord
the first big dinosaur movie that came
out was godzilla
1954 and then a whole
string of other movies and cartoons and
then we have the video games
uh showcasing the agenda of the fallen
to use dinosaurs as militarized weapons
at the end of time now just how will
they do it
well look at the last jurassic park
it was called jurassic world fallen
ferocious beasts were sold to the
highest bidder
remotely controlled by those who have
the largest checkbooks
and it will be very scary friends for
anyone who is left on the planet at the
during this tribulation time and their
hearts will grow faint at the sight
or even at the sound of one of these
carnivorous beasts
in the army of satan so what kind of
encouragement can i leave with any of
you today
what can i leave with you that would
give you hope in a brighter tomorrow
i can only say be ready to meet the lord
be ready for heaven and work out your
salvation in a way
that shows ultimate reverence to the
king of glory
again there are all sorts of military
that are being employed right now by the
fallen ones
just look at darpa project monarch
and the mind control technology that is
already being utilized
look at how drones have been used for
and what about genetic engineering
whereby humans can get a new sleeve
this stuff should not surprise any of us
and yet it will
just like the virus that everyone is
wearing a mask
for so friends be wise as a serpent and
innocent as doves in order that we may
escape the dreadful things that are
coming to the earth
or rather to escape the weaponry
that is already here that will be used
in the days ahead
give your life to jesus christ today

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